An Overview of GC University Sialkot

Government College Women University Sialkot (GCWUS) was first established as a Government College for Women to provide education to female students at the intermediate level. Over the years, it has evolved into a prestigious institution, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In 2013, it became a public sector university, marking a significant milestone in its journey. GC university Sialkot is committed to providing quality higher education and empowering women to become skilled professionals who contribute to the development of society.

This article explores the various aspects of the institution, including its departments, faculties, vision, mission, and facilities.


History and Evolution

Established in 1951, the GC University Sialkot has evolved and expanded its offerings over the years, eventually becoming a public sector university in 2013. Under the leadership of dedicated vice-chancellors, including Prof. Dr. Nizamuddin and Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi, it has grown to offer a wide range of graduate and postgraduate programs in diverse disciplines, such as natural sciences, arts and social sciences, and administration and management sciences.

The university is considered one of the best universities in Pakistan, and committed to empowering women through quality education, fostering innovation, and contributing to societal development. It provides excellent facilities including a well-stocked library, a healthcare centre, a day care centre, and transportation services to ensure the holistic development and well-being of its students and staff.


Vision and Mission


government college women university sialkot


The GC University Sialkot envisions becoming a globally recognised institution that contributes to the development of society through continuous innovation in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. It aims to empower women through the provision of quality higher education, and strives to be at the forefront of academic excellence, making a positive impact on both local and international communities. The university is recognised from higher education commission

Its mission is to produce a highly skilled women workforce that caters to the current and future needs of the country. The university is committed to transforming society through the dissemination, creation, and preservation of knowledge. It seeks to actively engage with stakeholders and reach out to communities to address societal challenges and contribute to their overall development.


Faculty at GC University Sialkot

Following is the list of departments:

Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers a diverse range of disciplines that focus on the study of natural phenomena based on empirical evidence and observations. The departments under the Faculty of Natural Sciences include:

  • Botany: This department explores the world of plants, studying their structure, functions, classification, and ecological significance.
  • Chemistry: The Department of Chemistry provides a comprehensive education in various branches of chemistry, including organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. 
  • CS & IT: This department equips students with the knowledge and skills related to computer science and information technology. Students learn programming languages, database management, software development, and other key aspects of the field.
  • Environmental Sciences: Students study environmental issues, conservation, and sustainable development.
  • Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics offers courses in pure and applied mathematics. Students learn mathematical theories, problem-solving techniques, and their applications in various fields.
  • Physics: This department explores the fundamental principles of physics, including mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and quantum physics. Students gain knowledge of the laws that govern the physical world.
  • Statistics: Students learn statistical methods and techniques to analyse and draw meaningful conclusions from data.
  • Zoology: Students gain a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom and its biological processes.


Arts and Social Sciences

The Arts and Social Sciences departments at GC university Sialkot provides students with a holistic understanding of society, human behaviour, and various cultural aspects. The departments under this faculty include:

  • English: The Department of English focuses on enhancing students’ language skills, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Students develop effective communication skills and explore the rich world of literature.
  • Fine Arts: This department nurtures students’ creativity and artistic abilities through courses in painting, sculpture, drawing, and other artistic mediums. 
  • Islamic Studies: The Department of Islamic Studies delves into the study of Islamic principles, teachings, and values. Students gain a deeper understanding of Islamic history, jurisprudence, and ethics.
  • Psychology: This department explores human behaviour and the mind, studying areas such as cognition, personality, social interactions, and mental processes. Students learn to apply psychological theories in understanding and analysing human behaviour.
  • Political Science: The Department of Political Science focuses on the study of political systems, governance, international relations, and public policy. Students gain insights into political ideologies and institutions.
  • Sociology: This department examines society and its various aspects, including social structures, institutions, and cultural dynamics. Students explore topics such as social inequality, social change, and community development.
  • Urdu: The Department of Urdu focuses on the study of the Urdu language, literature, and poetry. 


Faculty of Administration and Management Sciences

This faculty at GC university Sialkot offers programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for effective management and decision-making in organisations.

The departments under this faculty include:

  • Department of Business Administration: This focuses on developing students’ understanding of business principles, management strategies, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. 
  • Department of Economics: The Department of Economics explores the principles of economic theory, analysis, and policy. Students study topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and economic development. They gain insights into how economic systems function, and learn to analyse economic issues and trends.



GC university Sialkot is committed to providing students with a conducive learning environment and essential facilities to support their academic journey.

Some of the key facilities available at the university include:

  • Library: The university boasts the first-ever public sector library in Sialkot. This is equipped with a vast selection of books, journals, and digital resources to support academic and research activities. 
  • Healthcare Center: The university’s healthcare centre is a multi-dimensional facility that provides first aid services. This is continuously working to enhance its services for the well-being of the university.
  • Day Care Center: GCWUS recognises the importance of supporting its female employees by offering a day care centre for their children.
  • Transportation: The university operates its own fleet of buses, ensuring convenient and safe transportation for students residing in the surrounding areas of Sialkot. 


Contact Information of GC University Sialkot


gc university sialkot logo


For further information or inquiries, you can reach out to GC university Sialkot at the following address and contact details:


Government College Women University, Kuchery Road Sialkot052-9250137



GCWUS is dedicated to providing quality education and essential facilities to empower women and contribute to the development of society.

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