Punjab Govt to Restore 10 Heritage Sites

Punjab Govt to restore 10 heritage sites

LAHORE: In a bid to boost tourism activity in the upcoming fiscal year, the Punjab Government has announced the rehabilitation of 10 archaeological sites to protect heritage across the province.

The sites to be restored include Shalamar Bagh, Taxila Museum, Rohtas Fort & Lahore Fort Museums.

The authority will restore sites to provide basic facilities to the visitors. To accommodate tourists, information counters will be set up at all national archaeological sites in Pakistan.

Currently, rehabilitation work is being carried out at the Shalimar Bagh.

While briefing on the initiative,  Director of Punjab Archaeology Department Malik Maqsood informed that the department of archaeology is developing a special program for tourists visiting the Shalimar Bagh.

In addition, Punjab Tourism Minister Raja Yasir Humayun the restoration project will be completed this year.

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