An Area Guide to Dalazak Road, Peshawar

Dalazak Road, Peshawar

Dalazak Road is one of the busiest commercial areas of Peshawar. It is located east of the city, stretching from Bacha Khan Chowk to Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. The locality is named after the Dalazak tribe, settled in this area.

Dalazak Road Peshawar is a great place to find all sorts of items, from clothes and jewellery to furniture and home appliances. In addition, there are also several banks and ATMs in the area. If you need to buy something or get your finances in order, Dalazak Road is the place to go.

The area is home to many educational institutions, including the Peshawar Model College, Westford Systematic School, Government College for Women, along with other schools. Several hospitals, including Emarat General Hospital and Tazkaar General Hospital, are located in this area. The locality has many markets, including Dalazak Bazaar and Sarhad Bazaar.

The road is a two-way road that vehicles heavily use, especially during rush hours. The road has a number of intersections which can cause traffic jams during peak hours. There are also a number of mosques and schools located on this road which add to the traffic congestion.

The Malik Saad Shaheed flyover and Jinnah Park are also adjoining Dalazak Road and at one end.

Moreover, the majority of the residents of Dalazak Road are middle to upper-middle-class families. There are a few high-end apartments for sale on Dalazak Road Peshawar. However, most of the houses for rent or sale on Dalazak Road are two- or three-storey. Also, the area is well-maintained and has a sound security system.

Restaurants on Dalazak Road

There are many available options on Dalazak Road for eating and munching. There are many Pakistani, Indian and fast food restaurants serving delicious cuisines. 

dalazak road

Some of the most popular restaurants on Dalazak Road include:

  • Bacha Kabab House
  • Mr MD Fast Food
  • Sher food Restaurant
  • Qadarmanad Restaurant
  • Pak Ghazi Biryani

Hospitals/Clinics on Dalazak Road

There are several hospitals and clinics located on Dalazak Road. The availability of these medical facilities is convenient for people who live or work in the area. Some of the hospitals and clinics on the road include

  • Family Health Centre
  • Haseeb Health Clinic
  • Dr Ali Clinic
  • Ayesha Maternity Home
  • Noor Maternity Home
  • Al Shifa Clinic
  • MMC General Hospital
  • Eastern Teaching Hospital

Schools & Colleges on Dalazak Road

There are many schools and colleges located on Dalazak Road. The most popular ones include

  • Westford Systematic School
  • The Oxford Education System
  • Farabi School System Chamkani
  • Shaheen Model School
  • Peshawar Model Girls High School

Ongoing Projects on Dalazak Road

Project Completion Project Cost
Rehabilitation of Abbaseen Flour Mill Dalazak Road to Link Road Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar 80% 35.913
Improvement of Dalazak Road from Bacha Khan Chowk to K.R.C. Yousafabad Peshawar 15% 59.599
Improvement of Dalazak Road from Yousafabad to Ring Road Peshawar 5% 59.599

Price Trends of Dalazak Road

Following table enlists the price range of houses for sale on Dalazak Road Peshawar.

Property Size Price Range
2-3 Marla 50 Lac – 1.3 Cr
5 Marla 1 Cr – 3 Cr
10 Marla 1.5 Cr – 4.5 Cr
1 Kanal 4 Cr – 7 Cr

Apart from houses and apartments for sale, you will also find budget-friendly options for the apartments for rent on Dalazak Road Peshawar.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Department Phone No
Chief Minister Complaint Cell 091-9222460
Chairman CM KP Complaint Cell 0331-8596062
Chairman Peshawar District Complaint Cell 0314-9044205
Police Complaint Cell 8855
Schools & Teacher Complaint Cell 8889
Revenue complaint cell (Patwar Khana) 0345-9103799
Tehsil Dar Complaint Cell 091-9210553
Transport & Transporters 0321-9347630
Traffic Police Complaint Cell 8333
Illegal Clinics & Unregistered Drug Store & Laboratories Complaint Cell 091-9216922
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Terror Complaint Cell 080057784
Secretary Peshawar District Complaint Cell 0346-9048844
Commissioner Peshawar District Complaint Cell 080091133
Complaint on Shopkeepers & Milk Sellers 8333