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The capital of Balochistan - Quetta is located at the foothills of the Mountains. The city was formerly known as Sialkot and it is the largest city of the province of Balochistan and the 10th largest city of Pakistan. Quetta was largely destroyed by an Earthquake in 1935 but the whole city was rebuilt. 

Quetta lies 5,510 feet above sea level which makes it Pakistan’s only high-altitude city. Due to numerous fruits orchards in and around the city, the city is also known as a “Fruit Garden of Pakistan”. The city produces a large variety of fruits and dried fruits that are exported all over the world.

As the city lies near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Quetta also actively works as a trade corridor and communication centre between the two countries. Furthermore, the city is also near the Bolan Pass route which was a major gateway from Central Asia in the past. In the intermittent Afghan War, Quetta played an integral role for the Pakistan Army and proved to be a strategic location in this crisis by providing stations to the military.

Types of Houses Available for Sale in Quetta

Contemporarily, Quetta is preparing itself as the next developmental frontier of Pakistan. Since Quetta lies in the Earthquake Zone, therefore the construction process for houses and building are done keeping this fact in mind. The RCC structure is adopted by most architects in Quetta. 

While there are houses constructed on the brick and mortar module, these houses are also made to restrain damages done by Earthquake. Houses are the most common type of accommodation amongst the people of Quetta. But the trend of living in apartments is also increasing since the value of land in Quetta is steadily increasing. 

Reasons to Buy a House for Sale in Quetta

The mesmerizing beauty and absorbing views of Quetta make it an ideal location to buy your own house in this city. The famous spots such as The Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Hana Lake, Urak Valley, and the residents of Quaid attract many tourists from all over the world. You can visit the city in winter to get glimpses of its winter-centric activities.

Quetta also has a well-connected railroad infrastructure. The city has its airport and is connected with other provinces of Pakistan through airways. Furthermore, the real estate sector of the city is flourishing at an exponential scale. With the launch of several housing schemes like DHA Quetta, Qasim Bagh Town, Al-Usman Apartments, and AghaJee MS Apartments in the premises of Quetta, investors all over the country are attracted to invest in this beautiful city.

Price Trend for Houses for Sale in Quetta

The prices trends of houses for sale in Quetta are determined on the basis of the size, amenities, and basic facilities along with the location of the plot. Since Quetta is a mildly cold area, when buying a house for sale in Quetta, it is highly important to consider the basic facilities and amenities being offered. Some basic facilities like gas, electricity, and water should be included as one cannot survive without them.

The price trend for different types of houses for sale in Quetta is as follows: 

  • To buy a 5 Marla House in Quetta, your budget should be between Rs.30 lac to Rs.1 crore.
  • A 10 Marla house for Sale in Quetta is going to cost you around Rs.60 lac to Rs.2 Crore. 
  • For a spacious house of 1 Kanal, your budget should be between Rs.2 Crore to Rs.2.5 crore.

Facilities and Security of Quetta

Owing to the initiatives taken by the Government of Pakistan in line with the Pakistan Army, Quetta is offering a much more secure environment to its residents. The police officers of the region are highly trained and as a result, the crime rate of this city is very low. The influx of tourists over these years is a clear example of the improved security situation of the region.

The government official is keen to make Quetta a secure city with the metropolis much more secured than it ever was. Moreover, Quetta has a huge fruit orchard that is spread across the city. These fruit orchards are well known all over the country now. Buying a house in Quetta will provide you with an opportunity to get the advantage of these fruit orchards.

Quetta is also famous for its handicrafts. Some of the most famous markets located in Quetta include the Kashmiri Bazaar, Liaqat Bazaar, and Suraj Ganj Bazaar. These markets are filled with coats, Jackets, embroidered clothes, sandals, carpets, and other handicraft items. Balochi mirror work and embroidered clothes are some of the popular items available in these markets.

School, Universities, and Hospitals in Quetta

The outlook of a person’s life depends upon the level of education he has acquired. Education plays and. Integral role in the growth and future development of people. The overall literacy rate of Quetta is above the overall average of the country. This is a result of relentless efforts by one of the renowned educational institutes in Quetta.

Some of the famous universities located in Quetta include The Sardar Bahadur Women’s University, Balochistan University of Information Technology, University of Balochistan, and so on. While schools like Beaconhouse, St.Joseph’s Convent School, and Army Public School are actively providing primary education to the people.

In addition to this, Quetta provides the best possible medical facilities and services to its residents. The hospitals in Quetta are equipped with highly-trained and experienced doctors who provide 24/7 emergency facilities to the residents. Some of the best medical hospitals in Quetta include Medical Complex Hospital, City International Hospital, Rahat Medical hospital, and National Hospital.

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Quetta is an ideal place to live since the Return of Investment(ROI) possibilities of the region are pretty high. The city is slowly becoming an economic activity and with numerous special economic zones being created in Gwadar, investors are expecting a huge increase in the real estate market of Quetta. is the biggest online portal in Pakistan which has listed thousands of properties for sale in Quetta to help you buy commercial and residential plots. With the property portal, you can easily buy a house in Quetta and swipe through different houses without physically leaving your home. Swipe through the portal of and get the right property for you.

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