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How to Increase Your Property’s Value

How to Increase Your Property’s Value

August 5, 2022

Most investors use the buy-and-hold strategy to get a return on investment. However, there are also many other ways to increase a property's value.  In order to boost the value beyond the standard appreciation of a property, Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has shared some tips below.   Increasing Your[...]

A Guide to Home Renovation Budget

May 26, 2022

Planning a home renovation budget is tough as it has to incorporate both the needs and wants of homeowners. A detailed plan and proper research are essential, especially since first-time renovation projects can be challenging. A realistic budget can help you execute the plan in much better ways. Once a[...]
How to Remove Hidden Costs of Home Renovation Blog Image

How to Remove Hidden Costs of Home Renovation

May 21, 2022

Home renovation is a complex process; the associated hidden costs may, in fact, come as a surprise to many property owners. Generally, all property owners set a budget before commencing any renovation work. This includes everything from demolition costs to buying new objects. However, the final cost of each renovation[...]