Small Kitchen Ceiling Designs

Small Kitchen Ceiling Design

Small kitchen ceiling design needs to be sophisticated while keeping the clutter to a minimum. In traditional kitchen designs, the focus is always on cabinets, drawers, and storage. However, false ceilings have recently started trending in modern kitchen designs. Unlike living spaces, kitchen interiors are more focused, vibrant, and detailed. 

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False ceilings are good concealers and perfect sources of heat insulation. However, choosing the right kitchen ceiling design can be a tedious task., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of some of the best small kitchen ceiling designs out there that can help you while you design your kitchen’s interior.

Latest Small Kitchen Ceiling Designs

Here is a list of some of the latest small kitchen false ceiling designs that you can choose while designing your kitchen:

  1. Regular Ceiling
  2. Vaulted Ceiling
  3. Tray Ceilings
  4. Shed Style Ceiling
  5. Kitchen POP Ceiling Design
  6. Two-Tier Kitchen Ceiling Design
  7. Exposed Wood Beams Design

These dynamic designs can be used in different kitchens with varying spaces. You can check out the details of these designs to design your kitchen according to your style.

Regular Ceilin


Regular Small Kitchen Ceiling Design


This is the simplest and most basic design for kitchen ceilings. It provides extra space for lights, pendants, and a fan. Most homeowners prefer regular ceilings because they are low-cost and easy to maintain. Moreover, renovation work for these ceilings is also easier as compared to complex designs. 

Regular ceilings give a fabulous look when we carefully match the color scheme with the cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces. It gives a stylish look to the cooking area with a contemporary touch.


Vaulted Ceilings


Vaulted Ceiling Design


These ceilings are famous for their grandiose design structure, creating the perception of a larger space. Vaulted ceilings date back hundreds of years in history when they were known as “cathedral ceilings”. These are characterized by the “arches” that are self-supporting from the inside owing to their construction materials.

Vaulted ceilings are of various designs:

  • Doomed Vaults (The most famous vault ceiling design)
  • Groin Vaults
  • Rib Vaults
  • Fan Vaults

If you want a touch of classic designs with a blend of modernity, vaulted kitchen ceilings should be your best choice. You might require more space than the usual 8 feet height ceilings.


Tray Ceilings


Tray Small Design


A tray ceiling is an inverted ceiling with a large upside-down tray. The center of the ceiling is mounted higher than the sides that are projected down a few inches. Tray ceilings provide a 3D view of the ceiling when looking upward. 

Tray Ceiling provides space for lights and pendants, making the design more striking than regular ceilings. These ceilings add spaciousness to the design structure of small kitchens. Color matching also plays a vital role while addressing the aesthetic of kitchen designs.

The drop-down border around the perimeter of the ceiling gives room for contrast color matching. Tray ceilings usually consist of an array of lights inside the borders, spreading equally inside the kitchen and creating an overall soothing environment.


Shed Style Ceiling


Shed Style Design


Shed ceilings are a type of vaulted ceiling with a few stark differences, as they angle upwards or downwards from one side of the kitchen. kitchens with extra storage space in the upper portion usually have shed-style ceilings. These ceilings provide excellent ventilation.

Shed-style ceilings provide a very simple yet elegant look to the kitchen. The load-bearing walls on the side make the kitchen spacious on the other end. In modern architecture, shed-style ceilings usually follow color patterns with wood or glass structures.

We use pendants with contrast lighting to enhance the overall look of the design.


Two-tiered Kitchen Ceilings


Two-tiered Small Kitchen Ceiling Design


The use of false ceilings in interior design has been trending over the past years. Two-tiered kitchen ceilings have two levels. The kitchen peninsula is usually set in the middle and one of the levels is set right above it. It gives a grand look to the cooking area and makes it aesthetically pleasing.

The second tier is usually attached to the ceiling, supporting the second one below. Color schemes and lighting patterns are exquisitely set to give an excellent look to the overall design. Two-tiered ceiling kitchens are quite famous in Europe and other countries where there is an eye for grand designs.

Exposed Wooden Beam Design


Exposed Wooden Beam Design


This design might look very awkward if the color scheme is not matched properly. Real wood beams or faux beams are the two options available in these designs. Contrasted colors or matched colors usually go best with these designs.

Hanging lights or pendants add to the beauty of the beams giving them a very classic look. Beams are set in a crossover with one beam resting on the other. These types of designs are inspired by the old Indian cultures where beams were put on the walls with covering above them to make roofs.

However, modern exposed wooden beam designs for kitchens have a unique pattern according to which they are placed and coordinated with the overall design of the house. If you are conscious of the aesthetics of your home, this can be your choice for your kitchen.


Kitchen POP Ceiling Design


POP Ceiling Design


Plaster of Paris gives numerous options when it comes to interior design elements. The materials chosen for the designs usually have a huge impact on the results. POP ceilings offer hundreds of design options, making it easier for homeowners to select designs according to their taste.

POP can absorb or release moisture which makes it an excellent insulator for most interior designs. Over the past few years, POP ceilings have gained immense popularity among design enthusiasts due to the numerous options that it provides in design structures. It is a cheaper option with an excellent design look.


However, moisture can affect the color of the ceiling. Therefore, it is extremely important to use moisture-free paint. Proper lighting also enhances the design’s look and makes it relaxing.

Depending upon the space that you have for your kitchen, you can choose any of the above designs. Your interior designer can help you blend these designs and provide an excellent solution to your choice and taste for your kitchen.

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