A Guide to NADRA e-Sahulat in Pakistan

An online e-commerce platform called NADRA e-Sahulat was first introduced by NADRA

Sending money was a hassle in the past. But, thanks to Nadra e-sahulat, the transaction system has been improved by leaps and bounds.

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Nadra e-Sahulat was a service that brought a significant shift in Pakistan’s traditional business methods. After it went live in 2005, it quickly became a leader in the e-commerce industry by paving the way for other online payment providers.

The introduction of self-service kiosks as a means of conducting business gave rise to innovative solutions to formerly intractable monetary issues. It is a subdivision of NADRA, which stands for the National Database and Registration Authority.


Overview of NADRA e-Sahulat


An online e-commerce platform called NADRA e-Sahulat was first introduced by NADRA


  • An online e-commerce platform called NADRA e-Sahulat was first introduced by NADRA in 2008.
  • After extensive verification, clients can pay their utility bills and conduct other electronic activities.
  • This platform boasts more than 12000 franchisees around the nation.
  • People are now able to send and receive money through NADRA E-Sahulat as a result of its incorporation into the services.
  • In addition to that, they can handle biometric verification for the registration of vehicles.
  • Not only that, this platform provides a wide variety of services to remove obstacles from the payment procedures.
  • In addition, NADRA e-Sahulat provides a capability for the general public as well as organizations to make online payments and collect payments through a variety of different channels.
  • The retail locations across Pakistan are linked to NADRA’s data warehouse through a private internet connection, and the organization’s Franchise Network ensures that these locations are accessible to the general public.
  • The only need for using NADRA e-Sahulat to send money within Pakistan is the presentation of an original and current CNIC and a photocopy of the document.
  • To complete a money transfer, the sender is required to submit the CNIC number of the recipient.


The Goal of e-Sahulat

Nadra has developed its E-Commerce channel to facilitate the general public and governments via various channels. These channels have been established at community houses through its Authorization System, and they are linked to NADRA’s Nationwide Statistics Granary over protected internet networks. Both of these features were made possible by NADRA.

The NADRA e-Sahulat threshold was intended to expand the availability of services to all residents, primarily focusing on those living in underserved areas. Currently, the thee-Sahulat system asserts more than 12,000 different kinds of dynamic authorizations.

The e-Sahulat display place also offers the citizens the opportunity to participate in the NADRA e-salat CNIC verification, which enables the general public to validate the particulars of a person before engaging in various financial transactions or formalizing any commercial arrangements.

This service seeks to ensure a risk-free and secure possession transmission, purchase of the car, occupational as well as auction communications, and wage earner work, amongst other things, among various persons.


Products offered by NADRA e-Sahulat


nadra esahulat is one of the best services in pakistan.


  • The Payment of Utility Bills
  • Domestic Remittances (JazzCash & HBL Express)
  • Zakat on property and Pension Disbursement
  • The Collection of Installments for Microfinance Loans
  • The Collection of Student Fees (Virtual University of Pakistan)
  • Collection of Donations Collection of Fees for Pak-ID and CNIC
  • e-PIN vouchers for mobile airtime that are issued by All Telco’s Citizen CNIC Verification Service


How to Pay Your Bills Through e-Sahulat?

The online service brings together on a single platform virtually all of Pakistan’s telecom carriers and providers of utility services. Customers can pay their utility bills quickly and easily with the help of NADRA e-Sahulat.

To pay your bills, follow these steps:

  • Bring the electricity bill to be paid and the overdue amount to the E-Sahulat franchise closest to you.
  • To access your bill information, you must provide the Consumer ID and the Bill reference number to the E-Sahulat franchise.
  • Confirm all of the bill information that was collected by checking it.
  • Now, pay the due amount, and once the transaction has been handled correctly, the customer will receive the receipt indicating that the money was received successfully.
  • People in Pakistan may use NADRA e-Sahulat to send and receive money to their relatives and friends anywhere in the country. To successfully execute the transaction, both the sender and the receiver are required to possess a valid and genuine CNIC.


Detailed Instructions on How to Send Money through e-sahulat

To transfer money via NADRA e-Sahulat, follow the procedures outlined below to finish the transaction successfully:

  • You need to present a valid and original CNIC and a photocopy.
  • Please provide the CNIC number of the recipient.
  • Mobile Numbers – Both Your Own and the One Belonging to the Recipient
  • A confirmation message will be delivered to the sender when the money has been transferred.
  • Instructions on How to Collect Your Money
  • You must supply the following information to complete the transaction to receive money from an individual.
  • The original and legitimate CNIC, as well as a photocopy of it
  • A transaction identification number that is comprised of five digits that is provided to you by the sender


How to get an e-Sahulat franchise?

In addition, NADRA is currently providing Pakistani business owners the opportunity to purchase online platform franchises. An e-Sahulat services franchise may be easily obtained by any entrepreneur or small company owner interested in doing so.

To apply for a NADRA e-Sahulat Franchise, please follow the processes outlined below:

  • The franchise application form is available for users to download or get from any of NADRA’s regional offices.
  • Users can also submit their applications for it online.
  • You must deposit Rs.600/- in any branch of Habib Bank in the country, whether you submit your application online or offline.
  • Applicants must submit the application form to any NADRA regional office after introducing the registration money in HBL.
  • After that, all that’s left to do to finish the registration procedure is to click the “Submit Request” button.


