How to Earn Free IT Courses Through Digiskills

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Free IT courses through Digiskills have helped thousands of people across Pakistan in making good income and playing their part in the economy of country.

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The world is currently in its 4th stage of industrialisation, where ICT (Information & Communication Technology) is the major tool. With more sophisticated data handling and decision-making, technology has helped in remodelling businesses across the world. The biggest advantage has been that technology has provided opportunities for individual entrepreneurs to launch their businesses online.

Entrepreneurs from Pakistan have also benefited from this technological boom. During the last ten years, Pakistan’s IT industry and IT exports have tremendously increased. According to a recent survey, Pakistan has the 4th largest and fastest-growing freelancer market, earning millions yearly through software and IT exports.


Steps Taken by Government of Pakistan to Enhance IT Exports

According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, Pakistan witnessed a record growth of 42% in IT exports during FY21. The growth has been mainly due to micro-enterprises, independent freelancers, and consultants.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan took practical steps to help the IT industry grow and provide the young generation with opportunities to start their own businesses. Several local tech startups such as, Bykea, Jovi, Truck It In, SadaPay, Tajir,, Airlift Express and others have encouraged many people to earn online.


Contributions of the IT Industry in the Real Estate Sector

Like all other industries, technology has also helped reshape the real estate sector. Proptech is the combination of all tools that most real estate experts use. Property buying, selling, research, market analysis, and management, have all become easier due to proptech.

Real estate firms use different technological tools to enhance investors’ experience and confidence while investing in any residential or commercial project.

In Pakistan, PropSure is working on technology-driven real property verification and property listing. With a complete digital mapping of urban real estate, PropSure provides an overview of different types of properties.


What Is Digiskills?


Digiskills Banner


Digiskills is an online training platform that offers multiple courses to empower individuals with in-demand skills. These training courses enable them to start working on online freelancing platforms., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a complete guide to help you understand Digiskills and earn free IT courses through Digiskills.

Why Was the Digiskills Training Program Introduced?

A virtual community of freelancers in different markets is assigned several tasks and assignments based on their skills. In return, they are paid for their services. 

Millions of young people in Pakistan want to tap into these opportunities but they lack the relevant skills. Plus, the competition among individuals to earn through online outsourcing of skills is increasing day by day. Hence, it is important to train the youth and enable them to offer their services and play their role in the economy.

Understanding this need, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom collaborated with Virtual University and Ignite to launch Digiskills back in 2018.

Digiskills Program aims to give 1 million training sessions, and equip students, professionals, housewives, and people from every domain of life with the essential knowledge, techniques, and tools to work with local and international clients, sell their skills, and earn money.


Requirements to Enroll in the Program

There are no requirements for candidates who want to enroll themselves in these courses. With a stable internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop, anyone can sign up on the Digiskills platform.


How to Start Learning With Digiskills


Digiskills website signup interface to show IT courses through Digiskills


To start learning with Digiskills, you need to sign up on the official website and enroll yourself in courses of your choice. Once that is done, you will be able to access Digiskills’ Learning Management System (LMS).

When you sign in, the following screen will appear:


Digiskills LMS Interface to help earn IT courses through Digiskills


You can enroll yourself in any course and then keep a track of your progress while learning these skills. The best thing about the platform is that there is a section of ‘activities’ where you can track all the exercises, quizzes, discussions, and notes.

In the section of ‘trainee services’, you will be able to view your scores in various quizzes, a progress timeline, success stories of various freelancers, and online support. On the notice board, you can find links to important websites, tools, and guides, designed specifically for efficient learning.


Courses Offered by Digiskills

With 15+ courses, Digiskills has enabled thousands of individuals across the country to earn online. The following is a list of the courses being offered by Digiskills at present:

  1. Freelancing
  2. E-Commerce Management
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Graphics Design
  5. QuickBooks
  6. WordPress
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Digital Literacy
  11. Virtual Assistant
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Communication & Soft Skills
  14. Video Editing, Animation & Vlogging
  15. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence 


These courses are specifically designed to meet the demands of the international market. The freelancing market is a diverse field where clients need individuals with multiple skills – for whom they are also willing to pay higher.


