An Area Guide to Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 

Rawalpindi is one of the country’s largest cities with a historically rich background. It is home to millions of people who come from different economic backgrounds. Within Rawalpindi, Satellite Town is among the most desirable areas in Rawalpindi.

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Learn More, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has outlined all the basic facilities and modern amenities available in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.

Overview of Satellite Town

Satellite Town is located near 6th Road, Murree Road, IJP Road, and Faizabad Road.  Its neighboring areas are Rehman Abad, Pindora, Sadiq Abad, Khayban-e-Sir Syed, and Chandni Chowk. The area is a union council of Rawalpindi and comes under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).


Access to Nearby Localities


overview of Satellite town rawalpindi


In terms of access, Satellite Town is located in the heart of the city and easily accessible from all adjoining areas.

  •  13.9 km – 22 minutes drive away from Faisal Ave, Islamabad 
  •  8.6 km away from Zero Point, Islamabad
  • New International Airport, Islamabad, is a 30.9 km drive from the area.
  • The distance of Murree Road from the satellite town is 3.5 km and 6 min via Fifth Road and Murree Road.
  • Saidpur Road is 500 meters (2 minutes drive away) from Satellite Town C block via Chandni Chowk.
  • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium is 3 km – 9 minutes drive via 6th road and 11 minutes away via Murree road.

Blocks in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

Satellite Town is divided into six blocks alphabetically named:

  • A block 
  • B block 
  • C block
  • D block
  • E block 
  • F block 

These blocks are easily accessible through Saidpur Road and Murree Road. Because of its proximity to nearby markets and transportation, the property in this area is comparatively expensive. 

Postal Code of Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

People mostly get confused with the postal code of the city and area. 46300 is the postal code of Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. 

What are the types of Properties available in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi?


Double storey house


Satellite Town has various properties, including villas, multiple-storey houses, apartments, plots, and separate houses. Due to the high demand for property in this area, finding a house for sale in Satellite Town and plots for sale in Satellite Town can sometimes be difficult due to the non-availability of vacant properties. Property prices in the area vary depending on the size, location, block, and property type. 

A significant number of people, including students and migrant employees, are living in shared rental houses and small apartment buildings in the area. As prices of real estate properties are shooting up, it is difficult to afford the high prices of houses, which is where shared portions and small houses come into consideration.

What are the Prices of Properties available in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi?

Along with well-built houses, the area also offers plots for sale. The average size of a house for sale and house for rent in Satellite Town ranges from 5 marlas, seven marlas, ten marlas,1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Since this area is more developed, property prices in Satellite Town vary with the block, type of house, and amenities available in the area. The pricing trends of properties in Satellite Town are shown below to offer a glimpse of the area’s real estate worth.

House for Sale in Satellite Town Rawalpindi


Size of  Property House for sale 
5 Marla PKR 2.5 Crore to  PKR 3 Crore
7 MarlaPKR 3 Crore to PKR 3.5 Crore
10 MarlaPKR 5.5 Crore to PKR 6 Crore
1 KanalPKR 8 Crore to 10 crore


House for Rent in Satellite Town Rawalpindi


Size of  Property House for sale 
5 Marla PKR 50k to PKR 60k
10 MarlaPKR 80k to PKR 90 lacs
12-17 MarlaPKR 1 Lacs to 1.20 Lacs
1 KanalPKR 1 lacs to PKR 1.20 lacs

Apartments Price Trends in Satellite Town Rawalpindi


SizeRent Price Sale Price
1 BedPKR 25 to 25kPKR 55 lacs to 80 lacs
2 BedPKR 30k to 35kPKR 80 Crore to 1 Crore

Plots for Sale in Satellite Town Rawalpindi


5 Marla  PKR 75 Lacs to PKR 1.25 Crore
10 MarlaPKR1.5 Crore to PKR  2.0 Crore
1 KanalPKR 3 Crore to  PKR 4 Crore

Emergency Contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency PlacesContact Number
IESCO(051) 9252902
SNGPL(051) 5440227
WASA(051) 4456628
Ambulance300 7141793
Fire Brigade(051) 5163522
Traffic Police(051) 9273678
RDA051 5555490


Amenities in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi


Murree road flyover


Packed with all kinds of facilities and amenities, Satellite Town is a well-developed area with good educational institutions and healthcare facilities, making it ideal to live here. The famous commercial market and Rabi centre are a few minutes’ drive from Satellite Town. Markets, banks, grocery stores, gyms, beauty salons, restaurants, sports grounds, and parks surround the area.

