All you Need to Know About Sher Shah Colony

Sher Shah Colony, located in the heart of Lahore, is a bustling residential area that offers a range of facilities and amenities. It is situated near Raiwind Road, and it is just a few minutes drive from Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital.

The Bhuptian Industrial Area is also in its vicinity, making it a convenient location for businesses and industries. The colony is divided into four blocks, namely A, B, C, and D, each with its own unique features and attractions. provides details of each below.


Sher Shah Colony – Block A


sher shah colony lahore map


Block A includes the Government Girls Elementary School Sher Shah, commercial areas such as shopping malls and restaurants, a park for females only, and Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique.

This block also has a variety of residential plots for sale and houses of varying sizes. The Government College of Technology is just a few minutes drive away from Block A, making it an ideal location for students and faculty members.


Block B

Block B is home to the Model Bazaar Sher Shah Society, Government High School, and commercial areas that include a catering company, parks, and plots of different sizes.

The Eid Gah Ground is a notable feature of this block, and there are also several other attractions such as the State Life Center, Block Masjid, bakeries, cafes, and shopping malls. Visitors can also enjoy some delicious Karachi Biryani at one of the famous food spots near this block.


Block C

Block C features a playground, Jamia Masjid, and other commercial areas, as well as a variety of residential plots and restaurants. The block also includes the Friends Boys Hostel and the famous Model Bazaar Sher Shah Colony.


Block D

Block D has commercial areas like shopping malls, restaurants, and a park for females, a mosque, and a range of residential plots and houses of different sizes. GCT Road is nearby, making it a convenient location for commuters, and the Institute of Art and Culture is just a few minutes’ drive away from this block.

Overall, Sher Shah Colony is a vibrant and dynamic neighbourhood in Lahore that offers a range of facilities and amenities.

Facilities Offered at Sher Shah Colony


inside view of a classroom ata school in lahore


Here are some of the key facilities available at the colony:


Educational Institutions

  • Government Girls Elementary School Sher Shah
  • Government College of Technology (in Block A)
  • Government High School (in Block B)
  • Friends Boys Hostel (in Block C)

Religious Centres

  • Jamia Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique (in Block A)
  • Jamia Masjid (in Block C)
  • Jamia Masjid (in Block D)
  • Block Masjid (in Block B)

Commercial Areas

  • Model Bazaar Sher Shah Society (in Blocks B and C)
  • Shopping malls
  • Catering and cooking centres
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • State Life Center (in Block B)
  • Block Masjid Market (in Block B)
  • Other commercial areas with various shops and services

Recreational Facilities

  • Park for females (in Blocks A, B, and D)
  • Parks and playgrounds (in Block B and C)
  • Eid Gah Ground (in Block B)

Healthcare Facilities

  • Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital (located nearby)

Proximity to Bhuptian Industrial Area

  • Convenient access for businesses and industries


  • GCT Road (near Block D)

Institutes and Colleges

  • Institute of Art and Culture (located nearby)


Types of Properties in Sher Shah Colony Lahore


aerial view of a residential colony


Sher Shah Colony Lahore offers a diverse range of properties to suit the varied preferences and needs of residents. Whether you are looking for a residential plot or a ready-to-move-in house, the colony provides multiple options. Here are the types of properties you can find here:


Residential Plots

The colony features residential plots of different sizes, providing flexibility for constructing houses of varying sizes.



From spacious independent houses for sale in Sher Shah Colony to compact townhouses, there are a variety of options in style, design and size, which are available to cater to different preferences.



While Sher Shah Colony primarily consists of houses and plots, there may also be apartment complexes or multi-story buildings in certain areas.

Apartments offer a convenient and low-maintenance living option for individuals or small families. These typically have multiple units with varying floor plans and amenities such as lifts, parking facilities, and security systems.


Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are also available here, which include shops, showrooms, offices, and commercial plots suitable for establishing businesses, retail outlets, or other ventures.

The colony’s strategic location and proximity to commercial areas make it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

The availability of different types of properties ensures that prospective residents and investors have a wide range of options to choose from, based on their preferences, budget, and requirements. 


Accessibility and Transportation in Sher Shah Colony Lahore


aerial view of traffic jam in some road in lahore


Sher Shah Colony Lahore is easily accessible, making it convenient for residents and visitors to commute. 


Road Connectivity

It is situated near Brighto Paints Private Limited on Raiwind Road, which provides easy access to major roads and highways. GCT Road runs nearby Block D, ensuring convenient connectivity for residents in that area. The well-developed road network allows for a smooth flow of traffic within the society as well.

Bhuptian Industrial Area

The neighbourhood’s proximity to Bhuptian Industrial Area is advantageous for businesses and industries. The industrial area is easily accessible from Sher Shah Colony, offering employment opportunities and fostering economic growth.

Public Transportation

It is well-served by public transportation facilities, including metro bus Lahore, buses, minibusses, and rickshaws. These modes of transport provide affordable and convenient options for commuting to other parts of Lahore.


Proximity to Educational Institutes and Hospitals

Its proximity to educational institutes and healthcare facilities reduces the travel time for students and patients. For instance, the Government College of Technology and Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital are located nearby, ensuring easy access to quality education and healthcare services.

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