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Highlights of F-17 Islamabad

  • Different options are available for houses for rent in F-17 Islamabad, with  7, 8, and 12 marla being the most popular options.
  • The average rent in F-17 Islamabad starts from Rs. 60,000 and can go higher depending upon the size of the house
  • In close proximity to Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway.
  • Easy accessibility via Fateh Jang Motorway interchange and Grand Trunk road.


Price Trends of Houses for Rent in F-17 Islamabad

This gated community is ideal for living far away from the turbulent city life. Apart from its serene living, houses for rent in F-17 Islamabad are quite reasonable as you can usually rent an upper portion of 8 marla houses for Rs. 35,000. Lower portions are expected to cost 5,000 to 10,000 more to the tenant on a monthly basis.

For a complete 8-marla house, the average rent is Rs. 70,000, which can increase depending on the condition of the house as well.

The rent of houses in F-17 Islamabad may change with time as more people have started moving to this gated community.


Price Comparison With Other Housing Societies

When compared with some nearby areas like G-15, the houses for rent in F-17 Islamabad are quite reasonable. For instance, the average rent of a complete 8-marla house in G-15 Islamabad is Rs. 80,000. In contrast to G-15, a house of similar size in F-17 usually has a rent of Rs. 70,000, which is slightly lower than a well-established area like Sector G-15.

In some other nearby areas like Faisal Town Islamabad, the rent of houses are slightly lower with a complete 7-marla house in Faisal Town usually rented for Rs. 60,000. On the other hand, a house of similar size may cost Rs. 70,000 in F-17 Islamabad on a monthly basis. 

It is important to note that the rent for houses in all these areas is subject to change and may increase with time. 


Types of Houses for Rent in F-17 Islamabad

The houses for rent in F-17 Islamabad are available in various sizes with 7, 8, and 12 marla being the preferred options for tenants. Some of the types of houses available for rent are mentioned below.

Lower Portion

There are various lower portions house for rent in F-17 available for rent in different sizes such as 7, 8 and 12 marla. Lower portions tend to have relatively higher rent than upper portions.

Upper Portion

This is the most preferred option for many people as the rents are comparitvely more affordable compared to lower portions. You can find 7, 8, 10, and 12 marla upper portion houses for rent in F-17 Islamabad.

Complete Houses

For a large family, renting a whole house is a great option as these units offer a wide range of facilities and amenities.


Places Near F-17 Islamabad

Some of the key places nearby F-17 Islamabad have been listed below.


Distance From F-17 Islamabad

Faisal Town, Islamabad

2.9 km

Tarnol Railway Station

5.0 km

Fatehjang Tarnol Interchange

3.7 km

Sector G-15

8.8 km

Top City-1

7.9 km


Why Should You Rent a House in F-17 Islamabad

Sector F-17 Islamabad is a newly developed residential area with various houses available for rent. These houses have different sizes with rents that are comparatively higher than in some nearby areas like Faisal Town.

This sector in Islamabad offers all kinds of facilities and amenities, making it a great place to rent a house.

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