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Highlights of Sector G14 Islamabad

  • Both residential and commercial plots for sale in G14 Islamabad are available in different sizes.
  • The plots in Sector G-14 usually have a starting price of Rs. 70 lacs.
  • These plots are available in a range of sizes, with 5, 7, 10 marla and 1 kanal being the most popular options.
  • A well-planned CDA-administered sector with easy connectivity through Srinagar Highway. 
  • The prices of plots in G14 Islamabad are reasonable when compared to well-established sectors like F-11.


Price Trends of Plots for Sale in G14 Islamabad

G-14 Islamabad is a well-planned sector in Islamabad developed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in order to cater to the demand for housing in the capital city. The plots for sale in G 14 Islamabad  typically start from Rs. 70 lacs. However, these prices normally depend on different factors like demand, size and type. 

In general, the demand for the corner, main road or park-facing plots is higher which means they may cost you more compared to other plots in the area. For instance, if a residential plot in the area costs around Rs. 70 lacs, then a corner plot will be priced slightly higher than this figure. 

Plot prices in G14 Islamabad may change in the future as the demand is expected to increase further. This increase in demand is linked to conditions in the local real estate market. 

Price Comparison With Other Areas

When compared to other areas like G-13, the prices of plots for sale in G14 Islamabad are slightly lower as a 7 marla residential plot for sale in G 14 usually costs more than Rs. 1 crore. In Sector G-13 Islamabad, the price of a 7 marla residential plot cost more than Rs. 2 crores on average.

In comparison to sector H-13 Islamabad, the prices are slightly higher in G-14 as a 5 marla residential plot usually starts from Rs. 70 lacs. On the other hand, the same 5 marla plot in H-13 Islamabad typically starts from Rs. 55 lacs which is slightly lower than the prices in G-14 

Types of Plots for Sale in G14 Islamabad

This well-planned sector has a range of residential and commercial plots that are available in various sizes. The most common size you may find in the sector is 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal. There are also 4 marla plots that are available at different price points. 

Places Near G-14 Islamabad

Located just a few kilometres away from the Srinagar Highway, this prime sector in Islamabad has several significant places located nearby. To provide more perspective about the location, the following are some of the nearby places to Sector G-14 Islamabad. 


Distance From G-14 Islamabad

Golra Morr Interchange

3.0 km

26 No. Chungi MetroBus station

1.7 km

Sector G-13

3.6 km

Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital

4.6 km

NUST Gate 1

7.5 km


Why Should You Buy a Plot for Sale in G14 Islamabad?

This well-planned sector is located just at the entrance of Islamabad, which makes it one of the few ideally located sectors in Islamabad, as residents get easy access to Rawalpindi and other parts of the city. Aside from the location, the sector has all the basic facilities and amenities that add to the value of the real estate in the Sector. 

Furthermore, this residential area has plots available at reasonable prices when compared to surrounding areas like G-13, which is much more developed than Sector G-14 Islamabad. These prices of plots may increase in the future, but this depends on the development of the sector. 

The area is still developing so prices are expected to increase further. So, if you’re thinking about buying a residential or commercial plot for sale in G14 Islamabad, now is the right time to buy a plot in this CDA-administered sector.

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