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Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society or popularly known as BAHADURABAD, is a residential scheme that spreads on the eastern and western side of Shahrah-e-Faisal. It is a neighborhood of Mehmoodabad and one of the 13 councils of Jamshed Town and hence it is legitimately known as BAHADURABAD, PECHSKarachi. 

Initially, this society was formed to provide shelter to middle-income group of people but for now, the properties in this society have gained popularity among the populace of K-Town so prices are pretty high, currently. This popularity could be a resultant of its connectivity to the posh localities of Karachi, counting DHA Defence Karachi and Clifton Karachi. 

Moreover, some of the major commercial arteries such as Shahrah-E-Faisal, Sharah-e-Quaideen, Shaheed-e-Millat Road and Tariq Road are crossing across this society whereas some other popular boulevards such as Khalid Bin Walid Road, Sir Syed Road and Dr. Masood Hussain Road are also passing through this society. 

Similarly, BAHADURABAD is connected with the main commercial route of Shahrah-e-Faisal and many popular trade, offices and businesses of K-Town are flourishing in this part of the city, including the office of On the other hand, two main cantonments such as Karachi Cantonment and Faisal Cantonment are the neighbouring areas of BAHADURABAD where the residents can easily access railway stations for travelling out of the city. 

  • Abundant amenities
  • Features K-Town’s biggest business centre such as Bahria Town      Tower 
  • Home to many educational institutions 
  • Hosts regional office
  • Parsi-Tower of Silence can be traced in Block 6 
  • Tariq Road Graveyard is situated in BAHADURABAD
  • Quality lifestyle
  • Wall of Edhi is pinned in this area
  • Well-lined to      Sharah-e-Faisal Road





Most of the population of BAHADURABAD belongs to a working class group of people so finding a public transport from BAHADURABAD is not a thing to worry about. There’s a bunch of public buses that shuttle through the city and connect this society to many areas of K-Town without putting a hole in the pockets of the passengers. There are four main bus-stops in the vicinity including Nursery Bus Stop near nursery Furniture Market, BAHADURABAD and Laal Kothi Bus Stop. On the far end of this society, you can locate one additional bus stop near the Society Office on Sharah-e-Quaideen Service Road. Adding to that, the populace of BAHADURABAD can catch any of the below-mentioned buses depending on what’s their destination: 

For a convenient option, residents can book online cabs through app-based cab hailing services that offer a variety of vehicles and get picked from their door-steps within few minutes. Adding to that, regular cabs can also be taken from a taxi stand in KDA, just 4.2 kilometres away from BAHADURABAD. Moreover, the populace of BAHADURABAD also tends to hop-on regular rickshaws as they are found here and there easily.


The populace of BAHADURABAD, PECHSis lucky to have many supermarkets and traditional markets nearby. There are plenty of options since residents have easy access to Char Minar Chowrangi (2.0 Kilometres away) via Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway. This vicinity is canopied by many popular hypermarkets of Karachi such as Naheed Supermarket, Zubeida’s (Home Store and Mother Shop) and Chase-Up Supermarket.  Although Zubeida’s Store is the purveyor of household items, furniture, and baby-related items, so the rest of the markets are wall-to-wall with this store. You can visit these marts whether you’re out of milk or you have to run errands. Similarly, you can find anything from the range of eatable and wearable commodities in these stores conveniently as many national and international brands are displaying their products in these multiple-storeyed markets.

Some other popular markets in BAHADURABAD are:

  • Nursery Furniture Market is situated near Nursery Bus Stop. This      market has a bunch of furniture shops selling modern and classic      furniture, electronic shops and interior shops. You can find a number of      other shops, banks, and cafés in this vicinity as well. 
  • E Market is no more than      240-metres away from Laal Kothi Bus Stop. This market serves for household      and construction essentials such as PVC pipes, furniture, wall-paint, and      other products of such sort.  


  • Madina Masjid      is located in BAHADURABAD BLOCK 2 near Dubai Shopping Mall on Tariq Road.      This three-storeyed mosque is situated amidst the busy streets of Tariq      Road but, it remains clean and maintained at all times. You can visit this      masjid for regular prayers as well as for Jummah Prayers. 
  • Ghazi      Muhammad Bin Qasim Masjid and Masjid e Ghousia are 1.2kilometres away from      each other. Residents can reach to any one of them for regular as well as      special prayers, within 6-minutes’ drive by using Captain Fareed Bukhari      Shaheed Road.
  • Imam Bargah      Moosa-e-Kazim and Society Imam Bargah are at the distance of 600 metres      away from each other. You can easily drive via Khalid Bin Walid Road to      reach any of these to fulfil your religious duties. 

Central Baptist Church on Dr Mahmood Hussain Road resides in Block 2 of this area. Christian residents of this society can get to this worship place in approximately 350 metres from Imtiaz Supermarket and offer their religious duties without any hindrance. 


