An Area Guide to Canal Road, Peshawar

Canal Road, Peshawar

Canal Road, Peshawar, is one of the busiest areas and the main artery of Peshawar City. Starting from Old Bara Road and ending at GT Road, the road is divided into two parts: North and South. The northern part is primarily a commercial area where new markets and shopping malls have been constructed recently. In contrast, the southern part is mainly a residential area.

The road is home to many educational institutes, including Gandhara University, NCS University and Kabir Medical College.

Canal Road, Peshawar, is commercially active, featuring tons of shops dealing in various stuff on the east and west side of the road. Besides, there are healthcare facilities including Town Women & Children’s Hospital, Zia Medical Complex and  Sardar Begum Dental Hospital.

The area also incorporate various businesses, including restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc.

If you are looking for budget-friendly options to live, you will apartments for sale on Canal Road Peshawar. Not only this, you will also find many apartments for rent on Canal Road Peshawar.


Eateries on Canal Road, Peshawar


If you are looking for a place to eat on Canal Road, there are many options. Some of the most popular restaurants include Kababish, Shimla Pulao, and China Garden. If you are looking for a place to get something to drink, there are also plenty of options, such as Coffee Planet and The Daily Grind. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, there are several bakeries and ice cream shops available.


Transport on Canal Road, Peshawar


DHA Karachi


There are several transport options on Canal Road, including buses, rickshaws, taxis, and cars. The bus service is the most popular, with several bus stops along the road. Rickshaws are also a popular option, and there are several rickshaw stands on Canal Road. People can hire taxis and cars from anywhere on the road.


Area Directions of Canal Road, Peshawar


Canal Road’s most important and busy places are GPO, Karkhano Market, Peshawar Bus Terminal, and Lady Reading Hospital.

The best way to find your way around Canal Road is to orient yourself to the major landmarks. GPO, Karkhano Market, Peshawar Bus Terminal, and Lady Reading Hospital are all located on Canal Road and are good reference points.

The road has a total length of about 10 km and is a six-lane dual carriageway. It is also part of the National Highway Authority’s network of roads.


Amenities on Canal Road, Peshawar


If you are looking for an apartment for sale or a house for sale on Canal Road Peshawar, you will find many amenities that make life easier for the people who live and work there.

Several hospitals, including Badar Maternity Hospital, Sardar Begum Dental Hospital, and Town Women & Children’s Hospital, are located on Canal Road, Peshawar. There are also many schools, including The City School, Beaconhouse School System, and Edwards College.

The area is also home to a number of shopping malls, including Park View Mall, Regal Plaza, and The Canal Mall. 

For those who need to do some shopping, several stores sell clothes, jewellery, and other items.

Moreover, you will be able to find many budget-friendly houses for rent on Canal Road Peshawar.


Restaurants on Canal Road, Peshawar


There are many available options on Canal Road for eating and munching. There are many Pakistani, Indian, and fast food restaurants serving delicious cuisines. 

Some of the most popular restaurants on Canal Road include

  • Hardee’s
  • Food District
  • Mr COD
  • Chief Burgers
  • Pizza Square
  • NAWAZ World
  • Chief Grill
  • Cafe Crunch


Hospitals/ Clinics on Canal Road, Peshawar


There are several hospitals and clinics located on Canal Road. The availability of these medical facilities is convenient for people who live or work in the area. Some of the hospitals and clinics on Canal Road include:

  • Mrs Zia Clinic
  • Peshawar Health Centre
  • Cantonment General Hospital
  • Hayatabad Medical Complex
  • Khyber Teaching Hospital
  • Town Women & Children’s Hospital


Schools/ Colleges on Canal Road, Peshawar


There are many schools and colleges located on the road. The most popular ones include:

  • Beaconhouse School System
  • Bloomfield School
  • Northwest Institute of Health Sciences
  • The City School
  • Dar-e-Arqam Schools
  • University Public School


Ongoing Projects


ProjectsCompletionProject Cost
Upgradation of Kabul River Canal Road via Afridi Ghari to Ring Road  65%20.882
Upgradation of Kabul River Canal Road via Radio Pakistan Transmission Line to Ring Road85%49.082


Emergency Contact Numbers


DepartmentPhone No
Chief Minister Complaint Cell091-9222460
Chairman CM KP Complaint Cell0331-8596062
Chairman Peshawar District Complaint Cell0314-9044205
Police Complaint Cell8855
Schools & Teacher Complaint Cell8889
Revenue complaint cell (Patwar Khana)0345-9103799
Tehsil Dar Complaint Cell091-9210553
Transport & Transporters0321-9347630
Traffic Police Complaint Cell8333
Illegal Clinics & Unregistered Drug Store & Laboratories Complaint Cell091-9216922
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Terror Complaint Cell080057784
Secretary Peshawar District Complaint Cell0346-9048844
Commissioner Peshawar District Complaint Cell080091133
Complaint on Shopkeepers & Milk Sellers8333


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