5 hanging tricks to create Eclectic Walls

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought all everyday activities to a halt, as people are confined at homes.

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Every passing day, we grow restless.

So much to do. So much to say. But how?

It is said that a house is a representation of who you are and what you love in your space.

Decorated homes, but empty walls.. screaming a deafening silence…

So, why not make some noise to show what you are all about?

What you want on your walls may not be a question. However, how you want it to go on your walls is the real question.

Graana.com brings you a wall hanging tricks to help you create Eclectic Walls.


Imperfect grids

An imperfect grid is an unorganized manner of pieces of wall hangings clustered together.

This look can be achieved thematically with colour or mix ‘n’ match of different colours and pieces.

It helps you play with a variety of dimensions on various levels.

This look works best over a well behind the bed, a sofa, or a dresser. You can also play out this wall hanging style on a completely empty wall like in a dining room. Or, behind a console, where you can add books, candles, and/or plants as well.


Chaotic order

Love spinning out of control? Then this style is perfect for you.

Create a mixed medium using different textures like different sized art pieces or wall hangings, ceramics, planters, lanterns, wooden boxes, a small shelf or any non-traditional pieces put together.

This trick gives you an open playground to experiment, as easily as it may backfire, it also has the potential to strike the right note.

For this look, we suggest a completely empty gallery wall. If you’re looking for a bolder and loud look, you can always paint the wall with suitable colours, add a couple of chairs, a small table.


Floor-to-ceiling eclectic arrangement

This look is best suited for the deadest corner on the house.

To make the loudest noise, go for a bold floor-to-ceiling eclectic arrangement.

This quirky approach can also be encapsulated on an empty wall in your bedroom, to scream and surround yourself with what actually defines you. You can use pictures as a stroll down the memory lane, records and covers, mirrors, wall hangings, or absolutely anything. 

Set up a small sitting area to create a caddy corner, with floor cushions, a rug, a small bookshelf, wooden or steel lanterns, or floor candles for a rustic look.


Perfectly alignment

If you love order and fulfilling plans in life, this one is you.

You can set the theme according to your likes, be it entirely black and white, or coloured. Or the focus can be a theme or look.

The Asymmetric arrangement surely keeps the OCD in check.


Something to lean on

 This is the easiest method to bring about a decorative change in your homes.

Without any hard labour produces stunning results.

All you’ve got to do is find the perfect spot, install the desired number of wooden planks and you’re good to go.

You may add you picture frames, books, planters or any favourite item that you wish.


All set? Well, get working on it.

You may not get it right the first, but that’s okay. Mistakes happen and can easily be fixed. Explore the internet for some inspirations.

Take your time.

Once done, step back. Look at the wall as a whole and make adjustments as you see fit.

No doubt, keeping a house cool in extreme heat is a tedious task. But, do not worry because there are a couple of ways you can adopt to kick off unnecessary heat from your house.

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