An Area Guide to PECHS, Karachi

PECHS Karachi

PECHS is one of the oldest housing societies in Karachi and is situated in the city’s eastern district. PECHS stands for Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, and it consists of only two blocks: Block 2 and Block 6. It was founded in 1950 by Mehmood Ahmed Nizami when the population of Karachi was less than 3 million. Today, it has a population of approximately 12 million.

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The origin of PECHS goes back to the government employees who wanted to make investments in real estate at a time when there was a limited supply of land available for construction within the city.

In the early years, the society was far away from the centre of the city, but today it lies right in the middle between Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Saddar. PECHS is easily accessible with a metro bus service with the nearest metro station only 8 minutes away from Sharah-e-Faisal.

In terms of development and infrastructure, PECHS is probably one of the best societies that Karachi has to offer. It has multiple entrances from all sides, and streets are wide enough for even heavy traffic to pass through easily. Several parks are scattered within the vicinity, which are well maintained by resident committees. The commercial area consists of restaurants, fast food outlets, banks, barbershops, beauty salons and grocery stores catering to residents within PECHS and those living in adjoining localities such as Gulshan-e-Iqbal. All these amenities and facilities make it one of the best areas to reside. Therefore, if you are looking for houses for rent in PECHS Karachi, this neighbourhood should definitely be in your consideration.

Restaurants in PECHS, Karachi

There are many restaurants in PECHS Karachi. They offer a variety of food items to their customers. Most restaurants in this area are Pakistani restaurants, serving delicious food. However, you will also find many Chinese, Italian and fast-food restaurants in the society. 

The restaurants in PECHS Karachi are usually quite busy during the evening hours. The ones located on the main road have a longer wait time than those located further down the street.

Some of the famous restaurants in the area are:

  • Zeytin
  • Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant
  • GrillO
  • Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House
  • New Little China Restaurant
  • Red Apple
  • Baby Jii Restaurant
  • elemento caffé

Hospitals/ Clinics in PECHS, Karachi

There are numerous hospitals/clinics in PECHS Karachi that provide first-rate medical treatment to the residents of the area.


The list of hospitals & clinics in PECHS Karachi is given below:

  • Medical Diagnostic Clinic
  • Medicenter General Hospital
  • K-Health Care Hospital
  • Ehsan Kamal Hospital
  • RIMS Trauma Hospital

Educational Institutions in PECHS, Karachi

Educational institutions are one of the most important parts of a housing society. There are many educational institutions in PECHS Karachi. Some of the famous and well-known institutions are: 

  • Meritorious Education Centre
  • PECHS Education Foundation Govt. Boys College
  • Tabani’s College
  • Students’ Zone – PECHS Campus
  • Alpha College
  • Meritorious College A-Level
  • L2L Academy
  • Hexis College

Transportation in PECHS, Karachi

Residents of Karachi’s PECHS housing society are lucky to have a bus service run by the housing society. The bus service runs throughout the day and offers a quick, cheap and convenient way to get around the city.

The bus service is available during working hours, but some residents claim that it’s rarely available on weekends.


A closer look at the transport arrangement reveals that the residents of PECHS have a long way to go in order to be able to rely solely on public transport within the city.

Parks & Recreation Grounds in PECHS, Karachi

Parks and recreation grounds are an integral part of a society, necessary for the development of a community. They provide an environment for activities like sports and social gatherings, resulting in better relationships between the residents of society. They also provide an area where children can enjoy their recreational time without any worries or risks. It is also a perfect place for adults to maintain their health by jogging, exercising and playing different sports like cricket, football etc.

There are several parks and recreation grounds with good facilities in the PECHS housing society where its residents can have a healthy and fun-filled time with family and friends. Some of these parks are:

  • Jheel Park
  • Al Murtaza Family Park
  • Maulvi Abdul Haq Park
  • Aqsa Park
  • Siraj ud Daula Children Park
  • Hill Park & Small Lake
  • Harmain Park

Price Trends in PECHS, Karachi

Residential Plots

Following is the list of average sale prices of residential plots in PECHS, Karachi.

Size (Sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
2407.2 Crore
50015 Crore
60018 Crore
100026 Crore
150030 Crore

Commercial Plots

Following is the list of average sale prices of commercial plots in PECHS, Karachi.

Size (Sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
20034 Crore
100080 Crore
2000160 Crore
4000320 Crore

Residential Built-up Properties

Table below enlists the average sale prices of houses for sale in in PECHS Karachi.


Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
1504.5 Crore
2408.25 Crore
50016.5 Crore
60019.5 Crore
100029 Crore
150032 Crore


Table below enlists the average sale prices of apartments for sale in in PECHS Karachi.

Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
10001.5 Crore
1500-18003 Crore
2000-27004 Crore

Commercial Built-up Properties

Table below enlist the average sale prices of commercial built-up properties in PECHS, Karachi.


Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price (in Rupees)
4002 Crore
9004.85 Crore
18006 Crore


Size (sq. ft.)Avg Sale Price
10001.5 Crore
20002.5 Crore
30004.5 Crore

Apart from the plots and built-up properties for sale, you will also find budget-friendly options for the apartments for rent in PECHS Karachi.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency PlacesContact Information
Edhi Ambulance115
Civil Hospital992 15960
Edhi Welfare Centre241 3232
Police Emergency15
Rescue Service1122
Aga Khan University Hospital493 0051
Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid568 5824
521 9902


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