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Highlights of G-10, Islamabad

  • Several options are available for houses for sale in G-10, Islamabad, starting from 3 marla and going up to 2 kanal.
  • Connected to the other main areas of the city via Kashmir Highway.
  • The rent of a complete house is generally above Rs. 75,000. On the other hand, the rent of an upper portion can be anticipated for even less than Rs. 40,000.


Price Trends for House for Rent in G-10 Islamabad

G-10 Islamabad offers many attractive opportunities to both sellers and buyers. If you are just looking for a temporary place to stay, there are plenty of rental options as well.
Residential properties are available in various sizes, including 5, 10, 14 marla, and 1 kanal. Based on your needs and budget, you can also rent out a portion. G-10/1 is a suitable choice for this, since the rent is comparatively lower than other neighbouring sectors, including F-10 and G-11. Upper portions for rent in G-10/2, Islamabad, and upper portions for rent in G-10/3, Islamabad also have their own set of benefits, due to their proximity to F-10.

Listed below are the average price trends of houses for rent in the different areas of G-10.


For a 5 marla house for rent in G-10 Islamabad, you can expect to pay more than Rs. 75,000 per month, depending on the condition of the property. It should be noted that prices of corner houses are generally higher than others.

For a 8 marla, full house for rent in G-10, Islamabad, prices are higher and can go up to Rs. 2 lacs. As mentioned above, prices may vary according to the location and state of the house.

For a 10 marla house for rent in G-10, Islamabad , you can expect to pay around Rs. 3 lacs. 


Upper and Lower Portions

If you are interested in a single-story house for rent in G-10, Islamabad, you can find many budget-friendly options.

For 5 marla Houses for Rent in G-10, Islamabad, you can expect the prices generally below Rs. 60,000.

For 7 marla Houses for Rent in G-10, Islamabad,  the price can be expected to be under Rs. 90,000.

Lastly, for 10 marla Houses for Rent in G-10, Islamabad, the prices are usually less than Rs. 1.1 lacs.


Price Comparison with Neighbouring Areas

In comparison to the neighbourhoods nearby, properties in G-10 are almost as expensive as those in F-10, F-11 and G-11. As all these sectors are administered by the CDA, different services, facilities and amenities are widely available here. Due to this, the sale and rental prices of residential properties and plots are uniform as well.


Types of House for Rent in G-10, Islamabad

G-10 is home to many different types of properties, to accommodate every income class and personal preference. Following are some of the popular types of properties available for rent in G-10:

  • Single-storey houses
  • Double-storey houses
  • Upper/lower portions

Places Near G-10, Islamabad

Key Areas

Distance From G-10

FAST National University

6.5 km 


8.1 km 

H-11 Graveyard

5.4 km 

Itwar Bazar (H-9)

7.0 km 

Sabzi Mandi

8.7 km

Islamabad Marriott Hotel

11 km

Islamabad Serena Hotel

11 km

Why Should You Buy a House in Sector G-10, Islamabad?

Sector G-10, Islamabad, is one of the most developed sectors of Islamabad with the provision of all important facilities and amenities. Some of the best restaurants and cafes in Islamabad are located in sector G-10, some of which include Lucky Restaurant, Italian Pizza and Noorani Restaurant. Moreover, there are many schools and colleges for the educational well-being of the children living in the area. As the sector is situated at the crossroads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it allows residents to easily travel to Rawalpindi.The sector has well-maintained roads and green spaces. One of the capital’s most popular parks, F-9 Park, is in close vicinity as well.

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