An Area Guide to Scheme 33 Karachi

Scheme 33

Scheme 33, also known as Gulzar e Hijri, is one of the fastest-growing societies in Karachi. Once co-owned and managed by the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) and the Board of Revenue, the area is located near the superhighway. It is an affordable housing option in Karachi, especially when compared to other societies in the city.

The history of Scheme 33 goes back to 1971 when KDA and the Board of Revenue were responsible for this area’s land cost, allotment policies, and other terms for the planning and development work. Afterwards, in 1973, the land was allotted to over 130 cooperative housing societies. However, the project was held off for a very prolonged period until the government realised that the society would have developed faster if it had developed under a single authority.

Therefore, in 2004, the project was handed over to the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK). The project was delayed for 33 years, which is why this society is called ‘Scheme 33’.

Today, Scheme 33 is the home to 54 sectors and more than 293 housing societies, including Lawyers Colony, Incholi Cooperative Housing Society, Gwalior Cooperative Housing Society, Memon Nagar, and Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima.


Educational Institutions in Scheme 33

There are several educational institutions in Scheme 33. Major ones include:

  • The SET School North East Campus
  • Beaconhouse Gulshan Middle Campus
  • Eminence Educational Institute
  • Emaan Institute of Management and Sciences

There are also many educational institutions near Scheme 33. There is a Beacon light Academy in the Mashriq Society and the popular Malik Public School in the Malik Cooperative Housing Society. Indus School and Omys Academy are located in Zoramin Residency Society.


Medical Facilities in and around Scheme 33

Scheme 33 does not only have educational institutes and well-developed infrastructure but also has well-known and well-visited hospitals. The Memon Medical Institute Hospital, which is located in Safoora Chowrangi, is a low-cost medical option for residents of Scheme 33. Every day, a large number of patients receive care at this facility.


Scheme 33


The Dow University Hospital is another famous medical hospital in Karachi. The best thing about this hospital is that it serves everyone and offers reasonably priced medical treatments.

Located in Sector 29 of Scheme 33 on Abdul Qadeer Road, it is a large hospital with a 1000-bed capacity that includes all care departments such as an emergency room, general wards, operating rooms, labour rooms, and critical care units.

Last but not least, Kiran Hospital, one of Karachi’s premier cancer hospitals, is also located in Scheme 33.


Restaurants in Scheme 33

In scheme 33, there are many available options for eating and munching. There are many Pakistani, Indian and fast food restaurants serving delicious cuisine. 


Scheme 33


Some of the most popular restaurants in Scheme 33 include

  • Al Macca Restaurant
  • Sindh Salamat Restaurant
  • Al Madina Restaurant
  • Memon Hotel
  • Food Times
  • Kings Fast Food
  • KFC

Markets in Scheme 33

The availability of markets is a big problem for most residents who live in remote places. For all the correct reasons, no one wants to travel vast distances to obtain products of everyday use. The presence of markets in a certain location makes it simple for locals to live comfortably. This not only makes life easier but also saves money and time on trips. When it comes to markets, Scheme 33 Karachi has a multitude to choose from. Because Scheme 33 is made up of several towns, each one has its own market and superstore.

Besides these stores, there are other popular supermarkets and grocery stores as well. For example; Waqar Superstore in Karachi University Housing Society is a very popular place for grocery items and other household items. Al Amin Traders, MashaAllah Superstore, and Liaquat Market are also some of the other famous supermarkets in the area. Gulzar-e-Hijri also hosts a number of shopkeepers and traders every Tuesday and Thursday for ‘Mangal’ and ‘Jumeraat Bazaars’. The most popular bazaar ‘Peer Budh bazaar’ is held in Memon Nagar every Monday and Friday. In this market, you can find clothes, utensils, groceries, and other items at discounted rates.

Price Trends in Scheme 33

Whether you are looking for commercial plots or a house for rent in Scheme Karachi, you will find plenty of options to choose from. You will also find many options for the apartments for rent in Scheme 33 Karachi. Following are the tables that enlist the price trends of commercial and residential plots and properties.


Commercial Plots

Size (sq. ft.) Avg Sale Price
800 13 Million
1800 25 Million
3600 80 Million

Residential Plots

Size (sq. ft.) Avg Sale Price
1080 12 Million
2160 20 Million
3600 30 Million
5400 38 Million
9000 70 Million

Built-up Residential Properties

The table below enlists the average prices of apartments for sale in Scheme 33 Karachi. The table also enlists the prices for houses for sale in Scheme 33 Karachi.

Subtype Size Avg Sale Price
House 1080 Rs. 21 Million
House 2160 Rs. 37 Million
House 3600 Rs. 45 Million
Portion 900 Rs. 7.5 Millions
Apartment 950 Rs. 8 Million
Apartment 1200 Rs. 11 Million
Apartment 1800 Rs. 18 Million

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Places Contact Information
Edhi Ambulance 115
Civil Hospital 992 15960
Edhi Welfare Centre 241 3232
Police Emergency 15
Rescue Service 1122
Agha Khan University Hospital 493 0051
Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid 568 5824
521 9902


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