5 Best BBQ Restaurants in Karachi

5 bbq restaurants in Karachi

When it comes to satisfying even the most random cravings, the multicultural cuisine of Karachi never disappoints. The city is home to a number of upscale restaurants, themed cafes, and local spots serving a variety of street food items.

While Karachi is not known for just one item, one dish usually tops the list of must-have food in the city: its succulent, mouthwatering BBQ. There are several restaurants that serve a variety of BBQ dishes, each of them packed with flavour.

Graana.com has narrowed down and compiled a list of the top 5 BBQ restaurants in Karachi that you must try.


Top 5 BBQ Restaurants in Karachi

The top-rated BBQ restaurants in Karachi, which have been consistently satisfying in terms of their menu, quality and service, are as follows:

  • Kolachi
  • Kababjees
  • Bar B.Q. Tonight
  • Zameer Ansari Kabab House 
  • Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House




A view from Kolachi of the sea and people dining in the restaurant


Kolachi offers authentic barbecue with balanced flavours and tender meat. In addition, if you’ve ever been to its branch in Do Darya, you would agree that the stunning views of the Arabian Sea provide a great backdrop to a delicious dinner here.

You would need to reserve a spot well in advance because the place tends to fill up quickly. Even on weekdays, it can be difficult to find a table at Kolachi after 7 pm.

Some Must-Try Dishes at Kolachi: Chapli Kabab, Beef Gola Kabab, Malai Tikka and Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Location: Creak Side, Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue, D.H.A. Phase 8




Do Darya Branch of Kababjees and the sea


Kababjees is one of Karachi’s busiest and most well-known BBQ restaurants. It has outlets in three central areas of Karachi: Do Darya, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, and North Nazimabad. Each place has a unique setting that complements the cuisine they serve. 

Some Must-Try Dishes at Kababjees: Beef Seekh Kabab, Malai Boti, Mutton Rango Kabab, Beef Bihari Boti, Mutton Chops

Address and Timings:

Branch Address Timings
Shaheed-e-Millat  Aqeela Arcade, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi Memon Society 6 pm till midnight
North Nazimabad  Aqeela Arcade, Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi Memon Society 6 pm till midnight
Do Darya  Creek Side, Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue, D.H.A. Phase 8 7 pm till 1 am

Bar B.Q. Tonight


dining tables and chairs at bar bq restaurant in Karachi


For more than 20 years, the restaurant has delighted barbecue lovers in Karachi. The restaurant also offers a range of different cuisines in addition to its smoky BBQ. It has also been opened in Lahore recently due to its popularity. Additionally, Bar B.Q. Tonight has expanded internationally, with branches in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Some Must-Try Dishes at Bar B.Q. Tonight: Chapli Kabab, Afghani Tikka, Mutton Bihari Kabab, Royal Kabuli Pulao, Lamb Chops

Address: 5/1, Block-5, Boating Basin, Clifton


Zameer Ansari Kabab House

Zameer Ansari Kabab Centre, one of the top barbecue restaurants in Karachi, prides itself on serving traditional food with real flavours. Furthermore, it offers excellent customer service and an ambient atmosphere.

Another branch has recently been launched in North Nazimabad as a result of its rising popularity.

Some Must-Try Dishes at Zameer Ansari Kabab Centre: Mutton Dhaga Kabab, Nauratan Fry Kabab, Chicken Green Kabab, Red Bihari Tikka, Chandan Kabab

Address and Timings:

Branch Address Timings
Delhi Mercantile Society Branch Alamgir Road, Bahadur Yar Jang CHS 7 pm till midnight
North Nazimabad Branch Sher Shah Suri Service Road, North Nazimabad 6 pm till midnight

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

You must visit Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House if you want an extra kick of spices. With locations in Port Grand and Delhi Mercantile Society, it delivers a mouthwatering concoction of spices and flavours that will bring you back for more.

Compared to the Delhi Mercantile Society Branch, the Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House outlet in Port Grand is newer, has a more luxurious interior, and offers scenic views of Chimma Creek.

Some Must-Try Dishes at Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House: Chicken Turkish Kebabs, Gola Kebabs, Chicken Malai Boti, Fry Beef Dhagga Kebabs 


Address and Timings:

Branch Address Timings
Port Grand Branch MT Khan Road, Opposite PNSC Building, Port Grand, Karachi 12 pm till 3.30 pm; 5 pm till 11.45 pm
North Nazimabad Branch Riaz Masjid, Delhi Saudagar Road No. 4, Delhi Mercantile Society, PECHS 6 pm till midnight

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