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House for Rent in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. Based on the military setup in the city and its significance, it is also referred to as the Garrison city of Pakistan. 

Rawalpindi promises a unique experience for numerous reasons; which includes serving itself as a doorway to hill stations and beautiful tourist destinations in northern Pakistan. Because of its central location, the city makes it the focal point for travelling, leisure, and business. 

About Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a reasonably large city with a historically rich background. It is home to millions of people who come from different economic backgrounds. The average cost for essential items and rental trends for houses in the city are lesser as compared to its adjoining city - Islamabad. Based on this, Rawalpindi remains a popular choice for people to look for housing options for rent. However, with passing time, the cost of property and market trends tend to fluctuate due to the high demand for houses for rent.

Types of Houses for Rent in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a diverse city that caters to both the poor and the rich, thus making it feasible to rent houses for everyone. People from northern regions to southern parts of the country migrate to the city for employment, education and other opportunities. 

Rawalpindi’s residence is not just limited to separate houses. A significant number of people, including students and migrant employees, are living in shared rental houses and small apartment buildings in the area. Given the rising economic complications, it is difficult to afford high prices, which is where shared rental houses and small houses come into consideration.

The monthly charges for all types of houses for rent are determined based on the location and maintenance of the property. Shared rental houses are a great option for students and single employees who are looking for a good space and don’t want to single-handedly pay the rent. 

Even though there are shared apartments and houses available, most families choose to live in separate houses to maintain privacy. This is especially an important factor since different areas have different housing options.

Families who rent separate houses are more inclined towards the posh areas since the houses in such localities are spacious with a serene environment. The rent of separate houses is a bit high since they come with extra facilities and amenities such as a parking space, green belt, availability of sui gas etc. 

Small houses for rent in Rawalpindi are available in every area, and with local agents, you can find the best options that suit your need for a rental house.

Affordable Houses for Rent For Low-income Families

The city offers a wide variety of houses available which are high in demand for rental purposes.  The pricing for rental houses in the city is flexible enough to meet the needs of not only high-income families, but also people who are on a budget. Given the sizable population of low-income families, low-priced rentals are widely available.

Housing Options in Different Localities of Rawalpindi:

When exploring a house for rent in Rawalpindi, there are multiple types of housing options available - i.e. upper portions and lower portions. The prices may vary as per the location of the portions and their sizes. 

For instance, upper portions are comparatively pricey with a roof space and designated storage space. Ground floor portions are attractive because they come with parking spaces and have easy access to the entrance. The ground floor might also have a small patio that is preferred by a lot of people. These patios serve as a playing space for kids or to keep pets. 

Basement portions are relatively cheaper because of the lack of sunlight and access to the main entrance. Among all these, people tend to gravitate more towards the upper portions when renting houses.

Besides renting houses, Rawalpindi also caters to paying guests in some localities of the city. This option is mostly utilized by single employees and students, as is a convenient and affordable option for them.

This kind of housing suits many people because it is cheap and gives freedom from rental agreements. Short-term and long-term stay options are available as per the owners of the house.

Famous Residential Areas in Rawalpindi

Amongst multiple locations, below are the best and most popular areas in Rawalpindi to rent a house. 

Satellite Town  

Satellite Town is one of the most desirable areas in Rawalpindi. The town is partitioned into 6 blocks and is easily accessible through Saidpur Rd and Murree Rd. Because of its proximity to nearby markets and transportation, the property in this area is comparatively expensive. Satellite town is a well-developed area with good educational institutions and healthcare facilities, making it ideal to live here.

Due to the high demand for rental houses in this area, finding a house for rent can sometimes be difficult due to the non-availability of vacant portions. The monthly rent of a typical double-story house in a satellite town starts from Rs. 40,000 and goes up to Rs. 70,000. These prices vary depending on the size and area of houses.

Bahria Town 

Bahria Town - a modern housing society with remarkable living standards, offers a variety of houses for rent. Divided into 9 phases, each phase is connected with a well-constructed infrastructure. The sizes of rental houses usually start from 5 marlas to 1 kanals.

All the basic facilities including schools, medical centres, mosques, parks and markets are easily accessible to the residents of Bahria Town. The price of rental houses is very reasonable in this society, mainly since it is away from the city centre compared to other residential areas.

Chaklala Scheme 1, 2 and 3 

Chaklala Scheme is one of the earliest settlements in Rawalpindi. Most of the population living in the area comes from a background belonging to the Pakistan Army or Pakistan Air Force. The society is linked to Airport Road, Rawal Road, and GT Road.

The average rental price of houses in Chakala starts from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. However, it is important to keep in mind that the rent price varies depending on the size and area of the house.

Chaklala scheme comes under Rawalpindi contentment, thanks to which the security measures and other facilities in the area are undoubtedly remarkable.

Price Range of Rental Houses in Rawalpindi 

Property rent varies from area to area. The average prices of both popular and low-demand areas are quite affordable for most people. You can find a separate portion of two or three rooms starting from 40,000 and upwards in posh areas. 

On the other hand, in the more compact and distant areas of the city, you can rent a portion for just 12,000 and onwards. Compared to the capital, prices in Rawalpindi are a relief to the working class of the twin cities as they can easily afford to rent a house here.

For job seekers, students and employees, it is ideal to rent a house in RWP and manage a daily commute to the twin cities.

Common Amenities in Rawalpindi Rental Houses

While renting a house in Rawalpindi you can easily get access to basic amenities that are available for every citizen including:

  • Metro bus 
  • Easy Access to Commercial Areas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Recreational Areas
  • Mosques 


Given the affordability that Rawalpindi city offers in terms of houses for rent, the city is a great choice for people who are looking to rent a house on a budget. Not only can you find all amenities, but also have close access to commercial areas nearby.

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