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Faisalabad – the backbone of the textile sector in Pakistan – is one of the fastest-growing cities in Punjab. The area was originally known as Lyallpur name but in 1977 the Government of Pakistan changed its name to Faisalabad which means the City of Faisal in honour of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. It is the third most populous city of Pakistan, after Karachi and Lahore. Faisalabad also acquires the status of being the first planned city under the rule of British rule.

Faisalabad is divided into six areas: Chak Jhumra, Faisalabad City, Faisalabad Saddar, Tandlianwala, Samundri, and Jaranwala. The covered area of this district is 5,856 square kilometres in Area which Faisalabad Development Authority(FDA) controls over 21% of the land. This authority is responsible for controlling the residential areas of this city. 

Since partition, Faisalabad has developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. In 2001, the city was given the status of the district under the local government ordinance. For its geographic location, the city has over these years grown to become a major economic hub due to its enhanced transportation sector. As most of the textile industry within Pakistan is related to Faisalabad, this city is also known as the “Manchester of Pakistan”. 

Faisalabad is also an important producer of wheat, cotton, and sugarcane. The city is irrigated by the river Chenab which lies across the countryside. For this reason, the agricultural land in the region is a bit expensive. Moreover, Faisalabad also has its international airport, and the city landscape is also filled with some amazing architectural buildings. One such example is the Faisalabad Arts Council Building which was designed by the great architect Nayyar Ali Dada. 

House for Sale in Faisalabad

 Although the real estate sector in the major cities of Pakistan has become high-priced due to the boom of population, there is a high margin for growth in Faisalabad. Contemporarily, Faisalabad is one of the fastest-growing regions of Punjab. This means today is the right time to invest to capitalize upon the market.

Moreover, the upcoming projects in Faisalabad are offering huge opportunities for investment at minimum possible rates. The launch of new housing schemes and projects in Faisalabad is making the city much desired. A good example of such a projects is the City Housing project which is one of the most secured investments in the region.

An important characteristic of making Faisalabad a good place is its vibrant neighbourhood. Faisalabad caters to people from all walks of life. This means if you are moving from another city to Faisalabad, you won’t face any problem in adjusting to the city environment.

Types of Houses for Sale in Faisalabad

The prices of houses for sale in Faisalabad depend upon different factors. But the major factor affecting the rates is the location. A 5 Marla house for sale in the Chak Road region generally starts from Rs. 37 lac and the prices can go up till Rs.1 crore if you are planning to buy a house for sale along Sargodha road.

Similarly, the prices for 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots in the posh areas of Faisalabad are quite high. An 8 marla unit can cost you around Rs.8 crore while a 10 Marla unit can cost you from Rs.55 lac till Rs. 11 crores. These posh areas of Faisalabad include Gulberg and Khayaban Colony. Likewise, a 1 Kanal house for sale in Faisalabad starts at Rs. 1.5 crore and cost up to Rs. 13 crores.

Facilities and Security in Faisalabad

Since the river in Faisalabad comes from River Chenab, therefore Faisalabad does not face any water issues. The Water and Sanitation Agency(WASA) has installed emergency water pumps to keep maintain a smooth flow of water. Faisalabad also has its airport and railway station which makes it a city with an effective transport system.

But, as Faisalabad is a small city, people mostly do not use public transport and use their vehicles to move from one end to another. Daewoo stations are also located on different points of the city to make travelling to other parts convenient. Furthermore, the city's security situation is also great as there are police stations in all residential areas of Faisalabad. For instant, there are police stations on Sargodha road, civil lines, Saddar, People colony, and Gulberg.

Reasons to Buy a House in Faisalabad

The basic reason to buy a house in Faisalabad is the cost of the house. Properties in Faisalabad are a lot cheaper and more affordable when compared to adjacent cities like Multan and Lahore. Recently, foreign investors like Emaar have also proposed new housing projects to cater to the needs of the low-and-middle-income class.

Along with these benefits, the city also has extensive business opportunities. Being a hub of the textile and transport sector, people can conduct businesses in various fields here. Moreover, the city also has a robust infrastructure as the road are well-paved and clean. The people of Faisalabad are also hospitable. This means if you are looking to buy a house within a limited budget, Faisalabad is a good option for you since this city has a lot of options to offer.

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