7 Most Useful Government Applications in Pakistan

7 Most Useful Government Applications in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has implemented various digital initiatives in recent years to improve the delivery of public services to its citizens. These include the development of government apps that provide a range of services, such as access to government documents, payment of bills, and the ability to track the status of government services. 

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Graana.com has prepared a detailed list of the top 7 government apps in Pakistan below that are facilitating citizens in their daily lives.


Top 7 Government Apps for Pakistani Citizens

Here is a list of the government applications that you should have access to if you are living in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Citizen’s Portal
  • Mobile Registration Checker
  • Device Verification System
  • Govt. Jobs Pakistan 2019
  • Pharmapedia Pakistan




Benefits of NADRA mobile application


The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) mobile application has been developed to provide a range of services to citizens, related to identity verification and documents.

Some of the services offered by the NADRA mobile application include:

  1. National Identity Card (NIC) verification: Users can track their NADRA CNIC record digitally through the app.
  2. CNIC issuance: Users can apply for a new CNIC.
  3. Passport application: Users can apply for a new passport or renew their existing passport.
  4. Birth certificate issuance: Users can apply for a birth certificate.
  5. Death certificate issuance: Users can apply for a death certificate.

It provides a convenient and efficient way for Pakistani citizens to access several important documents and services related to identity verification.


Pakistan Citizen’s Portal


user interface of Pakistan Citizen Portal


Pakistan Citizen’s Portal is a one-stop platform for citizens to access a range of public services and information.

In a concise amount of time, the app has experienced enormous growth in popularity. The fact that this mobile portal came in second place among the top three “best government mobile applications” out of more than 4,600 entries at the World Government Summit 2019 in Dubai is a testament to this.

Essentially, this application is a useful platform via which you may submit your inquiries and grievances to inform the relevant provincial and federal officials about the issue you are currently experiencing.

The portal is divided into various sections, each of which is devoted to a particular government agency, including Municipal Services, Education, Law and Order, Energy and Power, Healthcare, Human Rights, and Revenue.

Both foreigners and overseas Pakistanis can utilise this mobile application. As the app notifies the user on a frequent basis of the complaint’s status, the entire procedure of resolving this issue is totally transparent.

Furthermore, the decision of including personal information in the complaint is left to the filer. The program can be downloaded without charge and was created by the Performance Management Unit of the KP administration.


Some of the services offered by the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal include:

  1. Complaint management: Users can register complaints and track the status of their complaints through the app.
  2. Service delivery: Users can access a range of government services such as payment of utility bills, issuance of documents, and tracking of government services.
  3. Information dissemination: The app provides information on various government schemes and initiatives.
  4. Public feedback: Users can provide feedback on the performance of government departments and suggest improvements.


Mobile Registration Checker

The verification of your vehicle’s registration used to be a time-consuming and taxing process that required you to visit the offices of the relevant authorities.

Now, with the launch of the government application Motor Registration Checker, you can now easily verify car details, transfer history, and ownership records directly from your smartphone device. 

This program displays information once you enter the vehicle registration number, including the engine and chassis numbers, price, colour, date of registration, year of manufacture, and token information.

These car specifics were obtained from the excise departments of the governments of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad’s Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS).

You can easily download Motor Registration Checker from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.


Device Verification System (DVS) – DIRBS Pakistan

The government of Pakistan recently announced stricter guidelines and regulations for the import of smartphones into Pakistan. All mobile phones must now be verified through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

You can check the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your smartphone with the aid of the Device Verification System (DVS), the app which you can download on your phone.

You can always file a request for your device’s authentication and the payment of imposed taxes and obligations if it is not a PTA complaint. It also has a separate dashboard where you can monitor the progress of your application, which you can download for free from the PTA website.


Govt. Jobs Pakistan 2019

Govt. Jobs Pakistan 2019 allows users to find the latest employment opportunities on one convenient platform. This application’s interface has a simple and easy-to-use design.

Since this program has an advanced search option that enables users to find openings of a specified job title, you no longer need to skim through newspapers and other online job portals to check any job vacancies in government organisations. Even though it is updated every day, the app also displays job openings from recent months.



The Public Sector Companies Management System (PASCO) provides information on the performance and financial management of state-owned enterprises in the country.

Some of the features of the PASCO app include:

  1. Performance monitoring: The app provides information on the performance of different state-owned enterprises in terms of financial indicators such as revenue, profits, and expenditure.
  2. Financial management: Users can view financial statements and other related information about state-owned enterprises through the app.
  3. Company information: The app provides information on the products and services offered by different state-owned enterprises.

Overall, the PASCO app is a useful tool as it helps citizens make informed decisions about the performance and financial health of these enterprises.


Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia Pakistan is one of the top government-run applications in Pakistan for healthcare. Users are given free access to information about the availability of popular prescription drugs and the companies making them.

The user-friendly interface of this application, together with the offline medical lexicon and directory, appeals to all users.

Pharmapedia Pakistan functions as a kind of medical encyclopedia, offering comprehensive information about medications, including their summary, dosage, adverse effects, and chemical makeup.

Additionally, you can find a list of tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, etc. available in your region, along with their market retail prices.

Users of Pharmapedia Pakistan can also verify and compare the same types of medications that are offered by two or more pharmaceutical brands. 


Some of the features of the Pharmapedia Pakistan app include:

  1. Medicine search: Users can search for a specific medicine or browse a list of available medicines.
  2. Price comparison: The app allows users to compare the prices of different medicines at different pharmacies.
  3. Medicine information: Users can view information on the composition, dosage, and side effects of different medicines.
  4. Medicine availability: The app provides information on the availability of medicines at different pharmacies.

Pharmapedia Pakistan helps Pakistani citizens access affordable medicines, plus it promotes transparency in the pharmaceutical industry by providing information on the availability and prices of different medicines.



The Pakistani government has developed many useful apps that give Pakistani citizens access to a range of services. 

Each of the apps mentioned above improves the delivery of public services by providing a convenient way for citizens to access information and provide feedback.

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