Water level in Hub Dam raises after rain

KARACHI: The recent spell of monsoon rains has resulted in the Hub Dam’s water level to rise, and this situation will cater to the city’s needs of water supply informed Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) spokesperson Rizwan Haider.

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He further added that the dam now had sufficient water to meet the supply demands until December 2020.

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) Chief Engineer and Hub Dam Project Director at, Ahtashamul Haq briefed that the level of the reservoir had increased from 298.5 feet to 309 feet. With the maximum conservation level to being 339 feet, there is still space for 30 feet of water. However, the present water level is sufficient to meet the needs of Sindh and Balochistan [as] per their respective share, they further informed while briefing on the current conditions.

Due to the city facing water shortage, the current water demand is 1,200MGD while the city receives between 500MGD and 580MGD from the Indus source (Keenjhar Lake).

The Hub Dam supplies around 100MGD mainly to district West and parts of Orangi, Shershah, Pak Colony and SITE.

As per sources in WAPDA, the Hub Dam has a storage capacity of 687,000 acre-feet and has faced drought conditions ever since it was last filled to its optimum level in 2007. Water supply from the dam, however, has been erratic due to drought conditions since the dam is entirely dependent on rain.

Its catchment area spreads over 3,410 square miles and comprises of areas along the Khirthar National Park (Dadu, Jamshoro and parts of Larkana districts), and the Pub range (Khuzdar and Lasbela districts).

The 53% share of Sindh and 36.7% share of Balochistan was finally slashed down to 40% in last November/December due to falling water levels.

According to government data, if the dam is filled to its maximum level of 339 feet, it can supply 100MGD and 59MGD to Karachi and parts of Balochistan respectively for two and a half years without interruption.

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