LDA auctions 19 plots for Rs719mn

LDA ft image

LAHORE: On Wednesday, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) auctioned 19 different residential and commercial plots in areas falling in its domain.

The spokesperson of LDA stated that plot number 288-31/A Khyber Block at Allama Iqbal Town got auctioned by the Authority at for Rs7.515mn.

The LDA also auctioned plot number 806/6, Block B for Rs3.882 million, auctioned plot number 806/5, Block B for Rs3.882 million, auctioned plot number 63 corner Civic Centre for Rs62.5 million, plot number 762/3, Block C for Rs4.492 million, plot number 59 Civic Centre for Rs59.5 million, plot number 762/2, Block C for Rs4.492 million.

At Jubilee Town LDA auctioned plot number 404, Block F for Rs6.8 million, plot number 70 Block D for Rs15.1 million, auctioned plot number 695 Block C for Rs4.470 million, plot number 91, Block D for Rs9.867 million, plot number 724 Block C for Rs4.680 million, and plot number 55, Block C for Rs4.620 million.

The authority auctioned plot number 98 Civic Centre for Rs15.2 million at Sabzazar, plot number 96 corner Civic Centre for Rs43.328 million, and plot number 63-B for Rs45 million at Johar town.

The LDA also auctioned plot number 7, sector D-II for Rs9.024 at Quaid-e-Azam town, plot number 1 corner sector C-II for Rs7.425 million, and plot number 2, sector D-II for Rs7.132 million.

The auction committee members, including Director Land Development, Director Finance, Additional Director General Housing, Director Estate Management, and other officers attended the auction ceremony.