Football Club

Graana kicks off ‘Graana Football Club’ with SMURFS Academy

Amidst the rising health issues and health-related diseases, there is a dire need to promote sporting and recreational activities for mitigation of these health associated risks. Sports activities are the ensemble of a healthy society; sports clubs, academies and associations perpetuating the culture of sports and keeping the trend of outdoor activities alive require appreciation and support from different public and private sector entities. The magnitude of healthy and physical activities prevalent in any country ease the burden on its health sector, thus allowing the state to reorient their policies and invest in physical and healthy activities.

In light of this, is partnering with SMURFS Academy to strengthen and promote the game of football in Pakistan. is going to be the title sponsor of SMURFS Academy’s senior team for a period of three months. believes that Pakistan has a bright future in football, with proper support and assistance, its players can achieve new milestones. Hence, has announced to support 3 outstanding players under the age of eighteen (U-18) for a whole year under their CSR program.

Furthermore, the partnership will enable the family members of under the age of eighteen to register with the SMURFS Academy.