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Indo Islamic and Mughal Architecture

Indo Islamic and Mughal Architecture

August 2, 2022

Indian architecture is heavily influenced by the Mughal Empire. Indo Islamic and Mughal architecture is a fusion of Islamic, Persian, Arabic, Central Asian, and indigenous Indian styles of architecture. The symmetry of the structures and courtyards is a distinctive feature of Mughal architecture. From the 10th Century and beyond, Islamic[...]

Here’s Why Badshahi Mosque is a Wonder of Pakistan

February 19, 2022

Singing tales of the glorious Mughal era, Badshahi Mosque Lahore - a wonder of Pakistan, serves as a landmark even after 351 years.  Welcoming the general public from 8 am to 8 pm, which is the timing of Badshahi Mosque, this marvel located in the glorious ‘androon Lahore’ remains one[...]