Work on G-7 Underpass begins, CDA to relocate trees safely

Work on G-7 Underpass begins, CDA to relocate trees safely

ISLAMABAD: Construction work on the long-awaited underpass connecting sectors G-7 and G-8 has been initiated as excavators began digging the eastern side of Faisal Avenue.

The project worth Rs395 million was approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) last year and has been scheduled for completion within six months.

The civic authority has also procured a tree transplant device for the safe relocation of fully grown pine cheer trees lined alongside Faisal Avenue to protect them from destruction. Additionally, about 100 trees of the same species have been planted near the underpass to preserve the green identity of the area.

To avoid traffic disruption due to the construction work, a comprehensive traffic diversion plan has been drawn up. It is being implemented by the police and CDA’s Transport & Traffic Planning Directorate.

CDA had originally approved the construction of the underpass in 2014 as part of Islamabad’s Master Plan, which recommends building underpasses to link the sectors of the city.

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