An Overview of Edwards College Peshawar

Edwards College Peshawar is a renowned institution of higher education located in the centre of the city. Established in 1900, it has a proven track record of providing quality education to students from all over the country. With a sprawling campus that spans over 150 acres, the college offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

Edwards College is known for its highly qualified faculty members, modern teaching facilities, and vibrant student life. The college is committed to providing its students with an intellectually stimulating environment that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and creativity. explores the different factors that make this institution one of the highest-ranking colleges in the region.


Admission Policy of Programs Offered at Edwardes College

Edwardes College is one of the top universities in Pakistan with an admission policy that involves strict adherence to the set standards of academic excellence. 


Intermediate Program


Students standing in their uniforms on pet day at Edwards College


The Intermediate Program consists of Fellow of Arts and Fellow of Science. Prospective students can obtain the admission forms from the college office during working hours. A student is admitted based on their previous academic record.

In addition, all students are required to sign an undertaking to fulfil college requirements both in conduct and study. The college does not admit casual or part-time students. Applicants are also advised to carefully select their subject combination since no changes are allowed after the stipulated period of two weeks.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc)

For admission in BA/BSc programs, the college announces the admission schedule on its website, notice board, and newspapers. The admission process involves an interview with the admission committee. Admission is not solely based on intermediate marks, but may also take into account previous attendance and monthly test records. The college reserves the right to reject any applicant who attended fewer classes in their 2nd year than the baseline decided by the admission committee.

Students who have passed H.S.S.C. (FA and FSc) in their first attempt in the current year take precedence over students who have passed or improved their marks on a second attempt. Only those students who have obtained the grades A, B, and C in H.S.S.C. (FA and FSc) will be admitted to 3rd year courses. D-grade students are not admissible at Edwards College. 

For admission in BA/BSc programs, the students must submit their original certificates and a verified photocopy of their matric and intermediate DMC within 15 days after admission. 




Edwardes College lawn and building


As per the rules of Peshawar University, Islamic Studies in the 3rd year and Pakistan Studies in the 4th year are compulsory for all students of Bachelors of Arts (BA) and Bachelors of Science (BSc). The English language course is compulsory for all BA students. They are required to take two major courses from the specified groups. Mathematics-A is compulsory for BSc students who have passed Mathematics in FA/FSc with at least 60% marks.


Bachelors of Science (BSc With Botany and Zoology)

Candidates with FSc (Pre-Medical) can apply for this group. They can choose two subjects from Botany, Chemistry, and Zoology.


Bachelors of Science (BSc With Mathematics)

Candidates with FSc (Pre-Engineering) or FA (with Mathematics) can apply for this group. Mathematics-A is compulsory for all candidates, and they can select two other subjects from Mathematics-B/Computer Science/Physics/Electronics/Statistics. Students who opt for B-Course of Mathematics must have a minimum score of 120/200 in FSc (Mathematics).


A Levels Program

The A levels program is offered here as well. O level students who have successfully completed their GCE/IGCSE courses are eligible for admission. 


Admission Policy at Edwards College

While the majority of applicants are from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), the college accepts students from all regions of Pakistan.

Financial aid is also available to students in need. To apply for financial assistance, applicants must submit an application along with required documentation of family income at the time of admission. 

In addition to strong academic records, the college values other types of achievements, such as in poetry, music, sports, writing, film, painting, sketching, and other forms of art. Applicants are encouraged to mention such interests in their admission forms.

As part of the admission procedure, the student and their legal guardian must provide a written undertaking to the college, assuring that the student will not participate in any strike or demonstration within the college premises and that they will adhere to the college’s detention policy. Any infringement of these rules will result in the student’s removal from the college.

Foreign students seeking admission to the college are required to fulfil additional requirements, including approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and acceptance by the University of Peshawar. They also need to pass an English language test administered by the college. Students who wish to transfer their credits from Edwards College to another institution must clear all dues beforehand and apply for a College Leaving Certificate. 


Type of ContactPhone NumberExtension
Edwardes College Office (inquiry)091-5275154Ext 0
Secretary to the Principal091-5275154Ext 103
Admin Office091-5275154Ext 109
Finance Department091-5275154Ext 115-120
Estate Department091-5275154Ext 136
College Fax091-5274172
Inter Year Head (FSc/FA) – Admission Inquiry091-5275154Ext 333 / 133
Degree Year Head (BA/BSc) – Admission Inquiry091-5275154Ext 141
Head Department of Computer Science (BS-CS) – Admission Inquiry091-5275154Ext 123
Director A Levels – Admission Inquiry091-5275154Ext 122 / 124
HoD Professional Studies (HND/MBA) – Admission Inquiry091-5275154Ext 125 / 127


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