An Area Guide to Warsak Road, Peshawar

Warsak Road, Peshawar

Warsak Road is a major road in Peshawar, stretching from the intersection of GT Road to Pir Bala Chowk hosting marble factories, markets, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and hubs of other commercial activities.

The Ring Road will also be extended to Hayatabad from Warsak Road. This would provide significant value addition to this area, linking it to other major areas of the city and providing access to various modes of public transport quite conveniently. Moreover, Peshawar Ring Road is connected to Warsak Michini Road at a point in Tehkal Payan Peshawar. 


Warsak Road, Peshawar – An Overview


The area is well-served by public transportation, with several bus stops located along the road. Residents living on the east and west side of the road can easily get an auto-rickshaw or a public bus to commute to their respective destinations within Peshawar. For instance, there are two primary public bus stops found at different intervals on the road.

Warsak Road is also home to marble manufacturers, markets, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and other commercial activities.

The road is also very well-known for its restaurants, which serve a variety of Pakistani and international cuisines. Several hotels, including Mehran Hotel and Greens Hotel, are also available in the vicinity. 

The road is also home to a variety of different types of shops. There are shops selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics, fruits, vegetables, and other things.


Warsak Road


Residents on the east and west sides of the road can easily commute to their respective destinations within Peshawar by auto-rickshaw or public bus. For example, two major public bus stops are located at various points along the road.

The clothes shops are usually bustling. The people who work in these shops are amicable and helpful, always trying to find the right fit for their customers.


Residential Areas of Warsak Road


The residential areas on Warsak Road are mainly located between University Chowk and Sarhad View and are a mix of old and new houses. You will be able to find the single-storey house for rent on Warsak Road old areas, while new areas have more options when it comes to apartments for sale on Warsak Road Peshawar.


Phases of Warsak Road


There are a total of four phases of Warsak Road.


Phase 1

The first phase of Warsak road starts from Hayatabad and ends at Ring Road. This area is home to many small to medium-sized houses. The area is relatively new and is still being developed.


Phase 2

 The second phase of Warsak road starts from Ring Road and ends at Asghar Khan bridge. This area is also home to several small to medium-sized houses. It is slightly older than Phase 1 and is more developed.


Phase 3

The third phase of Warsak road starts from the Asghar Khan bridge and ends at the University of Peshawar. This area is the oldest and most developed part of Warsak Road. It is home to medium-to-large-sized houses.


Phase 4

 The fourth phase of Warsak road starts from the University of Peshawar and ends at Warsak Dam. 


Restaurants on Warsak Road


There are many available options on Warsak Road for eating and munching. There are many Pakistani, Indian and fast food restaurants serving delicious cuisines. 

Some of the most popular restaurants on Ring Road include:

  • McDonald’s
  • Hardee’s
  • Bannu Beef Pulao
  • Anmol Cafe
  • Khyber Chicken Zone
  • Karachi Biryani House
  • Daa Jee Cafe
  • Insaf Fish Point


Hospitals & Clinics on Warsak Road


There are several hospitals and clinics located on Warsak Road. The availability of these medical facilities is convenient for people who live or work in the area. Some of the hospitals and clinics on this road include:

  • Terai Payan BHU
  • Al Shifa Maternity Home
  • Farzan Khan Mardan Clinic
  • Tahira Nasreen Clinic
  • Babar Clinic
  • Noor Medical Centre
  • Ali Medical Centre


Schools & Colleges on Warsak Road


There are many schools and colleges located on Warsak Road.


University Road


The most popular ones include

  • Govt High School Palosi
  • Peshawar Model School Boys 1
  • The City School Warsak Nursery
  • Peshawar Model School Boys 2
  • KIC Warsak Road Peshawar
  • Al-Hasnain Public School
  • Beaconhouse School System Primary Branch Peshawar
  • IBA Education System
  • The City School Uni Town Branch


Price Trends


Whether you are looking for commercial properties or houses for sale on Warsak Road Peshawar, you will be able to find some most budget-friendly options. Following are the residential and commercial price trends of this area.


Property Type Price per Marla
Residential 13 Lacs – 14 Lacs
Commercial 60 Lacs – 70 Lacs


Apart from the residential and commercial properties for sale, you can also find decent options when it comes to apartment for rent on Warsak Road, Peshawar


Emergency Contact Numbers


Department Phone No
Chief Minister Complaint Cell 091-9222460
Chairman CM KP Complaint Cell 0331-8596062
Chairman Peshawar District Complaint Cell 0314-9044205
Police Complaint Cell 8855
Schools & Teacher Complaint Cell 8889
Revenue complaint cell (Patwar Khana) 0345-9103799
Tehsil Dar Complaint Cell 091-9210553
Transport & Transporters 0321-9347630
Traffic Police Complaint Cell 8333
Illegal Clinics & Unregistered Drug Store & Laboratories Complaint Cell 091-9216922
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Terror Complaint Cell 080057784
Secretary Peshawar District Complaint Cell 0346-9048844
Commissioner Peshawar District Complaint Cell 080091133
Complaint of Shopkeepers & Milk sellers 8333