tallest buildings in Karachi

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

November 17, 2022

Due to the rising trend of multistorey building construction, whether it is for business or residential purposes, Karachi’s skyline is expanding at a greater rate than ever before. This city is dotted with high-rise structures, which is a characteristic shared by megacities all over the world. has prepared a[...]
Gwadar Cricket Stadium

An Overview of Gwadar Cricket Stadium and Port City

November 16, 2022

Pakistan has worked tirelessly for the past ten years to bring back international cricket, and it has been successful in doing so. Nearly all of Pakistan's top cricket stadiums, including Gwadar Cricket Stadium, have hosted several international teams since 2015. The long list is a strong indicator of progress in[...]

All You Need to Know About Lyari Expressway, Karachi

November 14, 2022

The ever-increasing population has made Karachi a true megacity of Pakistan. Due to the large number of people residing there, the traffic often remains choked, especially during peak hours. Frequent traffic jams not only increase fuel costs, but the travel time as well. This has led to the development of[...]
motorways in Pakistan

An Overview of Motorways in Pakistan

November 8, 2022

Pakistan’s motorway network is considerably extensive, spanning over 2816 kilometres, with an additional under-construction patch of 1213 km. The network consists of 11 fully-operational motorways, along with several more partially operational or under-construction motorways. These connect the country’s major cities and also provide links to Afghanistan, China, and Iran. If[...]
Srinagar Highway in Islamabad

Srinagar Highway, Islamabad: Overview, Route Guide and Significance

October 27, 2022

Located in the capital city, Srinagar Highway is one of the most important routes in the country. It is a major link between Islamabad and the northern areas. The highway was initially named after the disputed territory of Kashmir, however, it was renamed ‘Srinagar Highway’ recently to express solidarity with[...]
Tokyo Bay eSG Project: A Sustainable Mini City

Tokyo Bay eSG Project: A Sustainable Mini-City

September 6, 2022

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is planning to build a high-tech and sustainable city in the bay area of Japan’s capital city. Called the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, the aim of the project is to build a futuristic mini-city on the reclaimed land. The concerned authorities announced this project in[...]
Golra Railway Station & Museum

Golra Railway Station & Museum

May 5, 2022

Railways have been an inextricable feature of Pakistan’s cultural, economic and geographic landscapes. They were instrumental in its development, propelling it from a newborn nation to an important centre for trade, transport and communication. Some railway stations have faded into obscurity over time, while others still stand — and are[...]
Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi: Route Guide & Significance

April 25, 2022

While one may consider a freeway as a long, winding road that is lined with the same fast food outlets and gas stations, they are largely underestimating the innovation brought about in the process of going from one place to another. In the past few decades, the booming population of[...]
Proptech the new rising trend in commercial real estate

The Rise of PropTech in Commercial Real Estate

April 23, 2022

Proptech seems like a buzzword that has been appearing in many technology-focused articles lately. The word incorporates such a wide range of technologies that it can become quite confusing to comprehend. Over recent years, proptech in commercial real estate has been on the rise, owing to a hasty adoption due[...]

Top investment banks in Pakistan

April 13, 2022

“It's good to have a special price to pay for the future and it will pay you in return, in the exact way you would wish to be paid.” ― Aulic Ice Investment banks are an excellent source for people who want to avail funds for their business ventures. In[...]