An Area Guide to Model Town Lahore

Model Town, Lahore is among some of Lahore’s most popular housing societies for residential and commercial purposes. This housing society is well-planned and designed in a square-like plan, with wide roads dividing the town into different blocks.

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You can easily find a property of your choice at a very affordable price. The town offers fundamental amenities and other facilities such as educational institutions, shopping malls, grocery stores, parks, hospitals, gyms, and restaurants. 

Model Town Lahore is divided into 10 blocks, each with various houses built to meet the needs of its residents. A range of houses for rent in model town Lahore are affordable. These residential blocks are labeled A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, & J.

There are eight more residential blocks named K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, and S that surround Model Town’s huge square, forming a community known as Model Town Extension. The society comes under the Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) jurisdiction.

You can easily find a property of your choice at a very affordable price. The town offers fundamental amenities and other facilities such as educational institutions, shopping malls, grocery stores, parks, hospitals, gyms, and restaurants. 


Places Near Model Town Lahore

Located at a prime location near Kalma Flyover and Ferozepur Road, the Model Town Lahore is one of Lahore’s first upscale areas. Garden Town, Faisal Town, Town Ship, Johar Town, Kot Lakhpat, Walton Cantt, and Gulberg make up the vicinity of this outstanding residential scheme.

The area is popular among politicians, athletes, and celebrities, which explains why it is well-kept, clean, peaceful, and euphoric. Model Town is designed in a square shape, with significant roads separating it vertically, horizontally, and diagonally into blocks. The society covers 5.9 square kilometers of land (1463 acres).

How can the area be accessed?

Model Town Lahore is a well-known housing society because of its ideal location. The area is situated near some of the city’s busiest avenues and provides quick access to other parts of Lahore. It borders New Garden Town Lahore on one side and Faisal Town Lahore on the other.

You can also access the Township and the adjacent areas via Model Town Link Road, Lahore, which is a plus point. Jinnah Hospital and Canal Road are also accessible from this area. 


Property in Model Town Lahore


Double storey decorated house in model town lahore


Model Town has a complex infrastructure with well-constructed roadways. The society covers 14292 Kanal of the area and has around 50 operational commercial buildings. The infrastructure of houses in the model town is well-built. The standard size of homes for sale and houses for rent in Model Town Lahore includes 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal.

There are multiple-storey houses, and some of them also include basements. Also, multiple-size flats for sale and apartments for rent are available in Model Town LahoreThe houses and flats for sale in Model Town Lahore provide a luxurious lifestyle as they are designed and developed to fulfill international living standards. 

The facilities and amenities make it ideal for residential and commercial needs. Therefore, prices tend to vary due to the house’s location, condition, sector, and size.


Price Trends in Model Town – Lahore

The model town is one of the city’s most developed and popular areas.  You can buy or rent a property at very affordable prices in this area. The property prices in the area vary with the area, size, sector, condition, type of property, location, and amenities available.

Being a prestigious community, the sizes of the available houses for sale in Model Town Lahore range from 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal. Another benefit of this housing scheme is that you can build a 5, 8, or even 10-Kanal mansion, which is nearly impossible in other housing societies in Lahore.


Area and Population

The breakdown of the total area is as follows:

  • Residential: 819 acres (3.31 km2) = 56%
  • Commercial: 29 acres (0.12 km2) = 2%
  • Roads: 278 acres (1.13 km2) = 19%
  • Nurseries and playgrounds: 59 acres (0.24 km2) = 4%
  • Green area (parks): 278 acres (1.13 km2) = 19%
  • The total population of Model Town is about 100,000.


Houses Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Sale)
5 MarlasRs  89 Lacs to 2.1 Crore
1 KanalRs  4.15 Crore to 10 Crore.
2 KanalRs 8.25 Crore to 19 Crore.
3 KanalRs 15 Crore to 26 Crore
4 KanalRs 20 Crore to 34 Crore
6 KanalRs 35 Crore to 52 Crore


Houses Price Trends


Size of House Price Trends (Rent)
5 Marla Rs  20,000 to 75,000
6 Marla Rs 25,000 to 35,000
10 MarlaRs 28,000 to 1 Lacs
1 Kanal Rs 50,000 to 2.25 Lacs


 Apartments Price Trends


Size of ApartmentPrice Trends (Rent)Price Trends (Sale)
2 BedRs 30k to 40kRs  50 lacs to 90 lacs
1 Bed Rs  25k to 30kRs  30 lacs to 50 lacs


Plots for Sale Price Trends


Size of PlotPrice Trends Residential Plot
6 KanalRs 33 Crore to 45 Crore
3 KanalRs 16 Crore to 22 Crore
2 Kanal Rs 10.5 Crore to 15.5 Crore
1 KanalRs 3.85 Crore to 7 Crore


Market Analysis


Type of PropertyNumbers
Total Units 4125

  • Commercial
  • Residential




  • Commercial
  • Residential




Emergency Contacts

Here are some important contacts from the area directory that you can note down in case of sudden or unexpected incidents that may occur.


