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Top Hotels in Pakistan for Business Travellers

November 16, 2022

Although Pakistan is steadily becoming a top tourism destination, much of its potential is yet to be realised. This is primarily due to the fact that there aren't many hotels in Pakistan that offer the amenities that visitors require, especially in the Northern Areas. However, the country offers a range[...]
A one-of-a-kind marketplace, the Grand Bazar is all set for its much-awaited online launch on 5th August, 2022.

IMARAT Group Launches Grand Bazar: An Ode to Tradition

August 5, 2022

Ready to set a precedent in the heart of the Twin Cities – the Grand Bazar is a marketplace that embodies the country’s rich heritage with a touch of contemporary luxe. Being a key component of IMARAT Group of Companies’ landmark project, Islamabad Downtown, the Grand Bazar is primed to[...]
Islamabad and Rawalpindi Bus Routes

Islamabad and Rawalpindi Metro Bus Routes

March 27, 2022

Until recent times, public transport in Islamabad was generally in shambles and required the urgent intervention from the government. Therefore, based on research and various studies conducted by the Punjab government and the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the provincial and federal governments joined forces in the early 2010s to launch[...]

Pakistan’s First-ever Virtual Launch of Real Estate Project – IMARAT Residences

February 4, 2022

The leading real estate group – IMARAT Group of Companies hosts Pakistan's First-ever Virtual Launch of Real Estate Project for IMARAT Residences. IMARAT Group takes the lead in introducing Imarat Residences – inspired Smart Living IMARAT Residences, located in the heart of the IMARAT Business District, which will connect businesses,[...]
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Best Real Estate Projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in 2022

January 23, 2022

From the past few years, Pakistan’s real estate industry is booming at a fast pace. According to Pakistan Economist, Pakistanis spend around $5.2 billion on construction in a year. This indicates promising prospects in the real estate industry. Due to high ROI and security factors, people are now becoming well[...]

NLC awarded contract of 10th Avenue worth Rs10.28bn

November 30, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The National Logistic Cell (NLC) has been awarded the contract of the 10th Avenue worth Rs10.28 billion. Awarded by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the mega-project will commence from IJP Road near Katarian Bridge and end at Srinagar Highway, passing through H-10, I-10 and I-9 on its route. The[...]
Compact Apartments in Pakistan

The Need for Compact Apartments in Pakistan

November 10, 2021

The rising demand for housing units in urban areas has become a new challenge for many governments. To tackle this growing impediment to development, governments across the world have adopted various strategies for meeting the demand for housing units. According to the data of the World Bank (WB), population growth[...]

Investing in Pakistan’s Real Estate: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

September 8, 2021

Introduction The introduction of a construction package by the Prime Minister of Pakistan amid an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the booming of the real estate sector in Pakistan. Under an amnesty scheme being provided to investors who invest in the construction and real estate[...]

Top 5 Locations to Buy a Residential Plot in Jhelum

July 15, 2021

Jhelum, is one of the most developed cities in Pakistan. According to 2017 statistics, Jhelum’s literacy rate is 79 percent  with male to female ratio being 86 per cent to 72 per cent. This is among the highest in Pakistan. Not only this, Jhelum is also one of the fastest[...]

Leh expressway edges closer to approval, will solve traffic issues of the city

July 12, 2021

RAWALPINDI: The long-awaited Leh Expressway project is edging closer to approval as the Planning and Development chairman finalised the Project Management Unit (PMU) plan of the project. The project will resolve the traffic issues of the city and it will help to generate economic in the city. According to the[...]