An Area Guide to Clifton, Karachi

Clifton is a posh and historically significant beachfront neighbourhood in Karachi, Pakistan. It is one of Karachi’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, containing some of the city’s most expensive real estate. It is home to a number of foreign consulates, and its commercial centres are among Pakistan’s most upscale, with a considerable presence of international brands.

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Clifton is one of the few areas in Karachi that is right next to Arabian Sea, hence providing an upper edge in comparison to other neighbourhoods of the city. Clifton has a total of nine blocks, where each block is providing different living standards. Sanitation and water for this area is managed by the Cantonment Board Clifton (CFC). 


Main reason that shapes up their decision to live in this area is the amenities available here. This is why many media personalities, celebrities and politicians live in Clifton. There are a number of high-rise shopping malls available here, with even the tallest building of Pakistan, Bahria Icon Tower, is also situated in this area.

Shopping malls, scenic views, recreational amenities, seaside, national and international quality schools, high-end fitness centres, beauty clinics, and top-notch medical facilities attract investors to invest in houses for sale in Clifton.

The roads in this region are also well-maintained and the infrastructure meets international standards in all locations. The neighbourhood has excellent access to the rest of the city. Therefore, the local population has also encouraged the business community to establish their presence in the area.

Educational Institutes in Clifton

Clifton area is well-known for its well reputed schools providing high quality education to the children. Almost all famous schools and colleges have their branches in Clifton.

Some of the famous educational institutes in Clifton includes:

  • Karachi Grammar School
  • Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Head Start School System
  • Pimley School

Hospitals/Clinics in Clifton

There are several hospitals and clinics located in Clifton. The availability of these medical facilities is convenient for people who live or work in the area. Some of the well-known hospitals and clinics in the town include:

  • The Aga Khan University Hospital
  • Dr Ziauddin Hospital
  • South City Hospital
  • BHY Hospital
  • Altamash General Hospital
  • Hashmani’s Hospital

Transport in Clifton

As Clifton is an upscale and posh neighbourhood, most of the people living there usually commute by their own car. The second-most common transport option used by the residents is the ride-hailing services such as Uber, Careem, inDriver, and Bykea.


With that being said, several public transports are also available in this region. Other than the buses, taxis and rickshaws also operate in this area.

Religious Places in Clifton

Many residents of Clifton are from different ethnic backgrounds and cultural values. Therefore, it is really important to cater to their religious requirements. There are a number of mosques in this area.


The majority of the mosques in this area are large and can accommodate up to thousands of worshippers. Jamia Islamia, Shamim Mosque, Boat Basin Mosque, and Mubarak Mosque are some of Clifton’s most prominent ones. There are many churches as well where Christians can perform their religious obligations. Other communities’ places of worship include Shiv Mandir, St. Anthony Parish, and Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev temple.

Markets in Clifton

If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Clifton Karachi, this area has a large number of supermarkets where you can get anything you require. The Agha Supermarket is well-stocked and one of Karachi’s oldest supermarkets. Everything you need can be found in this market and is readily available, including electrical appliances, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. There is also a pharmacy where all medications can be obtained. 

Every block in Clifton Karachi has its own market where you can do your groceries. These markets have ample parking space, which allows you to pick a spot quickly and shop without delay.

The Chase Superstore in Block 9 is another great and affordable choice. All of your daily necessities, such as clothing and kitchenware, may be found here at very low prices. The things are accessible in volume, and it is extremely rare to come across anything that is out of stock. Motta’s Supermarket in Block-5 and Diamond Supermarket in Block-8 are other excellent spots to go if you want to do some quick shopping.

Apart from these markets, Clifton is also known for its famous Clifton Beach.

Price Trends in Clifton

Whether you are looking for commercial plots, an apartment for rent or a house for rent in Clifton Karachi, you will find plenty of options to choose from. Following are the tables that enlist the price trends in this neighbourhood.

Residential Plots

Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
12034 Lacs
2003.6 Crores
3004.5 Crores
40015 Crores
50010.5 Crores
6009.5 Crores
95015 Crores
100017.5 Crores
110016 Crores
120018 Crores
150021 Crores
200032 Crores
220040 Crores

Commercial Plots

Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
1006.5 Crores
20017 Crores
25035 Crores
50045 Crores
100055 Crores
200075 Crores

Built-up Residential Properties


The table below enlists the average prices for houses for sale in Clifton Karachi.

Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
1202.5 Crores
1503 Crores
2004 Crores
2506.5 Crores
40010 Crores
50012 Crores
100022 Crores
200035 Crores


Following table enlists the average prices of flats for sale in Clifton, Karachi.

Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
100095 Lacs
15001.8 Crores
17002.2 Crores
18002.5 Crores
20003.2 Crores
22003.8 Crores
24004 Crores
25004.3 Crores
28004.8 Crores


Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
5001.45 Crores
10003.5 Crores
18004.5 Crores
20005 Crores
30005.6 Crores


Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
15070 Lacs
4002.5 Crores
5003.5 Crores

Emergency Contacts

Emergency PlacesContact Information
Edhi Ambulance115
Civil Hospital992 15960
Edhi Welfare Centre241 3232
Police Emergency15
Rescue Service1122
Aga Khan University Hospital493 0051
Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid568 5824
521 9902

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