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Highlights of Plot for Sale in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad

●        Bahria Enclave is located in Islamabad, offering a prime location with beautiful surroundings and easy access to major road networks.

●        The housing scheme is a gated community, providing a secure and peaceful environment for residents.

●        The development of Bahria Enclave features modern infrastructure, including wide roads, proper sewerage systems, and well-planned layouts.

●        The housing society offers a range of amenities and facilities such as parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational areas.

●        Bahria Enclave is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

●        There is a wide range of plot sizes available, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of buyers. Options include 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal plots.

●        The property market in Bahria Enclave has shown promising growth, making it an attractive investment opportunity for buyers.

Price Trends of Plot for Sale in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad

Here is a table depicting the approximate price trends of plots for sale in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad:

Plot Size

Price Range (PKR)

5 Marla

2,500,000 - 8,000,000

8 Marla

4,500,000 - 12,000,000

10 Marla

6,500,000 - 15,000,000

1 Kanal

12,000,000 - 30,000,000

2 Kanal

25,000,000 - 50,000,000


Please note that these price ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as location within Bahria Enclave, development status, and market demand. It is always recommended to consult with real estate agents or visit the official Bahria Enclave website for the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

Types of Plots for Sale in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

In Bahria Enclave, Islamabad, there are various types of plots available for sale. Some common types include:

●        Residential Plots: Bahria Enclave offers a range of residential plots for sale, allowing buyers to build their dream homes. These plots come in various sizes, including 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal, catering to different budget and space requirements.

●        Commercial Plots: For those interested in commercial ventures, Bahria Enclave also offers commercial plots for sale. These plots are ideal for establishing businesses such as shops, offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. They are strategically located in commercial areas within the housing scheme.

●        Farmhouse Plots: Bahria Enclave also provides the option of farmhouse plots for sale. These plots are larger in size and are suitable for those looking to create a private retreat or a farmhouse-style residence surrounded by greenery and natural landscapes.

●        Corner Plots: Corner plots are another type of plot available in Bahria Enclave. These plots are located at the corners of streets or blocks, offering additional space and potential for customization.

●        Park-facing Plots: Park-facing plots are highly sought after in Bahria Enclave. These plots offer scenic views and direct access to the community parks, providing a serene and picturesque setting for residents.

Master Plan of Bahria Enclave Islamabad

The master plan of Bahria Enclave Islamabad encompasses two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 covers an area of approximately 836 Kanal and consists of over 600 residential plots, while Phase 2 spans 1180 Kanal of land and comprises 400 residential plots. The housing society is divided into 15 sectors, labeled alphabetically from A to P, each with its sub-sectors. These sectors offer a range of residential plot options, including 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots, as well as commercial plots of 4, 5, and 8 Marla.

Notably, Bahria Enclave Islamabad also includes the construction of 11 Marla villas, with a model villa constructed to showcase the project's potential. Visitors can explore the model house to visualize the living experience in the area. Each block within the society has its unique characteristics and development status. For instance, Block A is fully developed and offers a variety of residential and commercial plots, while Block B is also developed, although some plots are located lower than the road level, which may increase construction costs. Sector C includes different extensions with varying levels of development progress, granting possession to plot owners.

Bahria Enclave Launch

Bahria Enclave Islamabad was launched by Bahria Town in 2008. It is a prestigious housing society located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The development project was initiated to provide a high-quality living experience and modern infrastructure to residents. The launch of Bahria Enclave marked the expansion of Bahria Town's development projects beyond Lahore and Karachi, bringing their renowned standards of excellence to the capital city of Pakistan. Since its launch, Bahria Enclave has become a sought-after destination for individuals and families looking for a luxurious and secure lifestyle in Islamabad.

Sectors in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is divided into several blocks and sectors, each offering distinct features and characteristics. These blocks and sectors provide residents with various options for residential and commercial plots, catering to different preferences and needs.

One notable block is Block A, which is considered the most expensive block in the community. It has completed development work and grants land possession to plot owners. Located at the entrance of Bahria Enclave, Block A comprises a range of residential and commercial plots. It provides modern civic and commercial facilities, making it an attractive choice for those seeking convenience and contemporary amenities. Additionally, the ongoing construction of the luxury apartment building, 'Cube,' in Block A adds further appeal to the block, with possession scheduled to be granted in approximately 8 months.

Another prominent sector is Sector M, known for its remarkable feature, the Bahria Town City Center. This commercial project within the sector adds to its allure and attracts significant demand. While the 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in Sector M are partially developed and have been granted possession, the sector offers captivating views and scenery.

The solid and fertile land in Sector N is another noteworthy feature, with the sector not requiring any additional filling. However, the development progress varies across different plot sizes within the sector, with 5 Marla plots being nearly developed and possessing half of the schemes, 8 Marla plots being 40% developed and available with possession, and 10 Marla plots being the least developed in this sector.

Why Invest in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad

Investing in Bahria Enclave Islamabad offers several compelling reasons. Here are some key factors that make it an attractive investment:

●        Prime Location: Bahria Enclave is strategically located in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. It enjoys close proximity to major commercial and business districts, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs. This prime location ensures convenience and accessibility, which adds value to the investment.

●        High-Quality Infrastructure: Bahria Enclave is developed by Bahria Town, known for its commitment to quality and attention to detail. The housing society features modern infrastructure, well-planned road networks, landscaped parks, community centers, and recreational facilities. The superior quality of development enhances the value of properties in Bahria Enclave.

●        Secure and Gated Community: Bahria Enclave offers a secure and gated environment, with 24/7 security measures in place. This aspect provides peace of mind to residents and attracts investors who prioritize safety and privacy.

●        Amenities and Facilities: The housing society is equipped with a wide range of amenities and facilities. These include schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, and sports complexes. Such amenities enhance the quality of life for residents and make Bahria Enclave an appealing investment option.

●        Potential for Appreciation: Over the years, properties in Bahria Enclave have shown a steady appreciation in value. The combination of prime location, high-quality development, and growing demand contributes to the potential for capital appreciation. Investing in Bahria Enclave can be a lucrative long-term investment opportunity.

●        Rental Income Potential: Bahria Enclave is a popular choice among tenants seeking upscale living. This presents an opportunity for investors to generate rental income from their properties. The high demand for rental accommodations in Bahria Enclave can result in attractive rental yields.

Routes to Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad enjoys excellent connectivity through multiple access points, making it easily accessible from various parts of the city. Located approximately 8 kilometers (15 minutes) away, the housing society can be reached from Chak Shahzad, Park Road, and Kuri Road. Access to Bahria Enclave is also available through major highways, including Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Highway.

To further enhance accessibility, a new four-lane road is currently being awarded to Bahria Town, which will provide an additional route via Kuri Road. This new road will not only improve connectivity but also offer residents more convenient and efficient travel options.

The strategic location of Bahria Enclave Islamabad, with its multiple access points and proximity to key roads and highways, ensures residents can easily commute to and from the society. Whether traveling to the city center, nearby neighborhoods, or other parts of Islamabad, the well-connected road network provides convenient access for residents, saving them time and effort in their daily travels.

NOC Approvals of Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad has obtained the necessary approvals from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), ensuring the legality and legitimacy of the housing society. The NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Bahria Enclave-I was granted by the CDA, with the layout plan approved on 29th December 2020. Spanning over an expansive area of 12,543.11 Kanal, this modern and beautiful housing society has a promising future. The NOC signifies that the development adheres to the required standards and regulations set by the CDA.

Sponsored by Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd., Bahria Enclave-I is located in Mozas, including Mohrian, Malot, Jagiot, Pind Begwal, Tumari, Sihaili, and Darkala, falling within Zone-IV (C) of Islamabad. The approval of the NOC adds to the confidence of investors and residents, as it assures them of the legitimacy and compliance of the project.

Similarly, Bahria Enclave-II has also obtained the NOC approval from the CDA. The NOC for Bahria Enclave-II was granted on 11th February 2021, covering an area of 1,180.04 Kanal. This recent development brings further relief and assurance to investors and residents. The revised layout plan of Bahria Enclave-Phase-II, located in Mouza Phulgran, Zone-4 (B) along Angori Road in Islamabad, received the approval from CDA, reinforcing the credibility and compliance of the project.

These NOC approvals demonstrate the commitment of Bahria Enclave Islamabad to meeting the regulatory standards and providing a legally sound and secure housing society for its residents and investors.

