All You Need to Know About Karachi Golf Club

Karachi golf club

Located in the centre of Karachi, the Karachi Golf Club is an emblem of tradition, elegance, and sporting excellence. Established in 1888, it boasts a rich history that mirrors the growth and evolution of this vibrant metropolis. This prestigious club, with its lush green fairways and manicured landscapes, provides a sanctuary for golf enthusiasts seeking both recreation and camaraderie.

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Over the decades, the Karachi Golf Club has become a symbol of community and social interaction, attracting golfers of varying skill levels and backgrounds. With its splendid course and timeless charm, the club continues to be a distinguished venue where the spirit of the game is celebrated amidst the dynamic energy of Pakistan’s largest city. has prepared a detailed guide on Karachi Golf club.

History of Karachi Golf Club


karachi golf club

In the following paragraphs, you will find the history of Karachi Golf Club in chronological order:


Establishment and Relocation (1888-1959)

Karachi Golf Club traces its origins back to 1888 when it began as an affiliate of Sindh Club. Initially registered as an independent club in 1891, it followed the model of the Bombay Golf Club. The club’s first clubhouse, a modest wooden structure, was situated on E.I. Lines near the present Cantonment Railway Station.

However, during the post-partition era, the influx of refugees and government directives to establish essential facilities in the area necessitated the relocation of the golf course.

Consequently, in 1953, the club leased an alternative land measuring 440 acres near Karsaz from the Ministry of Defence. Under the patronage of Field Marshal M. Ayub Khan, the new 18-hole sandy course spanning 6322 yards was inaugurated in 1959.


Expansion and Development (1985-2005)

In 1985-86, significant efforts were made to green the course, culminating in the inauguration of nine turfed holes by President General M. Zia-Ul-Haq in 1988. Subsequent years witnessed the appointment of renowned golf course architect Peter Heradine to design an 18-hole championship course, which was completed in 1992.

Further expansion occurred in 1993, with the commissioning of an additional nine holes, resulting in the establishment of the blue, yellow, and red courses. These courses, now covering 205 acres, boast official SSS ratings ranging from 72 to 74.


Leadership and Tournaments

The club has seen a succession of notable figures in its leadership, from its first president, British civil servant Mr. H.E.M. James (1894), to its last British president, Mr. M.J. Condon (1957-59).

Presently, the Chief of the Naval Staff serves as the Patron-in-Chief, with the serving Commander Karachi assuming the role of President, and an annually elected Vice President.

The Karachi Golf Club has been the venue for prestigious tournaments, including the Pritchard Cup in 1888, marking its formal opening. Over the years, it has hosted the Pakistan Masters Golf Championship and regularly holds the Pakistan Open Golf Championships and sponsors tournaments.


Facilities and Services

Golf Academy

The club offers a range of facilities, including a Golf Academy, Driving Range, International Standard Pro Shop, Gymnasium, Gents Cloak Room, Lady’s Lounge, and Bag Locker facilities.

It also features air-conditioned lounges and open-air refreshment areas. Golf equipment, carts, and caddie services are available for hire or purchase, and professional coaching is provided by club instructors. Additionally, a Par-3, nine-hole course is available for short game practice.


Operating Hours

The Karachi Golf Club is open on all days, including public holidays, providing members and visitors with access to its facilities and courses throughout the year.


Permanent Members

Upon completing five years of continuous membership, the Committee may invite individuals to become permanent members, provided they meet specific criteria. Invited individuals must pay an additional 5% of the entrance fee of temporary members at the time of invitation.

Additionally, they must pay a monthly subscription according to the club’s rules. Eligibility for permanent membership is determined based on the member’s demonstrated use of club services and facilities, contributions to the club’s betterment of the game of golf, and possession of a valid Golfing Handicap.


Lady Members

Female candidates can become temporary members upon payment of 50% of the entrance fees and monthly subscription fees prescribed by the club.

However, if their husbands wish to utilise the club’s sports facilities, they need to apply for temporary membership separately. A lady member’s election is posted on the club’s notice board.


Temporary Members

Temporary members enjoy privileges similar to permanent members but have limitations on proposing candidates, voting in meetings, or serving on committees. They pay an entrance fee of Rs. 2 million and a monthly subscription as per club rules.


Honorary Members

In exceptional cases, individuals of international repute may be elected as honorary members without payment of entrance or monthly subscription fees. Their election follows the same procedure as temporary members.


Patron Members

The club reserves the right to invite selected public figures as ex-officio members without requiring them to pay entrance or subscription fees, and the club will post their acceptance on the notice board.


Household Members

Children of members up to the age of 30 may use club facilities as household members. Monthly subscription fees vary based on age and membership category.


Corporate Members

Reputable companies can apply for corporate membership, with their directors or officers becoming corporate members upon payment of a specified fee. 


Armed Forces Member

Serving armed forces members are eligible for temporary membership without entrance fees, paying only monthly subscriptions. After retirement, they may become special temporary members, with the option to apply for permanent membership later.


Life Members

Certain distinguished individuals receive designation as life members, exempting them from entrance and monthly subscription fees while they enjoy the privileges of permanent members.


Veteran and Senior Veteran Members

Members over a certain age and with a specific membership tenure qualify for reduced subscription rates.



Accredited career diplomats can join the club for a specified period upon payment of a joining fee, with monthly subscriptions as per club rules.


Security and Identification

All members receive identity cards for security and identification purposes.


Visitors and Guests

Affiliated club members, guests introduced by members, and diplomats have access to club facilities subject to specified fees and regulations.


Absent Members

Members residing abroad for an extended period can opt for absentee status, paying a nominal fee per year. Immigrating members may compound their monthly subscriptions for life upon fulfilling specific conditions.


Membership Procedure

To apply for membership at Karachi Golf Club, individuals must adhere to the following procedure:

  • The Permanent Member who is collecting the membership form acts as the proposer for the candidate.
  • Along with the application form, the following documents are required; three recent passport-sized photographs (4 x 4 cm), a copy of the candidate’s CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card), for regular individual membership, the proposer and seconder must both be permanent members of Karachi Golf Club.
  • The scrutiny and balloting process is subject to vacancy. 
  • The Scrutiny Sub-Committee will grant permission to use club facilities without paying the green fee after clearing the scrutiny process. Candidates may have to appear before the Scrutiny Sub-Committee.
  • The Balloting Committee will invite candidates for an introduction during the balloting meeting when scheduled. Candidates must dress in a Lounge Suit for this meeting.
  • The Balloting Committee will grant membership and allot a membership number after balloting, subject to a minimum of twelve “YES” votes for membership, as per Karachi Golf Club Rule 2.
  • The decision of the club management regarding membership applications is final.


Membership TypeEntry Fee
Regular IndividualRs. 2,000,000
CorporateRs. 2,500,000
Forces Temporary (Refundable)Rs. 5,000
Retired ForcesRs. 50,000



Contact Details
AddressKarachi Golf Club, PNS Karsaz Habib Ibrahim Rahimtulla Road. Road P. O. Box No: 2003, Karachi-75350
Phone99240200, 99240201
Fax(021) 99240251
LocationKarachi Golf Club is located at 15 minutes’ drive from Karachi Airport and 25 minutes’ drive from Sheraton Towers, Pearl Continental, Marriott Hotels.

In conclusion, Karachi Golf Club stands as a prestigious institution deeply rooted in the rich history and vibrant culture of Pakistan. For more information on Chinar Golf Club, visit 

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