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Highlights of Paragon City Lahore

  • Paragon City Lahore, which is close to the city's eastern boundary, sells elegantly constructed homes for affordable costs.
  • A rental home in Paragon City Lahore normally has an initial monthly payment of roughly Rs. 55,000.
  • The typical size of a house in this area is between 5 marla and 1 kanal.


Price Trends of Houses for Rent in Paragon City Lahore

Being a well-developed housing society, rents in this society are a little on a higher side compared to other societies. 

The 5 marla house for rent in Paragon City Lahore lies around Rs. 55,000. 

Whereas, for a 10 marla house,, the rental cost would be around Rs. 60,000.

These prices, however, are not fixed as a few other factors like the size, condition, amenities, and location of the house play a major role in determining the rent of a house.

Price Comparison With Neighbouring Areas

Comparing the cost of a house for rent in Paragon City Lahore with those of houses for rent in its neighbouring regions, we can easily conclude that the properties in the former area are typically more affordable.

For instance, in DHA Phase 8 the starting price of a 10 marla house for rent starts from Rs. 90,000.

On the other hand, for a 7-marla house in Al Faisal Town Lahore, the starting rent typically lies around Rs. 55,000. Whereas, a similar-sized house for rent in Paragon City is available at a lower price point.

These figures show the difference between the prices and values of properties. 

Types of House for Rent in Paragon City Lahore

Following are the types of houses for rent in Paragon City Lahore:

  • Upper portion 
  • Lower portion
  • Basement

Upper Portion

This portion of the house is rented separately. The residents of this portion get to enjoy access to amenities like mumty room, terrace, and rooftop.

Lower Portion

This portion of the house is typically rented at the highest rate among all the portions of a house. Residents of this portion will have access to many amenities, such as law and parking space.


Also, the residents of this portion will not have to take the flights of stairs unlike those living in the upper portion.


Basements are rented out at the least rental cost among all the portions of a house.  It could be an ideal option, if you are looking for budget-friendly options. You can also rent it for multipurpose use, such as a gym, a cinema or a guest room.

Places Near Paragon City Lahore

Some of the popular places located near Paragon City are mentioned in the tables below.


Distance From Paragon City Lahore

Rangers Battle School

2.9 km

Mehfooz Shaheed Sports Complex

4.9 km


3.3 km

Cricket Ground

4.0 km

Orchard Green Park

2.7 km

Tenacious QRC Complex

5.6 km


Why Should You Rent a House in Paragon City Lahore?

Paragon City Lahore is one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Lahore. Various well-known places, including educational institutions, medical facilities, and commercial centres, are located close to the society.


Living here will also appease the sports fans because a cricket ground is also located close to the Paragon City. Also, Hijama Center is also situated nearby.

Transport and travelling is not an issue for people residing here, as Bakri Road and Ring Road create a smooth connection between Paragon City and other parts of Lahore.

Due to these reasons, locals desire to rent a house in Paragon City Lahore.

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