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House for Rent in Sukkur 

Located on the west bank of the Indus river, Sukkur is one of the oldest cities in Sindh. It is also the third-largest city in the Sindh province. 

Sukkur has a colourful and rich culture that dates back to the 18th century. Similar to other metropolitan cities, it is one of the important and strategic industrial and trade points which makes it an important city location-wise.

About Sukkur

The city is referred to by the nickname “Darya Dino’, which means the gift of rivers. The nickname came into usage because the city would be barren if it was not for the Indus River which is the lifeline of the city. 

With its rich history, multiple names of the city came along. The word “Sukkur”  itself means “Superior” in Sindhi. Back in the 18th century when Arabs encroached on Sukkur they found it extremely hot and cold so they named it ‘Saqar’ which means intense. 

The city has vibrant culture alongside being one of the metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Sukkur is one of the important and strategic industrial and trade points and has many industries in the area. 

Its several industrial setups include the production of biscuits, oil, cotton, cigarettes, silk, cement, flour, etc. Sukkur is one of the fastest-growing cities with a rich culture that attracts communities from every ethnic group in Pakistan. It has a huge workforce that is coveted by all the major industries. 

This is the only city where you can find rare species of dolphins living in the murky waters of the Indus River. Because of its diverse culture, the city is very open to welcoming people of all religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Sukkur’s history and culture are evident through the number of historic places and landmarks in the city;  including shrines and temples.

Types of Houses for Rent in Sukkur

Because of its industrial significance, people from all across the country migrate for better employment opportunities. Because of a vast number of people coming in for employment opportunities, the population in the city is increasing day by day, along with the need for housing. The city offers multiple affordable living options that are suitable for all types of families. 

Newly developed housing societies offer smart and modern rental houses equipped with technology and appliances. The type of houses for rent in Sukkur varies depending on factors like size, location, cost, mode of arrangement, and architecture. 

Standard sizes for houses for rent include 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal. Main Road, Sukkur Township, Barrage Road, Airport Road, Sukkur Bypass, Sukkur City Villas, Mehran Housing Scheme, Halar Memon Cooperative Housing Society Sukkur, Golden Residency Housing Scheme Sukkur are some of the most ideal and affordable locations to explore houses for rent in Sukkur.

Price Trends of Houses for Rent in Sukkur

The price range of houses for rent in Sukkur differs as per size, area, view, floor, and condition of a house. The city offers a diverse set of rental properties that suit the demands of most people. 

The rental trends in Sukkur are quite affordable, with 5 marla houses usually starting from  Rs 15,000 and going up to 35,000. However, if you are looking for an 8 marla house then it will cost you Rs 20,000 to 50,000 per month. 

The rent range for 10 marla houses is between Rs 30,000 and 90,000. Finally, a 1 Kanal rental property in Sukkur starts from  Rs 40,000 to 1.5 lakh per month. These prices are flexible and negotiable depending on the rental duration and other factors. 

Price variations depend on multiple variables including the presence of advanced facilities such as 24/7 security. Other than this, some spacious properties with modern facilities and furnished rooms can also be very costly.

Amenities and Facilities in Sukkur 

While renting a house in any metropolitan city, tenants always look for amenities and facilities available in the area. Keeping this thing in mind, the housing societies and government bodies ensure facilities are easily accessible to every citizen. 

The city has an easily accessible transportation system, educational institutions, medical facilities, sports complexes, and recreational areas. 

Educational Institutions in the City

One of the main reasons why so many people move to urban centres is to avail of better educational facilities. Students from far-flung areas of Sindh move to metropolitan cities like Karachi and Sukkur for better educational opportunities. Getting good education also plays a major role in increasing the employment prospects of these students. 

Sukkar offers a variety of private and public educational institutions located in the centre of the city. Students prefer to live near educational institutions where they can access basic facilities such as food. Therefore, residences close to educational institutions are in high demand. 

Some of the best educational institutions in and near the city are:

  • Sukkur Institute of Science & Technology
  • Sukkur Institute Of Business Administration
  • Australian Concept Infertility Medical Center (ACIMC)
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education
  • Oxford University Press University
  • Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women's University 


Medical Facilities In Sukkur 

Access to well-equipped and affordable medical facilities is the primary concern of every citizen when renting a house in urban areas. Sukkur has a large number of public and private hospitals with well-qualified physicians, modern technology, the latest medical equipment and extensive infrastructure that serves excellent medical care.

National Institute Of Cardiovascular Diseases (Nicvd), Hira Medical Center, Halar Memon General Hospital, Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, Red Crescent Hospital, and PHS Kherati Surgical Hospital are some of the well-known hospitals in Sukkur.

Famous Landmarks and Historical Sites in Sukkur

Sukkur is one of the oldest cities in Sindh province that dates back centuries ago. Among its most famous archaeological sites is Mohenjo Daro, the land where the oldest civilization in the world resided. This site is a major attraction for historians who come to visit and study the ancient settlements. 

In ancient times, Sukkur was a major civilization with advanced urban planning. The city attracted people belonging to different civilizations and religions. It is one of the reasons why the city has a range of temples, mosques, and shrines. Khairpur Faiz Mahal, Kot DG, Shrine of Sachal Sarmast,  Khuwaja Khizar (living saint), Kali Mata Durga, Ganjo Takar, and Lloyd barrage are among some of the famous places to visit in Sukkur. 

Besides this, the famous Sukur Barrage built on the Indus River is also located in the city that serves as one of the main routes to enter the city. People from different regions of Pakistan come to these religious places. 

Other than these, you can also enjoy boat riding and fishing on the river Indus. There are multi-purpose complexes including Sukkur stadium and Gymkhana that you can explore for recreational activities.

Shopping Markets and Food Options

Sukkur has a vast number of shopping malls and markets that offer hundreds of items at very affordable prices. Besides getting some of the best dates in the country, you can also find multiple handicrafts including Ajraks & Topi, Rali Quilt, and other handmade clothing items in the city. 

Ghouri Departmental store, Sarafa Bazar, Qitab Ghar, Sheraz Super Store, Dubba Road, Ganta Ghar, Matrixx Mall,  Glamour Shopping Mall, Dubai Mall, Anaj Market Sukkur, and Expo Store are some of the most visited shopping markets in Sukkur. These malls have everything from famous clothing brands to large cafeterias to famous restaurants.

In terms of food, the city provides many delicious options at very affordable prices. Popular cuisines include Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Biryani, Taryal Patata, and Pulao Machi. The city is also popular for traditional drinks such as Thadal which is a drink made with Almonds and Sugar and is consumed during the summer season.

Sukkur is one of the main cities of Sindh province, with a large number of employment opportunities. To find the best houses for rent in Sukkur, you can visit to get a range of the best options in the city. 

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