Eligibility Criteria

Checking out the eligibility requirements and conditions for beginning a franchise business should come first on your to-do list before applying for a NADRA e-Sahulat franchise.

The Criteria for Eligibility are

  • Male/Female resident of Pakistan.
  • CNIC Holder
  • Matriculation with a Working Knowledge of Computers
  • Should have an interest or talent in the business.
  • Small entrepreneur
  • There is neither a default on the bank nor a criminal record.


Prerequisites for Franchises

  • You are required to have a storefront or other commercial establishment.
  • The commercial space should adhere to all of NADRA’s requirements about standards and aesthetics.
  • It needs to be situated in a neighborhood of around 2500 households.
  • The owners of franchises should have the ability to sell their products and conduct business.
  • Following submitting the application form, NADRA will choose candidates for further consideration. Following that, the E-Sahulat team will conduct a site study and assess the commercial possibilities of the area.
  • After a brief interview with the prospective franchise owner, the team decides which candidate will receive the license and then awards it to that individual. The crew will install the system and provide the owner with training on making it work for them.


How Should One Pay Off the Bills That Came From Nadra eSahulat?

E Sahulat Nadra is getting ready to distribute function flyers, so there will be plenty of extra time saved. Customers of the electronic circulation businesses that fall under WAPDA, Karachi Electronic, Sui Gas Corporations, Telecommunication Operatives, as well as Liquid in addition to Cleanliness Panels, can at this time recompense their charges by going to their neighborhood e-Sahulat authorization at any time of the day or during the week.


How Should Cash Be Transmitted Using the Nadra e-Sahulat System?

NADRA e-Sahulat has entered into a contract with HBL and JazzCash, which enables customers to send and receive cash inside Pakistan for a local transfer of money in a manner that is secure, acceptable, and well-organized. This service is available to customers in Pakistan. One can use the NADRA e-Sahulat Branchless Banking System To Transport Cash.

The following instructions are provided for your reference:

  • Step one is to present the original and a copy of the Electronic National Identity Card (CNIC) when you go to the e-Sahulat authorization located just next door. CNICs that have expired cannot be utilized to move funds inside the country.
  • The second step is to take responsibility for the legalized NADRA CNIC integer of the receiver.
  • Step 3 is to Give out the people’s mobile phone numbers, as well as the receiver’s mobile phone numbers.
  • Once the cash has been set, the dispatcher and the taker will get confirmation SMS communications covering the business deal identity card.
  • In the last step, once the cash has been set, both the dispatcher and the taker will receive the cash.


How Can One Take Delivery Of Cash Using The Help Of Shaulat?

There are no bank branches for this process. Proceed to the initial e-Sahulat authorization using the original and the copy of your identity card to complete the process. Prepare for the Business deal ID and the code number of five digits that the dispatcher will use to link the transactions.


How Can One Make a Donation Using the Nadra e-Sahulat System?

In addition, NADRA e-Sahulat proposes a facility for collecting contributions, which assures that the money will be distributed among various administrations through a security station.

The following is a list of some of the larger organizations that accept donations through the NADRA e-Sahulat platform:

The procedures for transferring money are outlined below.

  • Step one is to locate an e-Sahulat authorization in Pakistan and then ask that organization to forward a gift to one of the organizations that were previously enumerated.
  • The second step is to make the purchase and then to request and acknowledge a receipt to be eligible for reimbursement.


How to Pay Your Fees Using the Nadra e-Sahulat System

The NADRA e-sahulat is a system that students can use to pay their tuition and fees. The step-by-step instructions on how to make the payment are included below.

  • Students in Pakistan should carry the payment ticket when they visit one of the NADRA e sahulat franchisees.
  • Students are to provide the coupon digit to retrieve the statistics.
  • When the student has finished confirming the payment totals, they are required to hand over the expense report to the employee who is currently working at the franchise.
  • After the fee has been successfully collected and reimbursed, the students will get a reimbursement acknowledgment to finalize the contract.

In addition, individuals who have applied for a modern CNIC or a NICOP through the NADRA’s operational Pakistan Individuality scheme have the option of using the e-Sahulat system to pay the fee for their identification card after it has been issued to them. This is the case even if the individual has already received the card.

E-Sahulat authorizations in Pakistan are strengthened to gather the subscription via biometrics and Hunt down the ID of the resident who has applied for the modern identity card. This is done in addition to the fact that E-Sahulat authorizations in Pakistan are strengthened. Individuals may also contact the NADRA e sahulat by dialing the organization’s hotline.


Complaint Management System of Nadra E. Sahulat

The e-Sahulat display place also offers the citizens the opportunity to participate in the NADRA e-sahulat CNIC verification, which enables the general public to validate the particulars of an additional resident’s CNIC before engaging in various financial transactions or formalizing any commercial arrangements.

It ensures a risk-free and secure possession transmission, purchase of a car, occupational and auction communications, and wage earner work, amongst other things, among various persons.

NADRA e Sahulat is making a reality of something that was only a dream a few decades ago. It involves the saving of lives and careers through the provision of a cutting-edge service that has the potential to address a wide range of issues in Pakistan.

People can pay their bills and fees quickly and without worrying about being late as a result of the wide variety of facilities that are available to them. In this blog, we aim to address all your questions and concerns.

This was all about NADRA e-sahulat. Visit Graana blog to explore more similar topics.


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