What You Will Learn From the Courses

Let’s discuss the benefits of every course and what learners will be able to achieve after completing it.




Infographic explaining Freelancing


Freelancing is a basic course but probably the most important one. After completing it, students will be able to learn about different freelancing platforms, create a credible profile to attract a number of clients, and write winning proposals for projects.

Moreover, it will enable them to learn important communication skills to deal with clients and manage their projects efficiently. Once they learn all the essentials of the freelance market and client dealing, students will be able to explore and exhibit their skills in front of clients in the right manner.


E-Commerce Management

E-commerce is a rapidly emerging field in Pakistan where sellers can reach a wide range of customers and sell their products online. By completing this course, the learners will be able to open and run different online e-commerce stores.

They will get a practical demonstration of various marketing tools, online payment gateways, and business management tools. Moreover, they will learn to deal with the problems of the e-commerce market and propose effective solutions.


Creative Writing

The creative writing course is the most opted for. Freelancers will be able to work on copywriting, blogs, marketing content, articles, academic writing projects, research studies, presentations, and business writing.


Graphics Design


Graphic Designing Tools on a computer screen


This is one of the most rewarding skills for freelancers. They will be able to understand the basics of graphic designing and get a practical demonstration of various graphic designing tools and software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and many others.

After finishing this course, graphic designers will be able to design posters, logos, calendars, billboards, infographics, webpages etc.



By taking the QuickBooks course, individuals can set up and customise a QuickBooks application. Moreover, they can manage a backup for a company’s QuickBooks file.

This course enables students to manage customers, vendors, inventory, and assets while using different modules inside the application. Generating business reports and creating a Management Information System (MIS) also becomes easier.


WordPress Development

With the WordPress Development course, students will be able to set up a WordPress account, learn about the most effective plugins and widgets, and customise websites. Moreover, they will be able to install different analytic tools to keep a track of website traffic.


AutoCAD Course

AutoCAD is a design and drafting software that is mostly used in engineering and construction projects. By taking the course, learners will be able to draw 2D and 3D designs and drawings of buildings and various construction sites using AutoCAD tools. There will be a complete practical demonstration and tutorial of all tools.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Infographic explaining SEO


With SEO courses, individuals can learn how to make better use of search engines. With a complete understanding of technical, on-page and off-page SEO, one can improve the ranking of websites.


Digital Marketing

This course will help learners in understanding digital and traditional marketing. They will be able to learn about marketing campaigns and different tools to reach out to their target audience.


Digital Literacy

Digital literacy aims to create a better understanding of the digital world. By completing this course, learners will be able to effectively utilise the internet, MS Office, graphics, and various hardware, software, and storage devices.


Virtual Assistant


Infographic showing Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant courses enable individuals to manage different websites, social media platforms, online businesses, and book-keeping.


Affiliate Marketing | IT Courses Through Digiskills

This course is designed for individuals who want to earn money from affiliate channels such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Google AdSense, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, and others. From the very basics of account opening to performing affiliate marketing strategies, this course covers all that you need to know.


Communication & Soft Skills

The course consists of three components: English Language, Communication and Soft Skills. These skills are essential to communicate effectively and deliver your ideas with confidence in the market. The primary focus is reading, writing, speaking, adopting business acumen, and developing teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.


Video Editing, Animation & Vlogging

This course is divided into 3 parts: video editing, animation, and vlogging. By taking this course, students will be able to learn the basics of video making, editing, animations, and all related tools.


Data Analytics & Business Intelligence


Infographic to explain Data Analytics and Business Management


This course is designed exclusively to provide training on necessary tools such as Microsoft Analytics, Google Analytics, R, and Tableau in business intelligence for better data insights and, hence, informed decision-making.


For more information about online learning, visit Graana Blog.


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