A Complete List of Islamabad Postal Codes

A Complete List of Islamabad Postal Codes

Like any other metropolitan area, Islamabad has a well-organised postal code system that helps facilitate the efficient delivery of mail and packages.

In this article, Graana.com provides the complete list of Islamabad’s postal codes and how they are structured to locate specific addresses within the city.


List of Islamabad’s Postal Codes 2023

The following is a list of Islamabad’s postal codes:


Area Postal Code
Ali Pur Frash45600
Bhara Kahu45400
Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar44040
Allama Iqbal Open University 44310
Islamabad B-Block Pak Secretariat 44020
Islamabad Cabinet Block 44030
Islamabad E-9 (Air HQ)44230
F-7 Markaz  44210
F-8 Markaz 44220
Islamabad Federal Board 44320
Islamabad GPO44000
G-10 Markaz 44100
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office44050
G-8 Markaz44080
G-9 Markaz44090
Islamabad Hajj Complex45210
I-10 Markaz44800
Islamabad National Health Laboratories45500
Islamabad Prime Minister Secretariat44010
Quaid-e-Azam University45320
Lohi Bher45710
Mara Jaffar45250
Model Town Humak 45700
Noorpur Shahan45300
Pakistan Town (Korang Town)45720
Rawal Town45510
Shah Allah Ditta45220
Tarlai Kalan45550


Importance of Accurate Postal Codes


Post Office in Islamabad


Having accurate postal codes is essential for the following reasons.


Timely and Correct Delivery

Accurate postal codes help ensure that mail and packages reach the intended recipients without delay or confusion. When you provide the correct postal code, it allows the postal service to sort and route your mail accurately.

Postal workers rely on these codes to identify the correct delivery address, saving time and minimising the chances of misdelivery. This is especially important for time-sensitive items, such as important documents, perishable goods, or urgent packages.


Streamlined Logistics

Accurate postal codes are essential for businesses that rely on efficient logistics operations. By incorporating postal codes into their systems, businesses can streamline their processes, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction. 

For instance, e-commerce companies can use postal codes to automatically validate customer addresses during the checkout process. This validation helps eliminate potential delivery issues, such as incorrect addresses or missing postal codes, which can lead to failed deliveries or returns.



Having a clear understanding of Islamabad postal codes is crucial for ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of your mail. This article can easily help find the correct postal codes for different sectors and areas within Islamabad to avoid any delays in deliveries. 


FAQs about Islamabad Postal Codes


Q: Are postal codes the same as area codes?

A: No, postal codes and area codes are different. Postal codes are used for mail sorting and delivery, whereas area codes are used for telephone numbering.


Q: Are Islamabad postal codes the same as Rawalpindi postal codes?

A: No, Islamabad and Rawalpindi have separate postal code systems. It is essential to use the correct postal code for the respective city.


Q: What happens if you provide the wrong postal code?

A: Providing an incorrect postal code may lead to delivery delays or even misplacement of your mail. It’s essential to double-check and verify the accuracy of the postal code to ensure smooth delivery.

For information about other cities’ postal codes, visit Graana blog.

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