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Highlights of the Plot for Sale in Lahore Cantt

  • Many options are available for a plot for sale in Lahore Cantt, starting from Rs. 23 lac and going up to Rs. 52 crore.
  • Generally, the sizes of plots for sale in Lahore Cantt ranges from 3 marla to 4 kanal.
  • Defence, Cavalry Ground, Fortress, and Islamnagar are just a few of the critical areas that are accessible from the location of Lahore Cantt.


Price Trends of Plots for Sale in Lahore Cantt

In Lahore Cantt, a wide selection of plots for sale is available, generally ranging from Rs. 23 lac to Rs. 52 crores. This wide range reflects the city's reputation for having higher property costs than other cities.

The prices of plots are now on the market in Lahore Cantt are high when compared to other parts of the city, and they vary depending on location, size, and condition. It's crucial to remember that Lahore Cantt is a well-established and highly secure neighbourhood. There is a wide range in the plot pricing trends in this area because some plots in Lahore Cantt are close to stores, restaurants, and other entertainment venues while others are a little further away.


Price Comparison with Nearby Areas

Prices of plots in Lahore Cantt are generally higher when compared to nearby localities, such as Hamza Town Lahore, where property prices are lower than in Lahore Cantt. For instance, the price of a 3-marla plot for sale in Lahore Cantt is around Rs.23 lac. On the other hand, 3 marla residential plots for sale in Hamza Town, Lahore, are available at a much lower price point.


Types of Plot for Sale in Lahore Cantt

Lahore Cantt has a vast land area and can be further subdivided into distinct localities, such as DHA, Askari 10-11, Cavalry Ground, and even Allama Iqbal International Airport. They are situated in a highly desirable area with various convenient features. Different kinds of plots are available in the area, including residential plots, commercial plots, plot files and industrial land.


Plot Sizes:

Popular sizes of plots for sale in Lahore Cantt are mentioned below.


Places Near Lahore Cantt:

Lahore Cantt is close to several main areas of the city. Some areas near the society include:





10 km

Cavalry Ground

4.4  km




Why Should You Invest in a Plot in Lahore Cantt?

In Pakistan, an ideal residential site is simply a neighbourhood that is located close to a commercial centre and provides a safe environment for all residents. The fact that Cantt Lahore is a secure location is easily its greatest strength. On the other hand, due to its enviable location and stringent safety measures, a plot in Lahore Cantt can be an excellent option.

The shopping malls, entertainment venues, educational institutions, and medical facilities are all within a few minutes drive of one another. Because each society has its own park and playing ground, you won't have to worry about the safety of your children when they are outside playing in the community. Most of the plots in Cantt Lahore are equipped with standard conveniences, including power, gas and water supply, and an appropriate sewage disposal system.

Divine Gardens, Saddar Askari 10, Eden City, and the DHA Cavalry Ground are all part of the main cantonment area, which is close to Gulberg Cantt. It is also accessible by major roads, including Defence Road, Jinnah Flyover, Sherpao Bridge, Cavalry Ground, Tufail Road, Shami Road, and Sherpao Bridge. Cantt, which is run by the military, has the calm atmosphere and high level of security that one would expect from an army community. Plots for sale in Lahore Cantt range from 3 marlas to 5 kanal of land, and prices vary accordingly.

Residents of Lahore Cantt have convenient access to a wide variety of establishments, including banks, gas stations, clinics, shopping malls, and more, because the area has already been developed and is predominantly inhabited.

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