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G-10 is an important sector in Islamabad especially from the perspective of government services, healthcare facilities and educational institutions. G-10 boasts plenty of unique qualities for its residents. This is the sector where the calming ambience and characteristic beauty of Islamabad begins to vividly emerge. 

As a standard, it is divided further into 4 sub-sectors named 

  • G-10/1 
  • G-10/2
  • G-10/3 
  • G-10/4 

G-10 is home to many markets and institutions of central importance, showcasing the public utility of this sector. It touches Srinagar highway, one of the city’s major highways.

The sector is home to many government institutions, hospitals, parks, and commercial areas. The economic center or the ‘Markaz’ of the sector is vast and contains different types of shops and provides a vast array of services. From a Real Estate point of view, G-10 has relatively affordable and quality houses and apartments. 



Following are the prominent features of Sector G-10 that make it an attractive option for residents:

  • NADRA regional head office; one of the most important Government institutions, located in G-10/4 in Mauve area
  • Regional Passport Office on Bela Road
  • An extensive network of markets, including Islamabad G 10 Markaz, Buland Market, and Power Market
  • Islamabad High Court in G-10/1
  • Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation aiming to facilitate employees with better housing opportunities



G-10 is located at the northern side of Srinagar Highway, and is surrounded by sectors G-9, G-11, and F-10. It is physically separated from other sectors by Ibn-e-Sina Road facing Sector F-10 and Aun Muhammd Rizvi Road facing G-11. 


Area covered by G-10:

According to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the sector G-10 is spread roughly across an area of 2 Km.


G-10 Markaz:

G-10 Markaz is the central marketplace of the sector and is highly sought after due to the diverse types of commercial buildings. It offers services ranging from essentials to luxuries. Some of the important buildings situated in G 10 Markaz Islamabad are:

  • Directorate General of Immigration and Passports Office
  • Regional Passport Office 
  • HBL G-10 Markaz Branch in Capital City Center Plaza
  • Allied Bank
  • Life Care International Hospital
  • TCS Express Center Office which stays open even on the weekends for booking of delivery services


Each sub-sector in G-10 is known for its specific qualities and unique value. From a real estate point of view, the market value of properties in each sub-sector depends on the specific features of the property under consideration, the benefits it promises due to its location, demand, and the average price at which other properties in the area are sold for.


G-10/1 holds an important status among the four sub-sectors because of a few prominent institutions. Islamabad High Court is located in G-10/1. National Bank of Pakistan is also situated in this sub-sector. G-10 begins after G-11/4 is quite close to the Chief Commissioner Office.

Buland Market, which is among the famous markets of the G sectors is in G-10/1. Other general stores worthy of being mentioned are Al-Khyber General Store and Noor Karyana Store. G-10 is also home to a very frequently visited mosque called Osman Mosque.


One of the noteworthy aspects of sub-sector G-10/2 are the numerous educational institutes located here. There are several schools, public and private colleges, such as:

  • Allied School
  • Pak-Turk International School
  • AIMS Education System
  • Knowledge City School
  • Ocean International School
  • Islamabad Model College for Girls


G-10/3 offers markets, general stores, mosques, parks, schools and hospitals. The famous markets are the Khan Market, Bhatti Market and Sheraz Market. Khan Market is known for offering traditional food items, such as doodh Jalebi. 

Several parks in this sub-sector offer residents a serene place to unwind. The Chota Park and Bara Park are popular among the residents. Khan Market Park is also an appealing park that is a treat to the eye due to its greenery, sheltered sitting areas and walkability.

Al-Ain International Specialist Eye Hospital is a useful specialized medical facility in G-10/3. Khan General Store is a prominent store in the locality and Khan Market mosque is also situated here. The City School, a renowned educational institution is also located in this sub-sector. For residential purposes, PHA D-type flats in G-10/3 is a much sought after option for rental apartments. 


G-10/4 is home to some significant government buildings, gyms, parks, schools, and many more. The Interboard Committee of chairmen, an institution of utmost importance for students, is located in this sector. The National Water Testing Laboratory is located here which offers water testing services at affordable rates. 

G-10/4 is a well sought after sub-sector due to its quality infrastructure and road networks which can be seen through G 10 4 Islamabad map. 

Looking at the markets in the sub-sector, Power Market and Umer Market are famous ones. The locality enjoys the presence of a number of mosques, including Jamia Mosque, Tooba Mosque and Jamia Masjid Bahar-e-Madina. 

Commuting Facilities:

Being located between sectors of immense activity such as G-11, G-9 and F-10 makes this sector highly convenient for travelling. A common resource for commuting in G-10 is Taxis. Other than taxis, a cheaper alternative is wagons which pick and drop commuters at specific stations. Another alternative for transport are ride-hailing services such as Uber, Careem and Indriver.   


Medical Facilities/Hospitals in G-10:

G-10 offers several medical facilities with quality medical care such as:

  • Shifa International Hospitals Limited in G-10/4
  • Life-Care International Hospital
  • Get Well Medical Center
  • Mujib Hospital
  • Al-Ain International Specialist Eye Hospital


Restaurants in G-10:

Some famous restaurants in the area are LingSa Restaurant, which is best known for Chinese food, Shah Ji Restaurant in G-10 Markaz with affordable prices, and Food-Way in G-10/1 with a highly praised taste of burgers. 

Property Trends in G-10:

G-10 Islamabad offers many attractive opportunities to both sellers and buyers. If you are just looking for a temporary place to stay, the sector offers plenty of renting options as well. You can find a house for rent in G-10 Islamabad  relatively easily. Finding a house for sale in the area is quite easy as well due to an abundance of well-constructed houses. Residential properties are available in various sizes, starting from 5 Marla to 10 and 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Based on your needs and capital, you can also look for an upper or lower portion in sector G-10 which can also be found with reasonable convenience. It should be noted that the price trends mentioned below fluctuate and hence are subject to change:

House for sale in G-10 | House for Rent in G-10:

A 5 marla house for sale in G 10 Islamabad starts from roughly 2 crore. You can also find a portion for rent in G-10. Getting a portion for rent in G-10/1 is a suitable choice since this sub-sector touches the Mauve Area which accommodates government buildings and other important institutions. Similarly, the portion for rent in G-10/2 has its own benefit, due to its proximity to sector F-10. 

A vast range of houses beginning from 5 marla to 2 Kanal are available in G-10 for rent. A 5 marla house for rent in G-10 starts from around 80 thousand rupees. A house for rent in G 10 4 Islamabad and a portion for rent in G-10/4, both enjoy a very good accessibility from the Srinagar Highway. 

Apartments for Rent in G-10:

A Studio flat for rent in g 10 Islamabad falls around 20 thousand rupees.

A double bedroom flat for rent in G 10 Islamabad starts from 25 thousand rupees.

 PHA D-type flats in G 10 2 Islamabad for rent can be found around PKR 35-70 thousand rupees.

Plot for sale in G 10 Islamabad

A 12-14 Marla Plot for sale in G-10 Islamabad can be found around PKR 4-6 Crore.

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