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House for Rent in G-11 Islamabad

Highlights of Houses for Rent in G-11 Islamabad

●        Various house types available, including independent houses, duplex houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses, and villas, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. 

●        Prime location in G-11, Islamabad, providing easy access to amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. 

●        Houses equipped with modern features and amenities, including well-appointed kitchens, attached bathrooms, parking spaces, and access to utilities. 

●        A range of rental options available, accommodating different budgetary requirements and offering flexibility in terms of lease duration/ 

G-11 Launch

Sector G 11 in Islamabad was launched in the late 1990s as part of the city's master plan. The development of Sector G 11 started with the acquisition of land and the subsequent planning and infrastructure development. The sector was gradually developed with the construction of residential plots, commercial areas, parks, and other necessary amenities. Over the years, G 11 has become a well-established and thriving residential area, attracting residents and investors alike. The launch of Sector G 11 has contributed to the expansion and development of Islamabad, providing a vibrant and desirable living environment for its residents.


Master Plan of G-11 Islamabad

The master plan of G-11 in Islamabad encompasses the detailed layout and development plan for the sector. It includes the allocation of residential, commercial, and recreational areas, as well as the provision of essential amenities and infrastructure. The master plan focuses on creating a well-organized and sustainable community with proper road networks, parks, schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential services. It also outlines the guidelines for the construction and design of buildings, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment. The master plan of sector G-11 Islamabad aims to create a livable and functional sector that caters to the needs of its residents and promotes a high quality of life.


Sectors in G 11 Islamabad

G 11 is a sector in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Like other sectors in Islamabad, G 11 is divided into different sub-sectors and blocks. The exact number of sub-sectors and blocks may vary over time due to urban development and expansion. Here are some common sub-sectors found in G 11:

●        G 11/1: This sub-sector is one of the main residential areas in G 11 and offers a mix of houses, apartments, and commercial spaces. 

●        G 11/2: Another residential sub-sector with various housing options, including houses and apartments. 

●        G 11/3: This sub-sector primarily consists of residential houses and apartments, along with some commercial activities. 

●        G 11/4: It is a residential sub-sector known for its houses and apartments. 


Price Trends of House for Rent in G 11 Islamabad

Here are the price trends for houses for rent in G 11 Islamabad:


House Size

Monthly Rent Range (PKR)

Small (1-2 bedrooms)

40,000 - 70,000

Medium (3-4 bedrooms)

70,000 - 120,000

Large (5+ bedrooms)

120,000 - 200,000


Please note that these price ranges are approximate and may vary based on factors such as the size, location, condition, and amenities of the houses. It is advisable to consult with real estate agents or explore listings to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on house prices in G11 Islamabad.


Types of Houses for Rent in G11 Islamabad

In G-11, Islamabad, you can find a variety of houses available for rent that cater to different preferences and needs. Here are some common types of houses for rent in G-11:


●        Independent Houses: Independent houses, also known as single-family houses or bungalows, are standalone properties that offer privacy and a sense of ownership. These houses typically have their own land and are not connected to other residential units. 

●        Duplex Houses: Duplex houses consist of two separate living units, often with separate entrances, located within the same building. Each unit may have its own kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces, providing the flexibility of accommodating multiple families or generating rental income. 

●        Semi-Detached Houses: Semi-detached houses are properties that share a common wall with an adjacent house on one side. Each house has its own separate entrance, making them distinct units while still having a connection to the neighboring property. 


These are the common types of houses available for rent in G-11, Islamabad. The specific availability and variety of houses may vary depending on the rental market conditions and individual property listings. When searching for houses for rent in G-11, it is recommended to consult real estate agents, online platforms, or local classifieds to explore the available options and find a house that suits your requirements.


NOC Approval of G 11 Islamabad

G 11 Islamabad has successfully obtained the required NOC (No Objection Certificate) approvals from the relevant authorities. The sector's development and construction adhere to the regulations and guidelines established by the government departments involved. The issuance of NOCs ensures that the infrastructure, facilities, and amenities in G 11 Islamabad meet the necessary standards and align with the city's urban planning and development policies. This approval offers reassurance to residents and investors regarding the sector's legitimate and authorized development.

Places Near G-11 Islamabad

G 11 Islamabad is surrounded by various places of interest and convenience. Here are a few notable places near G 11 Islamabad:

●        H-11 Graveyard: Located in the neighboring sector of H-11, this graveyard serves as a final resting place for residents of the area. It provides a peaceful and solemn environment for remembering and honoring loved ones. 

●        FAST University: The Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) University is situated near G 11 Islamabad. It is a renowned educational institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science, engineering, business administration, and other fields. The university provides quality education and has a reputation for producing skilled professionals. 

●        NUST: The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is also located in close proximity to G 11 Islamabad. It is a prestigious institution known for its emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. NUST offers a wide range of academic programs and has a strong research and innovation culture. 

