All you need to know about Lyari Town

All you need to know about Lyari Town

Lyari, situated in Karachi, Pakistan, is a historically significant locality. It holds the distinction of being the most densely populated area in Karachi and stands as one of its earliest settled regions.

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Lyari Town is named after the former locality of Lyari. It was the most populated and the smallest borough (known as a “town” in Karachi). In accordance with the Local Government Ordinance 2001, Lyari Town was established in 2001 and divided into 11 Union councils.

The town structure was abolished in 2011, and it was reconfigured in 2015 to become a part of Karachi South. It is one of the oldest areas in Karachi. The modest town, which existed before Pakistan gained its freedom, has a lot to offer tourists, history fans, and adventure seekers.

Before Pakistan gained its independence, Lyari Karachi had a long history. The Lyari River, a well-known stream that flows alongside the Lyari Expressway, is where Lyari Town gets its current name from.

The dry regions of what is now known as Kharadar and Mithadar were once crossed by the river as it made its way through a creek into the Arabian Sea. brings you all you need to know about Lyari Town.

Location of Lyari Town

Lyari Town is situated along the 40 km-long freeway. Lyari is easily accessible from all areas in the city thanks to the region’s excellent connections to Port Qasim and Karachi Port.

Additionally, Lyari is close to various islands in Karachi and some of the poshest neighbourhoods in Karachi, including Karachi Cantonment and Clifton.

It is a connecting point between the two provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. It is not surprising that this region is highly populated with Baloch-derived cultures.



Lyari Town - a picture from the pasr


Lyari was formerly a village known as “Kalachi jo Goth” (the village of Kalachi; Kalachi was a famous fisherwoman). Fishing was the sole source of revenue for the residents at the time.

Ports had to be built nearby since the region changed over time due to trade and shipping. However, by interacting with the knowledgeable and skilled fishermen at Khadda Market and Machi Meanee, we may still see remnants of this traditional ability.

Generations have passed down this craft and knowledge, but the current generation has taken it a step further by using technology.

If you’re in Karachi and seeking a variety of seafood, including fish that’s just been caught, you won’t be disappointed with the fishmongers at Khadda Market and Machi Meanee.

Although Lyari Town is incredibly multicultural and hospitable to all nationalities linguistically, Balochis and Sindhis used to make up the bulk of the population here prior to Pakistan’s independence.

The two largest religious communities in this region of Karachi are Muslims and Hindus.

Pushtuns, Memons, Bengalis, and Burmese migrants began to settle in Lyari progressively through time, particularly after the country had been independent for thirty years. A significant portion of this region is still populated by Sindhis and Balochis, despite the population’s diversity.


Famous for football

Lyari, which is arguably the only region in Pakistan where football is more popular than cricket and significantly dominates it, is the hometown of well-known world boxing and football champions.

The ancient town has made a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of the modern “city of lights.”

In 2001, the government of Sindh recognized Lyari as one of Karachi’s 18 essential towns. Today, Lyari is home to a medical school, a law college, and a university that continue to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s educational success.


Famous Places in Lyari Town

Here is a list of famous places in Lyari Town.


Kiran Gali


Kiran Gali in Lyrai Town


Kiran Gali is the ideal location for your Snapchat and Instagram stories. It is a must-see location on your vacation itinerary because it adds to Lyari Town’s distinctive attractiveness.

One of Karachi’s best-known sights is this street in Nawabad, which is modelled after the fabled and vibrant streets of Italy. Kiran Gali is a project of the Kiran Foundation that beckons adventurers and provides an uplifting message.

The street is a component of a program designed to educate the area’s underprivileged children and give them the resources they need to develop into successful adults.


Attha Chowk

Attha Chowk is a unique intersection in Lyari Town, where eight different parts of the town come together. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the area, and is filled with tourists, motels, hotels, restaurants, and bus terminals.

Many travelers from across the country make their stop here, drawn by the interesting mix of cultures and views that can be found at this one small spot.

The landmark offers a beautiful aerial view. There are good wholesale markets in Karachi near Attha Chowk.

Food Street

In Pakistan, food is a very important part of our culture, and biryani is one of our most beloved dishes. Unlike other parts of the country where you can find streets lined with vendors selling bun-kebabs, chana chaat, and samosas, Lyari Town’s famous food street is home to Balochi Biryani.

This dish is so popular with locals that it’s often eaten for any meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. For anyone who loves food, Lyari Town is like a dream come true.

Lyari Town is a town with rich cultural history and a must-see place whenever you plan to visit Karachi.

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