List of Emergency PlacesContact Number
Police(042) 99230232
SNGPL42 99080000
water supply99332101
Ambulance0346 6028369
Fire Brigade1122
Traffic Police(042) 99204619-20
LDA(042) 99262250


Amenities in Model Town Lahore Punjab


Model town j block


Apart from well-built houses, Model Town Lahore is a well-developed community with parks, restaurants, modern infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and enormous mansions. The community is packed with all sorts of basic facilities and modern amenities.

The availability of electricity, gas, banks, clothing brands, grocery store chains, bookshops, fitness centers, parlors, parks, and other such amenities provides convenient living to residents. Moreover, the area ensures a sound security system which attracts many people to live here.

Furthermore, Model Town is a one-of-a-kind locality, offering an exceptional living standard. Its primary entrance road leads to Central Park Model Town, one of the city’s largest parks. People from society and surrounding areas gather in these parks for walking, jogging, exercise, and recreation. On the right side of the society entrance is a fuel pump, and on the left is the renowned Nawaz Sharif Park, which has a peaceful atmosphere.

There are also green belts on the sides, making the environment look lovely. The area also has the allocation of green space and parks. Parks take up about 19% of the model town’s land area. Plant nurseries & playgrounds get another 4% of the area. This open area ratio is 23%, while residential areas make up 56%. The area has entry and exit points connecting Model Town to other places such as Kalma Chowk, Ferozpur Road, Township, Garden Town, Gulberg, and Faisal Town.




howdy restaurant model town lahore


Lahore is famous for its vibrant food streets and traditional cuisines. The model town is home to famous restaurants as it offers various cuisines ranging from traditional to Western.

A list of some of the area’s best eateries and restaurants follows.


Sholay RestaurantTraditional
Chef’s Inn RestaurantContinental
Chaska MaskaTraditional
Goshi RestaurantContinental
Arabic Shawarma & Fast FoodTraditional
Tandoori FusionTraditional
M 38 PizzaWestern
Foodies CafeWestern
Howdy Model townWestern
Turkish MutamTraditional
Tarka CafeTraditional
Delish Pizza BarWestern
Chicken BrostTraditional
Bawarchi KhanaTraditional
Naan ShopTraditional
Downtown Paratha & MoreTraditional/Western
Hafiz Bar-B-QueTraditional


Educational Facilities

The area has well-reputed educational institutions, including schools and colleges. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Bloomfield Hall School 
  • ZM High School.
  • Allied School Q Block Model Town Campus 
  • The Smart School
  • Quaid-E-Azam Law College
  • Government College for Women – Model Town 
  • Apex Group Of Colleges 
  • Virtual University Campus
  • Minhaj University Lahore (MUL)
  • Divisional Public School & Intermediate College
  • Punjab Cadet Academy
  • Unique Science Academy
  • Roots International School
  • SOAR STEM School
  • American Lycetuff School
  • Lahore Science Academy
  • The City School
  • LACAS Model Town Milestone Campus
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • College of Shariah & Islamic Sciences
  • Quaid-e-Azam Law College
  • FAST University 
  • School of Advance Business and Commerce 

Healthcare Facilities

Model Town hosts some of the best healthcare specialists available in any government or private hospital in the locality. Several hospitals in the area offer specialized medical services as well as first aid facilities to cater to any sudden and unfortunate medical issue that may arise.

These hospitals offer the most up-to-date diagnostics, medications, operational treatment, and healthcare professionals with extensive experience. To save you time, we have put together a list of a few top-notch hospitals available in the area.

  • Ittefaq Hospital (Trust) 
  • Kaleem Medical Centre 
  • Rex Clinic
  • Farah Deeba Hospital 
  • Dentalogix (Family Dental Care) 
  • Saira memorial Hospital
  • Model Town Trust Hospital
  • WilCare
  • Ghulam Muhammad Memorial Hospital Lahore
  • Akram Din Hospital
  • Rehman Foundation Hospital
  • Shervon London Hospital
  • Model Town Women’s Medical Centre
  • EPI Center Model Town Society Hospital
  • My Health Medical Center


Model Town Lahore Extension

Model Town Extension covers 3552  kanal of the area. It is under the jurisdiction of LDA, having sub-blocks including Block N, P, M, L, Q and R. This locality has everything to offer for the inhabitants such as educational institutes like Govt.

Model Degree College and medical facilities like Kalim Medical Center and Saira Memorial Hospital. Idea Bakery, Signature Burgers and Pizza Channel are also serving the taste buds of residents.

For more information, visit Graana blog.




Is Model Town Lahore a good place to live?

Model Town Lahore is generally considered a good place to live in. It is a well-established residential area known for its peaceful environment and amenities. The community offers a range of facilities, including parks, markets, educational institutions, and healthcare centres, making it a desirable place for families and individuals.


How big is Model Town Lahore?

Model Town Lahore covers a significant area and is one of the larger residential areas in the city. It spans several blocks and sectors, accommodating a substantial population.


Who is the designer of Model Town Lahore?

Mr Dewan Khem Chand, an architect and town planner, designed Model Town Lahore. He was commissioned by the Government of Punjab to design and develop the area in the 1920s.


Which Tehsil is model town Lahore?

Model Town Lahore falls under the jurisdiction of the Lahore City District, specifically the Model Town Tehsil. It is one of the administrative subdivisions (Tehsils) of Lahore.

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