Amenities and Facilities in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Bahria Enclave Islamabad offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to enhance the living experience of its residents. Here are some key amenities and facilities available in Bahria Enclave:

●        Parks and Green Spaces: The housing society features beautifully landscaped parks and green spaces where residents can enjoy nature, go for walks, or have picnics with family and friends.

●        Schools and Educational Institutions: Bahria Enclave houses reputable schools and educational institutions that provide quality education to residents' children. These schools offer a range of academic and extracurricular activities.

●        Healthcare Facilities: The housing society is equipped with healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare services within their community.

●        Shopping Centers and Commercial Areas: Bahria Enclave has commercial areas and shopping centers that cater to residents' daily needs. These areas house a variety of retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial establishments.

●        Mosque and Community Centers: There are well-constructed mosques within Bahria Enclave where residents can conveniently fulfill their religious obligations. Additionally, community centers serve as gathering spaces for social and recreational activities.

●        Sports Complexes and Fitness Facilities: Bahria Enclave offers sports complexes, gymnasiums, and fitness facilities for sports enthusiasts and those who prioritize fitness. These facilities provide opportunities for various sports and physical activities.

●        Security and Gated Community: The housing society ensures the safety and security of its residents with 24/7 security measures, including CCTV surveillance, trained security personnel, and controlled access points. The gated community provides a secure environment for residents.

●        Road Infrastructure and Transportation: Bahria Enclave has well-planned road networks, including wide roads and well-marked lanes, ensuring smooth traffic flow within the community. Public transportation options are also available, facilitating convenient mobility.

●        Recreational Facilities: The housing society offers recreational facilities such as swimming pools, sports fields, and play areas for children. These facilities promote an active and enjoyable lifestyle for residents.

●        Utility Services: Bahria Enclave provides reliable utility services, including electricity, water supply, and sewerage systems, ensuring a comfortable living experience.

These amenities and facilities contribute to the overall well-being and convenience of residents in Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

Search Trends of Properties in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad

The search trends for properties in Bahria Enclave Islamabad indicate the level of interest and popularity among potential buyers and investors. While I don't have real-time search data, here are some common search trends related to properties in Bahria Enclave Islamabad:

●        Residential Plots: Many individuals search for residential plots in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. These plots allow buyers to construct their dream homes according to their preferences and requirements.

●        Houses for Sale: Properties in Bahria Enclave, including houses, are often searched by individuals looking for ready-to-move-in options. Houses offer convenience and immediate occupancy for those who prefer a completed dwelling.

●        Apartments and Flats: Apartments and flats in Bahria Enclave Islamabad are also popular among buyers, particularly those seeking a more compact living space or an investment opportunity.

●        Commercial Plots: Some investors search for commercial plots in Bahria Enclave to establish businesses or invest in commercial ventures. Commercial plots offer opportunities for shops, offices, and other commercial activities.

●        Rental Properties: The search for rental properties, including houses and apartments, is also common in Bahria Enclave. This indicates a demand from individuals who prefer renting rather than purchasing properties.

●        Investment Opportunities: Many people search for investment opportunities in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. The search trends reflect the interest of investors who recognize the potential for capital appreciation and rental income in the housing society.

It's important to note that these search trends may vary over time and are subject to market conditions and individual preferences.

FAQs about Plots for Sale in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about plots for sale in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad:

Can foreigners buy plots in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?

Yes, Bahria Enclave Islamabad allows both Pakistani nationals and foreigners to buy plots in the housing scheme.

Are the plots in Bahria Enclave Islamabad developed or undeveloped?

The plots in Bahria Enclave Islamabad are generally developed, which means they have basic infrastructure such as roads, water supply, electricity, and sewerage systems in place.

Are there any installment plans available for plot purchases in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?

Yes, Bahria Enclave Islamabad offers flexible installment plans for plot purchases. These plans allow buyers to pay for the plot in installments over a certain period, making it more convenient for them to invest in a plot.

Is the possession of plots available in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?

Yes, possession of plots is available in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. Buyers can obtain possession of their plots once they have completed the required documentation and cleared any outstanding dues.

Is there any transfer fee or taxes applicable to plot purchases in Bahria Enclave Islamabad?

Yes, there is a transfer fee and applicable taxes for plot purchases in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. The specific fees and taxes may vary depending on the size and type of the plot.

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