An Area Guide to B-17, Islamabad


Developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS), B-17 Islamabad is a famous Residential Housing society in Islamabad. It is located in Zone 2 of the Islamabad territory. The urbanized sector is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). No objection certification (NOC) for B17 was also issued by CDA and the Federal Directorate of Education for the construction of schools in sector B 17 on 30th January 2018.

Situated at the foot of the Margalla Hills, B-17 is surrounded by the Grand Trunk Road and Motorway (M1) to the west. Sector B-17 was launched back in 2004 with an expanded area of more than 16000 Kanals of Margalla Hills.  

Houses for sale in B-17 although started at very affordable prices; eventually became an overnight high-value property estate because of their impeccable development and services in the area. B-17 sector is divided into multiple blocks with clearly delineated commercial and residential areas.

It is a newly developed society providing all kinds of modernized urban amenities and facilities. Because of its extensive amenities and developments in the area, the trend of houses for rent in B-17 are also rapidly increasing.

The calm atmosphere and eye-catching scenery make it an ideal place to invest.

In this blog,, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal  gives you a detailed guide on the whereabouts of one of Islamabad’s popularly known sectors, B-17.


Types of Houses in B-17 Islamabad


A double storey house in B-17


B-17 society is rapidly developing and has experienced a construction boom over the last few years. While some of the surrounding sectors are not developed yet, B-17 stands out by offering a wide range of modern houses and apartments. 


It offers a variety of houses for sale and houses for rent that offers the residents of Islamabad a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle. Prices of houses and apartments/Flats for sale in B-17and apartments for rent in B-17, Islamabad may vary based on the factors including total area, condition, no. of portions, and amenities available.


The infrastructure of houses is in accordance with international standards. The sector is divided into different blocks. It has 9,150 residential plots. Some blocks (F and G) are fully developed while the rest are developing over time. The names of the sectors start alphabetically from A to G. These sectors are then subdivided into plots of several sizes.

  • Block A 
  • Block B
    • B1
  • Block C
    • C1
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G


The standard size of houses in the sector includes 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal. There are multiple storey houses along with parking spaces and lawns. The houses offer a lavish lifestyle based on their focused detailing on design and architecture that fulfills the standards and requirements of residents.


Price Trends of Property in B-17 Islamabad


With the rise in property prices, more and more people are looking to rent a house and invest in property. As society is developing over time, the area has gained value in offering market competitive prices for property. The prices tend to increase with the development of society, so it is the perfect time to invest in this area.

The rental and sale price trends vary within the sector and depend on the location, size of the property, and amenities available in the area.


Houses Price Trends


Size of House  Price Trends (Sale)
5 Marlas Rs 10.35 Crore to 10.9  Crore
8 Marlas Rs 10.9  Crore to 2.7 Crore
10 Marlas Rs  20.5 Crore to  30.5 Crore
1 Kanal Rs 40  Crore to 70  Crore


Apartments Price Trends


Size of Apartment Price Trends (Sale)
3  Bed Rs 75 lacs to 95 lacs
2 Bed Rs 4.3 lacs to 67 lacs
1 Bed Rs 25 lacs to 35 lacs


Plot for Sale Price Trends


Size of Plot Price Trends  (Possession Plot) Non-Possession Plot
5 Marla Rs 64 lacs to 85 lacs  Rs  55 lacs to 62 lacs
8 Marla Rs 65 lacs to 1 Crore  Rs 58 lacs to 7 lacs
10 Marla  1.5 Crore to 1.25 Crore Rs  95 lacs to 1.1 Crore
15 Marla Rs 1.2 Crore to 1.8 Crore      ————————-
1 Kanal Rs 1.9 Crore to 20.75 Crore       ————————


Emergency contacts


Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency Places Contact Number
Police 051-2295122
IESCO (051) 9252902
SNGPL (051) 5440227
CDA water supply 9202207
Ambulance 0333 2828262
Fire Brigade (051) 5163522
Traffic Police (051) 92619923
CDA (051) 9253016


Amenities in B-17 Islamabad


Entrance of B-17 Housing society


B-17 offers affordable housing along with a peaceful environment and the society is providing top-notch facilities and amenities to the residents. The wide network of roads and green belts make it easy for residents to move in and out of the area. It has a main entrance that is fully operational for two-way traffic. 


Multiple Super Markets are developed in the various blocks for ease of residents. Society has modernized commercial  amenities including an underground sewerage system, 24/7 electricity, gas, clean water supply with filtration plants, and a 24/7 security system with boundary walls. Additionally, the society also offers open spaces, parks for children, financial institutions, educational institutions, medical facilities, indoor and outdoor sports clubs,  fitness centres for males and females, mosques, and other recreational places.


In terms of access, B-17 is a 20-minute drive away from the central city. Zero-point Islamabad is 32 km away and New Islamabad Airport is 31 km away from the area. However, its ideal location makes it convenient to visit major landmarks in the city.  For commute within the city, residents use their cars and public transport including Vans, Mini Buses, and other online Cab services such as Careem, Uber, and InDriver.




With the increasing population in the area, many traditional and western food chains quickly set up their branches in the area. Besides local food options, there are also multiple food chains to cater to the residents of B-17 Islamabad . 

We have listed down some popular restaurants and bakeries so you can choose your favourites.


Restaurants Cuisine
Safa Cafe Western
Havelly Restaurant Continental 
Lahori Chaska Traditional
The Vintage Lounge Western 
Hot N spicy Traditional
Capital Kitchen Continental 
BBQ Station Traditional
WildFire Western 
Munchies Continental 
OPTP Western
Quetta Namkeen and Shinwari Hotel Traditional
Cafe 17 Traditional
Quetta Hotel Traditional
Kabuli Bethak Traditional
Haleem Ghar Traditional
Shan Lahori Mutton Chany Traditional
Cafe District 17 Italian 
Ring Chan Himalaya Cafe Chinese 


Educational Institution


B-17 Islamabad has a great variety of well-reputed educational institutions. It has both public and private institutions within and outside of the society’s whereabouts. There is no university located in the sector, however, there are many well-known institutions nearby. Following is the list of educational institutions:


  • Metropolitan schools, and colleges multi gardens campus
  • Air Foundation School System B-17 Campus
  • Qurtuba School & College
  • Case University
  • Al-Ilm Academy
  • Allied School B-17 Campus
  • The Educators
  • Horizon Navigators Institute of Technology
  • Wise School System & Collage
  • PIPS School B 17 Multi Gardens Campus
  • Sea School Islamabad
  • Women’s International School of Excellence (WISE)
  • Turk International Schools
  • Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology