An Overview of Jheel Park Karachi 

Jheel park

Jheel Park is located in P.E.C.H.S. Karachi. It offers a peaceful haven amidst the busy metropolis. The park was envisioned in 1957 by Mr. Syed Imam Ahmed, the society’s founder. Its lush grounds, glittering ponds, and devoted nursery offer a nature lover’s paradise. The park’s history is interesting because it included two naturally occurring spring-fed lakes in the early 1960s, which added to its beauty.

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In this blog, will offer you a complete guide to the history, amenities, and facilities of Jheel Park.




jheel park karachi map

Situated in Karachi’s P.E.C.H.S. (Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society) between Blocks 2 and 6, Jheel Park, also called Saleem-Uz-zaman Siddiqui Park, provides a peaceful haven amidst the busy metropolis. The park was envisioned in 1957 by Mr. Syed Imam Ahmed, the society’s founder. Although the 1959 Master Plan called for 16.9 acres of development, the park now has 6.57 acres under development.

Amenities and Facilities

Jheel Park is one of the most popular jogging and running parks in Karachi, Pakistan that provides a range of activities and amenities. This is a synopsis:

Lake: The park posses a beautiful lake which enhances its allure.


Walking Trails: The lake is surrounded by well-kept walking trails that offer a beautiful setting for quick walks or strolls.

Gardens and Green Spaces: Jheel Park offers a tranquil setting for leisure and picnics thanks to its abundance of lush vegetation, gardens, and landscaped areas.


jheel park walking tracks and green patches
  • Seating Areas: Throughout the park, there are seats and covered spaces where people may sit, unwind, and take in the scenery.
  • Restrooms: For the convenience of park visitors, public restrooms are typically located within or close to the park.
  • Parking: Sufficient parking spaces are available for guests arriving in their vehicles.
  • Maintenance: The park’s management regularly cleans and maintains the area, keeping it in usually good condition.

Jheel Park provides a pleasant combination of recreational activities, natural beauty, and facilities to meet the demands of guests of all ages.


Maintenance and Development


gazebo structure at park


In the following sections, you will learn about the maintenance and development of the park in chronological order.


Jheel Park’s Struggles with Encroachment

The past of Jheel Park indicates a continuous struggle against expansion. This is a synopsis of the timeline:

  • 1971: The Karachi Municipal Corporation (K.M.C.) took over as the organisation upholding societies. Soon after, in 1973, the administrator of PECHS entered into an unapproved agreement with Awami Construction Co., transferring 0.65 acres of parkland, violating laws prohibiting the commercial use of amenity plots.
  • 1978: To stop additional expansion at the park’s eastern end, K.M.C. tried to construct a boundary wall. Sadly, the court’s decision favouring Awami Construction Co. delayed the project and might have allowed illegal construction close to the road. The company had disputed this move in court.
  • Additional Encroachment: Plots were even chosen and granted for building, resulting in the encroachment of a further 5 acres of the park near a particular road intersection.
  • Changing Jurisdictions and Persistent Problems: In 1987, the governing council relocated Jheel Park to a new zone, putting a new committee in charge. The problem remained despite various demolition attempts by K.M.C. against Awami Building Co.’s illegal building. A subsequent court decision allocated both parties the responsibility for a boundary wall, which never happened.


Jheel Park’s Revival


wooden bridge over the pond at park


The tale of Jheel Park is not only one of hardship but also of an incredible recovery. This is how the park was made over:

  • 1992: Cooperation Gains Ground – Residents of P.E.C.H.S. were inspired to establish a citizen society by the intervention of Shehri-CBE. They collaborated to create a renovation plan that the local administrator approved.
  • Comprehensive Restoration: As a result of this partnership, the park experienced a major makeover. Trash was removed, walking routes were constructed inside and outside the park, and obtrusive billboards were removed. Reeds were pulled out, stagnant water was replaced, and warning signs were put up to discourage littering. Significantly, locals assisted in the planting of 239 new trees. To aid in the park’s continued expansion, the director of parks and recreation even set up nurseries there.
  • Power Shift and Onward Progress: Complete control was transferred once the City District Government Karachi (C.D.G.K.) acknowledged the project’s success. A significant development occurred in 2007 when unlawful buildings were torn down, encroached land was regained, and the area was made public again.
  • Renewal and Grand Reopening: The Governor of Sindh allotted a sizeable sum (around Rs. 125 million) for additional renovations later in 2007.

Jheel Park’s Recent Decline

  • 2011: Initiatives to Prevent Dengue A dengue prevention campaign brought fresh attention to the park in October 2011. Guppies were added to the two ponds in the park because they are known to consume mosquito larvae. This approach raises possible concerns about mosquito spread and stagnant water.
  • Decline by 2015 – The park is deteriorating after four years. The information points to a need for more maintenance, as evidenced by the contaminated water, the guppies’ disappearance, and the absence of the community wardens in charge of maintenance. This illustrates the neglect, with barely a third of the park appearing in its original splendour.


Steps to Revitalise Jheel Park

Here are some potential steps that can help revitalise Jheel Park:

  • Participation of Residents: Rekindle the collaborative spirit shown in 1992. Urge locals to organise an association or group to promote the park’s enhancements and possibly help with upkeep.
  • Campaigns to Increase Public Awareness: Inform people about the park’s historical significance and ability to serve as a beneficial green area for the neighbourhood. This could encourage people to support revitalisation initiatives.
  • Address Lack of Maintenance: Set aside funds for routine trash collection, cleaning, and maintenance of the park’s current amenities, such as the walkways, pools, and grass.
  • Water Management: Implement fixes for the pools’ purportedly contaminated water. This can entail routine water replacement or filter systems.
  • Security Measures: Consider putting up cameras or security guards to prevent vandalism and guarantee park visitors’ safety.
  • Government Support: Encourage K.M.C. or other pertinent authorities to provide continued government support. This can entail setting aside money for continuous upkeep and park enhancements.
  • Long-Term Strategy: Create a thorough strategy for the park’s long-term viability.
  • Participation of the Community: Look into creative methods for the community to take a hands-on role in maintaining the park. This can involve organizing volunteer projects like tree planting or cleaning.

Jheel Park Karachi F.A.Q.s

Following are the FAQs on this park.

Where is this park located?

Jheel Park is located in Karachi P.E.C.H.S.


Does Jheel Park have a lake?

Currently, Jheel Park has a small natural lake. There might be smaller ponds or decorative water features, but there are better places for swimming or boating.


Is Jheel Park good for families?

Yes, Jheel Park is a good place for families with young children. There are lawns for picnicking, play areas, and a generally peaceful environment.


What are the timings for Jheel Park?

Timings may vary, but some sources mention opening hours from 6:00 am to 10:00 am and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. It’s always good to check with locals or the park authorities for the latest hours.


What amenities are there in Jheel Park?

Jheel Park offers green spaces, walking paths, benches, and other gazebo-like structures.

This was all about Jheel Park. For more information, visit

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