Amazon Super League S2: Major upset in the second qualifier round

Islamabad: What a major upset the second qualifier round has proven to be. To the shock of all Amazon Super League followers the defending champions Amazon Lions are out of the run for the trophy. The Amazon Panthers and the Amazon Tigers have chased the Amazon Lions out of the tournament.

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The second night of the Amazon Super League S2 saw action from the Amazon Tigers, the Amazon Panthers and the defending champions the Amazon Lions. Team supporters were looking up to the Lions to successfully defend their champion title. However the night seemed to tilt in favour of the Tigers that won all their matches against the Lions and the Panthers.

The Imarat Group of Companies Chairman Shafiq Akbar and Chief Development Officer Atif Masood witnessed the second qualifier round of ASL S2. Also present at the occasion were the Graana Group of Companies Director Farhan Javed, Director Arslan Javed and Agency 21 International Director Sharjeel A. Ehmer.

The first match of the second qualifier night was played between Amazon Lions and Amazon Panthers. The Amazon Lions won the toss and chose to bat first. The Panthers gave the Lions a hard time in scoring and the Lions were able to score 65 runs only. The Lions were able to build pressure on the Panthers and kept their run rate under check. However drop of 3 catches by the Lions gave the match away to the Panthers that were able to chase the target in the last over.

Amazon Panthers and Amazon Tigers faced-off in the second match. The Panthers won the toss and decided to bat first. The Tigers are known as a strong team in both bowling and batting. And they proved it by limiting the Panthers to a score of 70. The Tigers easily beat the target with more than a full over still left.

The third match of the night confirmed the exit for the Amazon Lions from the tournament. The Amazon Tigers won the toss against the Amazon Lions and chose to bowl first. The Tigers, once again with their strong bowling contained the Lions at a score of 60. The Lions known for their strong top order batting were unable to impress the audience with their batting. However the drop of 6 catches against the Tigers really did the job for them. The Lions lost the match due to poor fielding performance and surprisingly poor batting performance.

The Amazon Tigers and the Amazon Panthers were declared qualifiers for the semi-finals on March 28 2019. Are there any new match upsets in the offing? Which team will the fans of the ousted defending champions the Amazon Lions root for? Answers to all these and more burning questions remain subject to the performance of the teams in the semi-finals and the final.

Players with experience in the Amazon Super League rate their favourite teams for the final match with the Tigers at the top, pursued by the Gladiators and followed by the Warriors. The semi-finals and the final of the Amazon Super League Season 2 are scheduled on the night of Thursday March 28 at the Ayub Park, Rawalpindi. What is your favourite team order to lift the ASL S2 finals trophy? Drop your comments below.

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