●        Itwar Bazaar: Itwar Bazaar, meaning Sunday Market, is a popular weekly market where vendors and shoppers gather to buy and sell a variety of goods. It is known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of products, including clothing, accessories, household items, electronics, and fresh produce. Residents of G 11 Islamabad can conveniently visit Itwar Bazaar to explore a wide selection of items at affordable prices. 

Why Invest in Sector G-11 Islamabad

Investing in G 11, Islamabad can be advantageous for several reasons. Here are some potential benefits of investing in G 11:

●        Prime Location: G 11 is strategically located in Islamabad, which is the capital city of Pakistan. It enjoys easy accessibility to major highways, transportation networks, and important landmarks. Its proximity to the city center and other prominent sectors makes it an attractive investment option. 

●        Infrastructure and Amenities: G 11 benefits from well-planned infrastructure and amenities. The sector offers a range of residential properties, including houses and apartments, with modern facilities and services. There are schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and recreational facilities available within or nearby the sector, ensuring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle for residents. 

●        Potential for Appreciation: Over the years, real estate in Islamabad has shown a tendency for value appreciation. G 11, being a well-established and sought-after sector, has the potential for future price appreciation. This can offer profitable returns on investment, especially in the long term. 

●        Rental Income: G 11 is a popular residential area, attracting tenants who are looking for quality housing options. Investing in rental properties in G 11 can provide a steady stream of rental income. The demand for rental properties remains high due to the presence of educational institutions, government offices, and commercial centers in the vicinity. 

●        Safe and Secure Environment: Islamabad is known for its safe and secure environment. G 11 benefits from the overall security measures in the city, making it an attractive location for families and individuals seeking a peaceful living environment. The sense of security enhances the appeal of the sector for potential residents and investors alike. 

●        Potential for Development: Islamabad is experiencing continuous growth and development, including infrastructure projects, commercial developments, and urban expansion. This growth presents opportunities for further development in G 11, potentially increasing property values and attracting more investments. 

It's important to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and assess your investment goals and financial capabilities before making any investment decisions. Real estate markets can be influenced by various factors, and individual circumstances may vary.

Routes to G 11 Islamabad

There are multiple routes to reach G 11, Islamabad, depending on your starting point. Here are some common routes:

1. From Islamabad Expressway: If you are coming from the Islamabad Expressway, you can take the following route to reach G 11:

   - Take the Islamabad Expressway and head towards the Faisal Avenue Flyover.

   - Continue on Faisal Avenue and take the exit towards 7th Avenue.

   - Drive straight on 7th Avenue and continue until you reach the Golra Mor.

   - At Golra Mor, take a left turn onto Kashmir Highway.

   - Continue on Kashmir Highway and take a right turn onto Ibn-e-Sina Road.

   - Drive straight on Ibn-e-Sina Road, and you will reach G 11.

2. From Rawalpindi: If you are coming from Rawalpindi, you can take the following route:

   - Take the Murree Road (also known as Benazir Bhutto Road) towards Islamabad.

   - Continue on Murree Road until you reach Faizabad Interchange.

   - At Faizabad Interchange, take the exit towards 9th Avenue.

   - Drive straight on 9th Avenue until you reach Peshawar Morr.

   - At Peshawar Morr, take a right turn onto the Kashmir Highway.

   - Continue on Kashmir Highway and take a left turn onto Ibn-e-Sina Road.

   - Drive straight on Ibn-e-Sina Road, and you will reach G 11.

3. From Islamabad Airport: If you are coming from Islamabad International Airport, you can take the following route:

   - Exit the airport and head towards the Kashmir Highway.

   - Take a right turn onto the Kashmir Highway.

   - Continue on Kashmir Highway and take a left turn onto Ibn-e-Sina Road.

   - Drive straight on Ibn-e-Sina Road, and you will reach G 11.

It's always recommended to use navigation tools or consult a map for real-time traffic updates and the most accurate directions.

Search Trends of Properties in G 11 Islamabad

The search trends for properties in G 11 Islamabad reflect the level of interest and demand in the real estate market. Here are some observations on the search trends of properties in G 11 Islamabad:

●        Increasing Demand: The search trends indicate a growing interest in properties in G 11 Islamabad. The number of searches related to G 11 Islamabad properties has been steadily increasing over time, indicating a rising demand for real estate in the area. 

●        Property Types: The search trends show that there is a diverse range of property types being searched in G 11 Islamabad. This includes houses, plots, apartments, and commercial properties. People have varied preferences when it comes to property types, and G 11 Islamabad offers a variety of options to cater to different needs. 

●        Price Ranges: The search trends also reveal the price ranges that potential buyers or investors are interested in. People search for properties within specific price brackets, indicating their budget and affordability considerations. The price ranges for properties in G 11 Islamabad can vary based on factors such as location, size, and amenities. 

