A massive turnout of cycling enthusiasts observed at Karachi’s first Cycling Sunday event by Graana.com

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KARACHI: After creating a successful mark in Islamabad, Graana.com hosted the first-ever ‘Cycling Sunday’ event in Karachi.  

The inaugural recreational event hosted by Graana.com attracted a massive crowd of cycling enthusiasts along with their families, providing a break from the routine of an urban-oriented lifestyle, as they enjoyed the option of leisure cycling. 

The initiative was appraised by participants and expressed their desire of holding such events in the future, as they spent quality time with their families and friends. The event was concluded by handing out participation certificates in the first event of ‘cycling Sunday’ in the provincial capital. 

The rationale behind the organisation of such events by Graana.com is to promote the concept of urban mobility in the city, highlighting the importance of physical activity, and to lessen the reliance on automobiles for travelling to short distances. 


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