Moreover, Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (IECED) is a college and training centre for aspiring and existing teachers. This institute is situated in BAHADURABAD Block 2 on the first floor of Bank Islami, near Rangers Check-post and Delhi Sweets. Anyone who is looking forward to continue career in teaching, (specifically in early years teaching) can enrol themselves in either of their programs: 

  • Diploma in ECCE is a one-year program offered by this college in      affiliation with Sindh Technical Board. You need a minimum qualification      of 12 years to qualify for this program. 
  • B.Ed can be      applied by those who have a minimum qualification of 14 years and a      certificate in Early Years. On the other hand, 2-years Master program is a      perfect opportunity for anyone who is looking forward to pursue career in      teachers’ training. These two programs are offered in association with      BBSU, Liyari. 

Alternative option includes the branch of Hamdard University, at a walkable distance of 5-minutes from this College of Education. Similarly, there are a number of college in Block 6, including: 

  • Pakistan      Educational Foundation College, NCR-CET College and CMA College of Media      and Arts and are at the distance of 500 metres, 950 metres and 1.2      kilometres from Chanesar Halt, respectively. 


BAHADURABAD features some of the top banks of Karachi and these banks contribute a lot in making day-to-day transactions feasible for the populace of this area. There’s a line of bank on Shahrah-e-Faisal that are easily reachable within 10-15 minutes from any block of the society. 

Beginning from Bank Islami and Habib Bank Limited, these two banks are next to each other near Delhi Sweets. It takes around 9-minutes from the beginning point of the society to reach them. These two banks serve the residents on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM whereas minimal transactions can be carried out by using their ATM facilities functioning 24/7. 


Having easy access to medical and healthcare facilities can benefit the resident in many ways such as getting immediate medical attention in the case of emergency and access to consultancy for routine check-ups and minor other concerns. Conveniently, these preventive facilities also have significant value when it comes to the real estate market. Amenities of such category become a great attraction in buyer’s market. 

Similarly, BAHADURABAD is an ideal location when it comes to medical facilities because there are a number of hospitals and clinics in and near the society. Located in BAHADURABAD extension, Block 6, “BAHADURABAD Trauma Hospital” is taking care of all the healthcare needs of its populace. No matter wherever you’re residing in BAHADURABAD, it takes no more than 15-minutes to get to the experts of this hospital in case of any emergency. Besides that, you will also find out patient department and several clinics in this hospital.  This hospital specializes in the below-mentioned area:



Besides finding a property for residence, BAHADURABAD is an ideal place for securing investment as well. Given is the detail of sale price trends in BAHADURABAD, PECHSKarachi for you to have some necessary information at hand before you seal the deal. 

If it’s your first time buying a house, you should avoid common mistakes the first time home-buyers usually make such as not knowing their approximate budget and not choosing a property dealer/real estate agent. BAHADURABAD Society hosts a number of houses for sale with a variant price range, area size, and infrastructure. Beginning from 240 Square Yards houses, for that, you need a minimum budget of PKR 3.75 crores to a maximum of PKR 9 crores. On the other hand, smaller option for 120 Square Yards house can begin from PKR 1.7 crores to PKR 5 crores. Comparatively, acquiring a residence in upper portions in BAHADURABAD can cost between PKR 40 lakh to PKR 4.5 crores, depending on total rooms and area size. 

You can find a variety of deals in apartments for sale in BAHADURABAD. For instance, buying 4-bedroom apartments with 4 baths require an estimated budget of PKR 90 lakh to PKR 4.5 crores. Comparatively, 3-bed apartments with 3-4 baths can cost as low as PKR 1.4 crores to PKR 3.5 crores. A smaller size option can include 2-bedroom apartments and these can be easily purchased within a minimum budget of PKR 50 Lakh and maximum of PKR 2 crores. 

There’s a variety of plots of sale in BAHADURABAD but the prices of these plots are pretty high. For example, plots of 240 Square Yards can be bought in the price range beginning from PKR 3.25 crores and ranging up to PKR 18 crores, depending on whether the plot is registered as commercial or residential site. 

Rent price in PECHSmay fluctuate due to a number of details such as total rooms, nearby amenities, location of the property and accessibility routes. Likewise, schools, public transport, hospitals and other facilities also play an important role in setting a framework for the rent prices. If you’re a looking for a property in BAHADURABAD then you should avoid common mistakes that tenants make before moving out such as looking into afore-mentioned details. 

Currently, rental houses in BAHADURABAD can be found Block 2, Block 3 and Block 6. For an idea, price for 240 Square Yards rental houses can be in the frame of PKR 50 Thousand to PKR 2.5 Lakh depending on the quantity of rooms. Relatively, tenants need a budget of around PKR 1.5 Lakh to PKR 6 lakh to find rental houses of 500 Square Yards in BAHADURABAD. 


It is a well-known fact that BAHADURABAD features the main commercial road of Karachi that is Shahrah-e-Faisal. You will find a number of options in commercial properties for sale in BAHADURABAD. Most of these properties are in the shape of already built offices or show rooms so once you buy it, you can use it for business or you can also list it on rent and take benefit from  monthly income, as there are several options in commercial properties for rent in BAHADURABAD. 

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