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Highlights of 6th Road Rawalpindi

  • The common sizes for houses for rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi start from 5 marla and go up to 1 kanal.
  • Well-settled neighbourhoods are dotted along 6th Road Rawalpindi such as Shamasabad, Satellite Town, Faizabad, and Rehmanabad.
  • You can expect the price of a house for rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi to be somewhere around Rs. 40,000 on average.


Price Trends of House for Rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi

Prices of a house for rent on 6th road vary depending on several factors like size, location, block, and type of property. The real estate properties on 6th road are quite mature as it is a well-developed residential area.

If you are looking for a house for rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi,  you can expect the average rent from Rs 35,000. However, these prices aren’t fixed as they vary with the size, type, and condition of the property.


Price Comparison with Surrounding Areas

In comparison with nearby areas like  Shamasabad, Sattelite Town, Faizabad, and Rehmanabad, houses for rent in 6th road Rawalpindi are relatively affordable. 

If you rent a 10 marla house in Satellite town Rawalpindi, the average rent falls somewhere between Rs. 60,000. However, if you rent the same-sized house in Rehmanabad, it will cost you the same. The rent usually ranges from Rs. 55,000 while prices vary in terms of size, location, and type of property.

On the other hand, the rent of houses in Shamsabad is quite low as compared to Satellite town and Rehmanabad. If you rent 8 marla houses in the area, the monthly rent will be around Rs. 35,000, which is quite low.


Types of Houses for House for 6th Road Rawalpindi

6th road has a wide range of rental properties including upper and lower-storey houses, and separate houses.

Finding a rental house in the area can sometimes be challenging due to the high demand for real estate here. The size, location, size of the block, and type of property can affect the price of houses for rent.

Following are the available properties for rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi

Separate Houses

Separate houses are suitable for independent families. These houses come with features such as  separate  lawns, parking spaces, and balconies. The area also offers furnished houses for rent in various sizes.

Upper Portion Houses 

Some tenants prefer upper portions to rent a house. You can find a wide range of upper-portion houses but the rent varies with the area and condition of the house. The standard features in these units include attached balconies, separate access to rooftops, separate parking, and a separate entrance.

Lower Portion Houses

Lower portion houses for rent in 6th road offer more convenience in terms of accessibility.  However, The monthly rent of lower portion units can cost you a little higher as compared to upper portion houses.


Places Nearby 6th Road Rawalpindi

Key Areas


Arid Agriculture University

2.2 Km

Commercial Market 

2.5 Km

Rabi Centre

1.8 Km

Dubai Plaza

2.8 Km

Brain Surgery Hospital

2.4 Km

Al Janat Mall

1 Km

Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi

1.3 Km


Why should you consider renting a house in 6th Road Rawalpindi?

6th road is located in a well-developed neighbourhood of Rawalpindi. The top-notch facilities and amenities such as excellent healthcare facilities,  educational institutions, and access to nearby areas makes it a great place to live in. 

The common size of a house for rent in 6th Road Rawalpindi starts from 5 marla and goes up to 1 kanal.

Well-settled residential areas are located in close vicinity to the area such as Shamasabad, Satellite Town, Faizabad, and Rehmanabad. Keeping these facilities in mind, 6th Road Rawalpindi is the perfect place for renting a house.

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