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Highlights of DHA Multan

  • DHA Multan is located near Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, and is adjacent to one of the major roads of Multan.
  • It connects to two other major roads; Jinnah Avenue and Ring Road. 
  • The total area of DHA Multan is 1000 acres, and is further divided into 26 blocks from A to X. 
  • The project of DHA Multan aims to offer residential opportunities for people coming from a diverse social strata. 


Price Trends

Houses for rent in DHA Multan are available in several sizes, ranging from 6 marla to 1 kanal. 

Commonly, the prices of rental houses in DHA Multan tend to be on the higher side. The rent of houses here generally start from Rs. 35,000. 

However, the area is still under development, and a lot of other factors also influence the rental rates here. Some of these factors include size of the rental unit, location, condition of the house, and the developments going on in the neighbourhood. 

For example, if some development is going on in the area, it will raise the worth of the house which will eventually affect the rates of rent.


Price Comparison with Other Sectors

Some of the neighbouring areas of DHA Multan are WAPDA Town, Kabeer Garden Housing Society, PGSHF Housing Society, and Pace City Multan.

The rents of houses in these societies are similar to those of DHA Multan. For instance, the rent of a 1 kanal house in WAPDA City Multan is generally over Rs. 1 lac, similar to DHA.


Popular Types of Houses for Rent in DHA Multan

DHA Multan offers residential property for people from all social strata. This is evident from their wide range of listings with a multitude of different properties. 

Some of the popular types of houses for rent in DHA Multan have been listed below. 

  • Upper Portion
  • Lower Portion
  • Basement

Upper Portion

Upper portions house for rent in DHA Multan are available separately and are a popular type of rental property. Some of the benefits of this type of property include having access to the terrace and rooftop of the house.

Lower Portion

Lower portion houses for rent in DHA Multan are one of the most popular types of rental units in Pakistan. A lot of people prefer living in the lower portion of the house as facilities such as a garage, main entrance of the house, and lawn are provided to the residents.


Basements are also rented separately and are typically rented at the lowest rates among all portions. 


Places Near DHA Multan

Following are a few key locations near to DHA Multan.


Distance From DHA Multan

Business Hub, DHA Multan

4.3 km

Bahauddin Zakariya University

7.4 km 

Mall of Central Square

3.1 km

Laeeque Rafiq Hospital

8.6 km

Sports Complex

4.7 km


Why Should You Rent a House in DHA Multan?

DHA Multan is a developing residential society. As it's a project initiated by DHA, the amenities and facilities are going to be the same as those DHA residential projects in other cities. 

The location of DHA Multan is a premium one. Some major roads like Jinnah Avenue and Ring Road connect to this neighbourhood, making it accessible from other areas of the city. 

Some prominent places in the city like Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Sports Complex, and Mall of Central Square are located near the society, elevating its prices even further. 

Due to the presence of all of these qualities, living in this residential society is the perfect option.

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