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The second-largest city of the Hyderabad division – Hyderabad is the eighth-most populous city of Pakistan. The city was founded by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro of the Kalhoro Dynasty. Hyderabad served as the capital of the province till 1847.  Later on, the capital was transferred to the Bombay presidency.

Hyderabad is a combination of two words: ‘Hayder’ and ‘Abad’. The word Hayder means lion while the word Abad refers to settlement. The word Hyderabad translates to the City of Lion. The name of the city is in honour of the fourth caliph of Islam, Ali which refers to Ali’s valorvalour in the battle.

This city of Pakistan is near the bank of the River Indus and is culturally and economically important. Before partition, the city was also known as the “Paris of India”. The streets of Hyderabad were washed with perfumed water every day. Moreover, the city’s ancient architecture and landmark is a reflection of the rich cultural history of the city.

The majority of the people living in Hyderabad before the partition were Hindu. After the partition of the Sub-continent, the majority of Hindus left the city and an influx of Muslims settled in this city. These new Muslim settlers of Hyderabad were known as “Muhajirs”. With time, the people living in villages and outskirts of Hyderabad migrated to the city in search of better job opportunities, education, and to improve their living standards.

The population of Hyderabad is a mixture of different ethnicities and cultures. Today, the city serves as a transit between rural and urban Sindh. Hyderabad is also the largest producer of bangles in Pakistan while other industries like mirror work, cloth, leather, etc. are also present in the city.

Buying a House for Sale in Hyderabad

The real estate sector of Hyderabad was neglected in the past but things have changed now. Today, people are eager to buy houses for sale in Hyderabad. Over the years, the city has changed and today, it is home to numerous high-end mega commercial as well as residential plots.

The infrastructure for the city has significantly progressed. There is a vast scope for business opportunities in the city. Numerous people from all over Pakistan are attracted to invest in Hyderabad as there are multiple job opportunities available in Hyderabad. Some of the best available localities in Hyderabad when buying a house for sale includes Qasimabad, Latifabad, Kohsar, and Mir Hussainabad.

Price Trend for Houses for Sale in Hyderabad

Just like other big cities of Pakistan, the price trend for houses for sale in Hyderabad depends on the location, facilities, condition of the house, amenities being offered, and the construction material used. Based on these factors, the price trend for houses for sale in Hyderabad are as follows:

  • To buy a 5 Marla House in Hyderabad, your budget range should be between Rs.30 lac to Rs. 60 lac.
  • People who are considering buying a 10 Marla house in Hyderabad need a budget that starts from Rs. 48 lac and moves till Rs. 2 Crore.
  • To buy a spacious house of 1 Kanal, the budget should be between Rs.1.2 crore to Rs. 2.75 crore.

Security and Facilities offered in Hyderabad

There are numerous police stations in the city which makes it a safe place to invest and live in. Moreover, the infrastructure is also secure as multiple law and order departments are actively working.

Besides the improved security situation of the city, numerous recreational and leisure activities are being offered. From famous old historical buildings to zoos and shopping malls, this city has everything to fulfil your needs for entertainment. These places include the Tomb of Taplurs, Pakka Qila, and Rani Bagh.

The rich Sindhi Cultural history is treasured in the Museum of Sindh. This place is filled history of the province along with ancient relics. Few artifactsartefacts of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization are also stored in this museum.

In addition to this, the city is offering one of the best medical facilities in Pakistan. The largest psychiatric Hospital the Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry also known as Giddu Bandar is situated in Hyderabad. Other famous hospitals in Hyderabad include Red Crescent Hospital, St. Elizebeth Hospital, National Medical Centre of Hyderabad, etc. All these hospitals are providing high-end medical services to the people of Hyderabad and its neighbourhood.

Reasons to Invest in Hyderabad

A major reason to buy a house in Hyderabad is the top-notch educational and health facilities being offered in the city. Along with these benefits, the city is also a gateway to most urban and rural areas of Sindh and is connected with major residential and commercial districts through well-paved roads.

Furthermore, the tide of rapid development of infrastructure has changed the city making it a  profitable sector for the real estate market. People belonging to interior Sindh have better medical and education facilities than the rural areas. In short, Hyderabad has modernized to a great extent today and is attracting real estate agents from all over the world. It is the right to invest or buy your own house in Hyderabad.

Buy a House in Hyderabad with

Hyderabad is an ideal place to live since the Return of Investment(ROI) possibilities of the region are pretty high. Investors are expecting a huge increase in the real estate market of Hyderabad. The rich cultural history of Hyderabad creates a sense of nationalism. Furthermore, the city is offering budget-friendly and cost-effective options in terms of property.

To help you buy the right house for you in Hyderabad, has listed multiple houses for sale on its online portal. Over a thousand properties are available for sale in Hyderabad to help you buy commercial and residential plots. With the property portal, you can easily buy a house in Hyderabad and swipe through different houses without physically leaving your home. Swipe through the portal of and get the right property for you.

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