●        Amenities and Facilities: Another aspect reflected in the search trends is the importance of amenities and facilities. Potential buyers often search for properties in G 11 Islamabad with specific amenities such as parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and transportation access. The availability of these amenities plays a significant role in the decision-making process. 

●        Investment Potential: The search trends also suggest that G 11 Islamabad is seen as a favorable location for real estate investment. Investors may be looking for properties that offer good returns on investment or have potential for future development. 

Overall, the search trends for properties in G 11 Islamabad indicate a positive interest in the area, with potential buyers and investors exploring various property types and price ranges. It showcases the potential and attractiveness of G 11 Islamabad as a desirable location in the real estate market.

Head Office Location of G 11 Islamabad

G 11, Islamabad is a residential sector, and it does not have a specific head office location. The sectors in Islamabad are primarily residential areas with some commercial activities, and there is no central head office for a particular sector. Instead, each sector has its own layout and infrastructure with residential properties, parks, schools, and other amenities.

If you are referring to the administrative offices or headquarters of government or private organizations in G 11, it would depend on the specific organization you are referring to. Different government departments, businesses, or organizations may have their offices located in various parts of the sector or nearby areas.

To determine the exact location of a specific office or organization, it is recommended to contact the organization directly or consult their official website for their address and contact information. Additionally, online maps and navigation tools can help you locate specific offices or businesses in G 11, Islamabad.


Amenities and Facilities in G 11 Islamabad

G 11, Islamabad offers a range of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of its residents. Here are some common amenities and facilities available in G 11:

1. Educational Institutions: G 11 has various educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. These educational facilities provide quality education to residents of different age groups.

2. Healthcare Facilities: The sector is equipped with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Residents have access to healthcare services and medical professionals for their healthcare needs.

3. Shopping Centers and Markets: G 11 has commercial areas with shopping centers, markets, and grocery stores. Residents can find a variety of retail shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores for their shopping needs.

4. Parks and Recreational Areas: There are parks and recreational areas within G 11 that offer green spaces for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy outdoor activities. These parks provide a serene environment for leisure and socializing.

5. Mosques and Religious Centers: G 11 has mosques and religious centers to cater to the religious needs of its residents. These places of worship serve as community gathering points for prayers and religious activities.

6. Utilities and Infrastructure: The sector is equipped with basic utilities such as electricity, water supply, and sanitation services. The infrastructure includes well-maintained roads, streetlights, and drainage systems.

7. Security: G 11 benefits from the overall security measures in Islamabad. The presence of security personnel and surveillance systems helps maintain a safe and secure environment for residents.

8. Transportation: The sector has easy access to transportation networks, including public buses and taxis, making commuting within G 11 and to other parts of Islamabad convenient.

It's important to note that the availability and quality of amenities and facilities may vary within different sub-sectors or blocks of G 11. Additionally, new amenities and facilities may be added over time as the sector continues to develop and evolve to meet the needs of its residents.

FAQs About Houses for Rent in G 11 Islamabad

Q: What is the average rent range for houses in G-11, Islamabad?

A: The rental range for houses in G-11 varies depending on factors such as the size of the house, location, number of bedrooms, and overall condition. On average, rental prices for houses in G-11 can range from [provide approximate rent range] per month.

Q: What types of houses are available for rent in G-11, Islamabad?

A: G-11 offers a range of houses for rent, including independent houses, duplex houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses, and villas. The availability of specific types may vary depending on the current market and individual property listings.

Q: What amenities can I expect in houses for rent in G-11, Islamabad?

A: Houses for rent in G-11 often come with amenities such as spacious rooms, modern kitchens, attached bathrooms, parking facilities, and access to utilities like electricity, water, and gas. Some houses may also offer additional features like gardens, balconies, or security systems. The availability of amenities may vary depending on the specific house and its rental price.

Q: Are furnished houses available for rent in G-11?

A: Yes, furnished houses are available for rent in G-11. These houses come fully furnished with essential furniture, appliances, and sometimes additional amenities like air conditioning units or Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it's important to note that furnished houses may have higher rental prices compared to unfurnished ones.

Q: What is the rental process for houses in G-11, Islamabad?

A: The rental process typically involves the following steps: viewing the property, submitting a rental application, negotiating the terms and conditions with the landlord or property owner, signing a rental agreement, and providing the required documentation and security deposit. It's recommended to work with a reputable real estate agent or landlord to ensure a smooth rental process.

Q: Are there any legal procedures or documentation involved in renting a house in G-11?

A: Yes, when renting a house in G-11, it is important to ensure proper documentation and legal procedures. This usually includes signing a rental agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy, providing identification documents, and paying the required security deposit. It is advisable to consult legal professionals or real estate experts for guidance throughout the rental process.

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