Furthermore, the area provides basic facilities, including 24/7 electricity, gas, water supply, a proper sewage system, and 24/7 security. For easy commuting, residents of the site use public transport such as Metro bus service, vans, and other modes of transportation to travel within the city.


Mentioned below are the mosques located in the area,

  • Arshi Masjid
  • Jāmi Masjid al-Muzaffar
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Jamia Masjid Nimra Al-Hadees
  • Masjid Dadan Khan
  • Al Furqan Masjid
  • Jamia Masjid Abu Sufian

Educational Institutions in Satellite Town

Satellite Town has a wide range of top-notch educational institutions. we have mentioned a list of educational institutions in the area,

  • The City School System 
  • Beaconhouse School
  • The Lynx School System
  • Silver Oaks School
  • Bahria Foundation School & College 
  • Roots International School & College
  • SLS School System 
  • Government Postgraduate College 
  • Arid Agriculture University
  • Barani Institute of Information and Technology
  • OPF School and College 
  • Superior College 
  • Saint Paul 
  • Swedish Group Of Technical Institute (Technical Schools)
  • Swedish Institute Of Technology
  • St Mary’s Cambridge School
  • Rawalpindi Women University 6th Road
  • Jinnah Institute of Informatics and Commerce
  • Punjab College 


Medical Institutions

For emergencies, there are a large number of healthcare facilities available throughout the sector for all citizens. Here is the list of hospitals in Satellite Town Rawalpindi.

  • Holy Family 
  • Bilal Hospital 
  • Ahmed Medical Complex 
  • Brain Surgery 
  • Benazir Bhutto Hospital 
  • Noori Hospital 
  • Razi Hospital
  • Islamabad Diagnostic Centre
  • Excel Labs 
  • Aga Khan Health Services 
  • Aga Khan Labs 
  • City Medical Complex 


For financial need, the area host a number of banks. Here is the list of banks in the area.

  • HBL 
  • UBL
  • Soneri Bank 
  • Allied Bank
  • Faysal Bank 
  • Bank Alfalah 
  • Askari Bank 
  • National Bank
  • Bank of Khyber
  • Dubai Islamic Bank 
  • The First Micro Finance Bank Ltd
  • Askari Bank
  • MCB


Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores

The area hosts a wide range of shopping malls and grocery stores. Here is the list of malls and grocery stores,

  • Rabi Centre 
  • Commercial Market 
  • Al-jannat Mall
  • Malikabad Mall
  • Midway Mall
  • Bin- Chirag Mall
  • Mid-City Mall
  • Salahdin Supermarket
  • Savemart
  • Madina Cash and Carry
  • Punjab Cash and Carry 
  • City Supermarket
  • Shaheen Chemist and Supermarket

Restaurants and Bakeries

Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, has many traditional, western, and Chinese Restaurants. Mentioned below is the list of restaurants and bakeries available in the area.

  • Ittehad Restaurant
  • Saffron Foodies
  • Saffron Foodies
  • Lasania Restaurant 
  • KFC 
  • Pizza Hut
  • OPTP
  • Khyber Shiwari 
  • Refreshment Centre
  • Burger Lab 
  • Dewaan 
  • Quetta Restaurant
  • Broadway
  • Mamu Burger
  • Cheezious
  • Domino’s 
  • Tehzeb Bakers
  • Sweet Palace
  • Qasr-e- Shireen
  • Iman Dhaka Sweets
  • United Baker

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Here are some faqs about the Satellite Town Rawalpindi.


What is the history of Satellite Town in Rawalpindi?

The history of Satellite Town in Rawalpindi is marked by its development and growth as a residential area.


What are the facilities available in Satellite Town Rawalpindi?

The facilities available in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi include schools, parks, shopping centers, and other amenities.


What is the standard of living in the Satellite Town of Rawalpindi?

The standard of living in the Satellite Town of Rawalpindi is considered high, with a strong emphasis on quality of life.


Are there any public transportation options in the Satellite Town Rawalpindi?

Yes, there are public transportation options available in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi for individuals to use. As there is a metro station near the Sector B of Satellite Town Rawalpindi.


What is the crime rate in the Satellite Town of Rawalpindi?

The crime rate is considered low, ensuring its residents’ safety and security.


What is the cost of living in the Satellite Town?

The cost of living in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, may vary, depending on the individual’s lifestyle and needs.


What is the educational standard in the Satellite Town of Rawalpindi?

The educational standard in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, is high, with several reputable schools available.

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