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Highlights of the house for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi

  • Many options are available for a house for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi, including 3 marla houses, 5 marla houses and 10 marla houses.
  • A 3-marla residential house for rent in Bahadurabad will cost you around Rs.80,000.
  • Both residential and commercial real estate is available for rent in the neighbourhood.


Price Trends of the House for Rent in Bahadurabad Karachi

In comparison to other localities of Karachi, Bahadurabad provides houses for rent at a higher price. Houses for rent start at Rs. 80,000 on average and are widely available in Bahadurabad Karachi. Bahadurabad Karachi's house prices are more than other sections of the city. Even the prices vary within Bahadurabad and are based on the size, state, and location of each particular property.

It is crucial to remember that Bahadurabad has a stellar reputation and a very high degree of safety. Because some houses in Bahadurabad Karachi are close to stores, restaurants, and other entertainment venues while others are a little further away, there is a wide range in price trends for houses.


Price Comparison with Nearby Areas

The houses for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi are more pricey than those in nearby localities, such as Bahria Town Karachi. For instance, a 3-marla house for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi is around Rs.1.8 lac. On the other hand, 3 marla houses for rent in Bahria Town, Karachi are generally available at a much lower price.


Types of Houses for Rent in Bahadurabad Karachi

The houses differ in terms of area and number of bedrooms. The houses for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi are situated in a highly desirable area and come with various convenient features. Following are some of the most important types of houses for rent in Bahadurabad Karachi


Places Near Bahadurabad Karachi:

Bahadurabad Karachi is close to several main areas of the city. Some areas near the society include:




13 km

Saddar Karachi


8 km


11 km


Why Should You Invest in a House in Bahadurabad Karachi?

It is the most desirable neighbourhood to live in Karachi. Some amenities include state-of-the-art sewage treatment facilities, solar-powered street lights, an underground energy network, as well as parks, lawns, and play spaces.

In addition, the community has state-of-the-art planning, broad roads and green belts, commercial centres, a mosque, hotels, and high levels of security because it is gated. The provision of water supply, gas supply, and electricity supply are examples of supplementary amenities.

It is one of the most attractive features of Bahadurabad Karachi, and the residences, streets, roads, walkways, and business blocks are all positioned and organised properly. This is one of the city's busiest and most important commercial areas.

Shopping and grocery shopping bring residents of Karachi from all over the city to the Bahadurabad neighbourhood. The Bahadurabad Market, which is located at the intersection of Bahadur Shah Zafar Road and Alamgir Road, is the most well-known. Imtiaz Naheed and United King Bakery are two other well-known commercial centres in this city. The location is particularly appealing to those who live in prosperous and well-known areas like Clifton and DHA.

In general, Bahadurabad Karachi is a perfect neighbourhood for businesses. Because of this, the location is fantastic for both living and making financial investments. Investors interested in easing their way into the market can choose from various rental options, including apartments, homes, and commercial properties. In addition to houses and apartments, businesses and other types of real estate are up for sale as well.

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